Rachel Aldana 32JJ – Biggest Breasts in Britain

MYBOOBSITE NEWS FLASH: Remember my “Biggest Boobs in Britain” post way back in December 2005 within which I mentioned 32JJ Rachel Aldana for the firs time ever on My Boob Site? Well, it’s been almost two years since that particular boob blog – which, to date, has been my most popular with 113 comments at last count – and I’ve just received breaking news that JJ-cup Rachel has at long last relented to the countless boob-lovers’ requests and gone totally topless for PinUpFiles!! :~D

Rachel Aldana 32JJ at PinUpFiles.com

I realise I’d just made my weekend post here what seems like mere moments ago, but I just had to jump back in to share the good news (and a few photos) with you all and welcome Rachel with open arms into our on-line community. Big thanks due to my mates Lampwick & Drew, who both e-mailed me within moments of each other to alert me of this most wonderful development in the big boobs world!

Although Rachel was stripped of her Biggest Tits in Britain title in a follow-up article which cited 34KK Chloe Rogers as the new busty benchmark to beat, she’s certainly got what it takes to achieve superstar status in the big boobs biz. Kudos to the good folks at both PinUpFiles & PinUpGlam for dragging Rachel out of the woodwork.

And so, here’s what we’ve been waiting for for the past two years – busty British babe Rachel Aldana finally getting her huge tits out – unleashing those gigantic JJ-cup juggs for all the world to see. Here’s a handful of small preview photos (the ones on the site are a massive 1796×2680 resolution) featuring slim-n-stacked 36JJ Rachel Aldana topless for the very first time ever courtesy of PinUpFiles.com:

Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at PinUpFiles.com    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at PinUpFiles.com    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at PinUpFiles.com

Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at PinUpFiles.com    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at PinUpFiles.com    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at PinUpFiles.com

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site and 1796×2680 high-resolution)



65 thoughts on “Rachel Aldana 32JJ – Biggest Breasts in Britain”

  1. Thanks!
    I just downloaded the set!!!
    All I can say is

    I met (and bedded)! a woman in Eastern Russia that was 32 JJ but they were not as full as Rachel’s. BUT they definitely filled out a JJ cupped bra and more!

    These are the MOST Perfectest (new word?) Breasts in the Universe – well, at least as much as I have explored!


    Please find more!!!

  2. Is it just me, or do her breasts look PhotoShopped in these pics? Is it just bad lighting? Airbrushing?

  3. I know what you mean Jacques, I think my top 5 just went to top 6. OMFG indeed. I’m not sure Linsey Dawn’s were that amazing

  4. Reese

    You know I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. Unfortunately I don’t see the wow factor in this young lady.

    Don’t get me wrong she is very attractive.

    I think I have to agree with Arse on this one…

    Thanks of all of your hard work in putting together the post.


  5. Wow at last she’s got them out, I still have the original newspaper cutting of her debut as the biggest boobs in Britain.

  6. I got a hold of both photosets and I noticed that one is boob is bigger than the other. I think it’s great and really shows off the fact that they are natural. It’s those natural imperfections that made me love Linsey Dawn and Shay Lauren’s boobs.

    That said, it does look like you guys altered the images a bit too much. I suppose it’s possible for the boobs to be really round but the cleavage really gives it away. I have no problems with cleaning up an image but changing the shape of the boobs, body, and face is a bit much.

    However, I’m extremely thankful she has decided to go into nude modeling. Hopefully it treats her well. She is amazing!

  7. Wow, this girl is beautiful in every way. She needs her own site and pronto. Have to agree that the pics look touched up though. Really hate it when websites do that. Show us as it is please!!

  8. Well, she doesn’t have the biggest boobs, but that’s like saying Paul Mcnartney is not the richest man in the world. He’s still bloody damn rich!!! I nominate her as a top contender in the “nicest” boobs category. Holy fuck those juggs look magnificent!! I’d marry this girl if given the opportunity.

  9. Rachel Aldana looks like one of the most incredible slim-n-stacked finds ever; on a par with, if not surpassing, Linsey Dawn McKenzie. She is so pretty and obviously blessed with a pair of huge tits on a tiny frame.
    That being said, I am concerned about some of the comments that the images may have been digitally enhanced. Is there any way of verifying this, or rather, that this is NOT the case?
    For the time being, I will assume that Rachel is that rare one-in-a-billion: a big boob goddess!

  10. Like most everyone here, I think she is just lovely and AMAZING. Great, great new girl.

    This brings up a question: If a girl is “big” (IE overweight) and has big breasts, then loses that weight and with it much of her breast size, then did she ever REALLY have big tits? And yes, I realize that breasts are fat etc BUT- a girl like this who is pretty slim and has tits like THAT… wow. I wonder what she would be like if she gained about 50 pounds!

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE big, curvy girls (Jelena… mmm sigh!).

  11. What’s with all of the retouched photos to enlarge the breasts? The enlargement is laughably obvious. She’s attractive, but the digital enhancement has got to go. It’s becoming more and more common. Which is worse — fake real boobs (like these) or real fake ones?

  12. WOW! Even Anya 32G can’t touch Rachel Aldana, and you know how much I need my Anya! I want to fuck Rachel so badly. Her nipples are perfect! Her boobs are the perfect proportion to her body. She stands right up there with Denise Milani, in terms of beauty and boobaliciousness. If there is one thing I could change about her would be to make her much thinner, and a little bit shorter. That would turn me on so much, I’d drench her in cum! WOW, WHAT A GODDESS!

  13. OK, your mission if you choose to accept it is to get a similar expose on the true titular champion 34KK Chloe Rogers…

    It has been two years since the original article so the coast should be clear.

    WOW, wouldn’t that be amazing?

    Great post btw, thanks and keep ’em coming.

  14. Steve:
    You think they are enlarged digitally? Doesn’t look that way to me. Other pictures I have seen of her fall in line with what we see here, too.

  15. OK I don’t know why people aren’t impressed and want to see that Chloe girl from the article. For one thing this girls breasts sit like smaller breasts but are large, like…. large breasts, Chloe looks like she’s already sagging and you can tell she doesn’t have better skin. I mean not only does Rachel have large boobs but she also looks like a model. The other thing you have to consider is that the other girls were 34 and this girl is a 32. All that being said I wouldn’t complain if the other girls made similar debuts.

    Aren’t cup sizes different depending on the brand though? I mean you can have ill-fitted girls that are a few sizes smaller than their size in other bras. All I know is that this girl has probably the nicest pair I have seen in a long time and no negative quality of any kind.

  16. Actually with time to think about this I can’t believe that people are showing an air of disinterest in this post, or saying it’s fake! This girl is the sort that a lot of posters (especially me) have been wanting to see for as long as this blog has been around, young, thin but not sickly, great hair(brunettes are sexy dark and smoldering), great skin, well proportioned face and unbelievable breasts, equal in quality to the recently disfigured Linsey Dawn Mckenzie.

    What the hell do you people want? I remember seeing this article all that time ago and wishing “Boy I wish I could see those”, now that it’s finally happened I can say wishes do come true sometimes and I suggest you try to be as happy as I am, If you’re not happy with this girl then you probably won’t like anybody.

  17. I don’t believe that her boobs are digitally enhanced in these pics, but there is always something about any of the pinupfiles/pinupglam photos that make me think that they are at least polished up.

    But anyways, this girl is about as amazing as they get.

  18. Disinterest, I disagree. Nobody here is dissing Rachel. When (if!) website-editors manipulate the pictures, especially changing the shape of the girls contours, they’re sending out a message that the girl isn’t perfect the way she is and they’re just not showing the real thing.

    In the 5th picture she looks pretty tasty down below too. Yummy…
    Well done Rachel!

  19. To Johnny & Vadd,

    I’m with you all the way the guys. This girl is in the super league and she has just come on to the scene. Good for her.

    Johnny I am with you all the way; BRUNETTES are sexier and more attractive by far and it goes without saying, more classy. Blondes have to try a lot harder to not look slutty. Anyway, the blonde thing is purely about culture and to be honest I would have thought that we are a little over that now.

    Second point, we will always return to the point about slim and stacked against the fat woman with fat breasts. Vadd, it surely must be the case that if a woiman is fat and has large breasts then this isn’t by definition anything special. If I have a green head, it is almost a certainty that I will have green feet. I’M A PURE BIG BREASTER, thus girls like Aldana is going to be the ideal who matches that almost perfectly along with other models such as Princessa and Faith. I also accept the point that Reese made about usually those who have larger breasts have a little extra love. I accept that in as far as it should not then be used to justify merging the two different fetishes. BBWL and tit men are as different as leg and breasts men. Also have a caveat on the above to justify watering down the ideal by the use of the term, “tits on sticks or, sticks with tits.” The cold truth of the matter is, it is the ideal and cannot be achieved naturally by most but then, that must be the defining factor as to why it is beautiful becuase it is rare in nature and peculiar.

    A woman of 250 pounds (113 kilos in new money (roughly 17.5 stones)) walks down the street and she has a 42jj chest she will not be noticed. If we are brutally honest most will find her repulsive (not that I agree with that sentiment). Now same woman 44 kilos (old money 97 pounds (7 stones) same cup size but back size 30. This woman would be causing accidents and all kinds of havoc walking down the street, even amongst the more reserved of us. She would be a force of nature. As is Miss Aldana. But, my point is that in reality we are talking about contrast as I have said before. As long as her breast in relation to her body are sufficiently bigger or have that appearance then she will be in the club. Examples such as the beautiful Alicia, Samantha 38GG, and my all time top 5’er Miss Eden More.

    Vadd to answer your question Breasts tissue isn’t fat in the same way as the fat that gathers around the body. They have similar properties but they are not the same. if they were BBW womens stomachs would lactate enough to feed the world. Yes, Breasts are not solely made up of pure breast tissue but that again proves my point, the slimmer the body the more you can be assured that what you’re getting is pure breasts tissue and it will be firmer!

    Give the girl a break she is the ideal and nearly perfect and it isn’t her fault that she was born that way. She is going to be burdened with those looks and gifts for a long time, we can at least give her our love and support and help her through all those dark times ahead.

    For those who say they are digitally enhanced; do they really think she needs it!?

  20. Well stated Sam. Girls like Rachel, Anna Song, Terry Nova, Ewa Sonnet and Merilyn are more impressive than BBW’s imo. Think about it, they have much smaller frames, but their bust size is equal or often bigger. That is a force of nature my friends. However, while I love slim gals like them, I also love girls like Maria Moore, Alicia, Bozena, Bianca, Eden Mor, Sapphire, Orsolya etc, because even though they might be a little bigger, they still have the ideal proportions and are still delicious. It’s all about being proportional in my book. When you stomach sticks out farther than your boobs, then you are no longer a busty model, you’re just an obese woman. Sadly, I notice alot of obese ladies perpetrating and trying to join the ranks of these elite busty women.

  21. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Rachel is one of the most incredible model that we’ve seen in a very long time. To me, only Anya is currently in the same league as her but I think Rachel even surpasses her (prettier and totally amazing nipples). She’s also seems very comfortable and proud of her amazing assets which is surprising considering it’s her first real photoshoot. Can’t wait to see her on video!

  22. She’s gorgeous.
    I just found your blog today and it was so fantastic to find people who like curvy girls with big boobs. I’m a 38F myself and I’m also from the UK. I had thought that small boobed and slim was what everyone was into these days. The girls you have on your site look lovely and the comments people have made about them are great.
    It’s given me the boost I need to get my v-neck tops and dresses out of the wardrobe and let my cleavage loose.
    Thanks for creating this blog.

  23. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but didn’t Chloe Rogers (the KK cup girl) say she wanted a reduction? If so, I doubt she’ll have kept her breasts just to please a few people online if it was causing her real distress.

    As for Rachel, she is utterly beautiful. Gorgeous eyes, frankly.

  24. Rachel is a stunner. My apologies for even posing a question mark over her photos. Let’s hope that we get to see lots more of this amazing beauty!

  25. I just saw the her video and I have to admit that I was mistaken. I thought her boobs looked too perfect to be unedited in the photos but they are just as amazing in motion. My apologies.

  26. Rachel Aldana is a godess not only perfect boobs but facial beauty and body and skin too.Now for Chloe Rogers she has huge boobs but only boobs she is not pretty and if she did a reduction which would be a pity her blue chips would fall,although as long she the boobs i would fuck her no question asked.Surgeons that do reduction should be killed by rock through.GIRLS WITH BIG BOOBS DON’T DO REDUCTION THE OTHER GIRLS ARE JEALOUS.ALSO IF YOU DO YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO NURSE YOUR BABY.

  27. Hello Sending you my special greetings which i believe you will accept with warm heart,hope you are fine and in good health.Actually i went through your profile and i like it and also i have some thing important to dicuss with you,feel free to write and send me a mail now on my private Email address (chrisokeson050 at yahoo.com) so that i can tell you more about myself and also for me to send you my picture. Looking forward to hear from you soon, chris.

  28. I have heard Rachel Aldana had defeat Linsey Dawn McKenzie in a topless catfighting match tit-to-tit! It is true? Linsey have been humiliated?!

  29. With regards to that follow up article, on Chloe’s KK breasts and what not, what a shame, that story actually saddened me, and there were no pictures!! Here are two very busty women including Chloe who are talking about getting breast reductions.

    Thank God for Leanne who was saying that she wouldn’t have them reduced because she wants to have babies some day and that would be awesome to see – her boobs get even bigger. And they’re all 18 or 19 which is awesome! They’ll be definitely getting bigger. I would be hoping to see Leanne in pics. She’s got a good attitude.

    parkerjbarker at yahoo dot com

  30. I left a comment somewhere else on this weblog for Rachel Aldana, that it’s a person’s attitude that’s important. And I really value Rachel Aldana for being humble enough to allow herself to be photographed and to put herself into pics and vids for the world to see. So many guys wanted to see her, and I think she did the right thing. She noticed that her boobs were getting her attention, not to mention money right? Lots of money. So I appreciate that she did all this, not like those other two bustier women in Britain Chloe KK and someone else, both about 18 or 19 who said they wanted breast reductions. Who would want to get a breast reduction when you get that much attention over them?? I once saw a vid where guys would bukkake cum all over a woman’s big big boobs. Man that was a good video. Her big boobs were just coated, with cum spilling down all over her. Nice!!!!

    And this girl doesn’t want a breast reduction!!! I love hearing Milena Velba say on her website “No my back does not hurt! I do not have back pain!!” even though she has massive titties. I like that.

    And I can related to one guys comment how at a nudist resort he has seen women with natural breasts who would put these women to shame. I can agree with that. I once saw a woman, at the General Hospital here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada whose boobs, no word of a lie (at the time I thought I better compare it with something quick before I forget how big they are) whose boobs each one now were the size of a small oven range. No word of a lie or exaggeration. Yup I’m looking at my range oven now. Seriously she would joke with me how she would rest her dinner tray on her titties. Most women’s titties they kind of come down. Hers came straight out, well maybe like 85% instead of 90% which would be straight out. Her boobs were so big that I thought she was just really fat, but no those were her boobs. So I asked if I could have coffee with her, she said yes. That she had something to drink already but I could join her. So I chatted with her, she said she didn’t want anything sexual. I just said I wanted to hang out with her. Then we agreed to meet for a movie at her house, and she ended up giving me her old apartment address with its corresponding wrong telephone number. So the lady that lived there almost had me arrested or charged for harassment, because I thought she was just the busty lady’s protective sister. But it saddened me so much, because this woman was definitely WAY WAY bigger than anything I’ve seen on the web. Seriously I wanted to lube up my whole body and stick it in between her boobs. And I know that I could have done it comfortably. I’m looking at my 27″ flat screen CRT tv right now, and her boobs were bigger than that, each one was. If I was fantasizing about putting my whole body in there, and I’m 29, I think her boobs were quite quite big.

    But the sad thing was that she kept telling me how she was going to get a breast reduction. I kept telling her she could make so much money, even guys just looking at her, without touching, or if she gave massages, or if she went into a magazine, like Score or something like that, no probably XL girls or Voluptuous, and I wanted to help her get into that, she just had no clue that she could make so much money, tons, and I told her that, that hers were bigger than anyone’s I had seen on the web ever. This was like Disneyland for me. I had never seen anything like it. I never did see her again, or her boobs, for that matter. Probably on some surgeon’s floor. What a shame. There are so many girls who would love to have titties like that. Negative attention is better than no attention. Some girls are just dumb when it comes to that kind of stuff – they don’t realize that they could be very well off, that people would take care of them, that each one of those girls is like 1 in 1 000 000 , especially the busty girl that I saw. No maybe 1 in 100 000. What makes them 1 in a million is if that woman is humble enough to say “yes guys like my boobs so I am going to show them off and do what they want for those guys”. That’s an attitude of service and humility. I love it.

    And one moral of the story – if you ever want to find a super busty woman, try to work in a specialty bra store (I’m a guy and would love to do that) and if you can’t do that, try to hang around a hospital or perhaps outside the plastic surgeon’s office or ward in the hospital – you just may find those very very busty women. Who knows??? Maybe if you go up boldly and ask her out, ask to play with her titties she’ll do it for you. Why not?? She’ll be thinking, “well I’m going to cut them off anyways. Why not have some fun with them??” and then who knows – she just may keep them once she gets some attention. You have to just be bold be strong and go up and talk to these busty girls and show them some attention, because their boobs can be intimidating. Girls would love to play with their titties too. Full grown women and otherwise, actual girls. So I bet some of these women are just so starved for attention. Once you start playing with their titties I think they’ll warm up to you. I know it’s fulfilling for me.

    And I’ve seen a little of plastic surgery on titties go wrong. You hear of nipples falling off, and I’ve seen a woman’s whose breasts don’t hang nicely. It cuts off sharply. Plus she’s got scars. Sorry for the horrible mental images. If you’ve been given a God-given gift – keep it dammit!!! “A man’s gift makes room for him” and in the case of a woman’s breasts, they certainly do!!!

    parkerjbarker at yahoo dot com

  31. I have heard Rachel Aldana had defeat Linsey Dawn McKenzie in a topless catfighting match tit-to-tit! It is true? Linsey have been humiliated?!

    Answer please…

  32. Reese, ma man.
    From the heart of my bottom, I salute you.
    Keep on updating news about this perfect angel.
    Rachel darling, what a wonderful set you have.
    Can’t take my eyes off you.They are glued to your bosoms.

  33. Though long the reply David sent, I couldn’t agree more.
    Why wouldn’t those busty women keep off breast reduction?
    They thought they looked funny with those funbags.
    In fact, we do admire them.

    It happened to my life,too. I once had a busty colleague.Beautiful and busty, indeed. The boobs took the size of volleyballs. A feast for the eyes. One day she went to Britain for official journey. When she got back, those beautiful volleyballs were gone. She underwent breast reduction. Her white shirt showed different cleavage from those I used to admire. She becomes not as sexy.What a shame!

    For those busty ladies, please forget breast reduction. Millions of guys out there love those natural heavies. We live for those. They keep us alive and spiritful throughout the day.

  34. I have heard Rachel Aldana had defeat Linsey Dawn McKenzie in a topless catfighting match tit-to-tit! It is true? Linsey have been humiliated?!

    Answer please…

  35. I feel sorry for the likes of Eagle Eye and David. They seem to demand women go through discomfort of large (in the case of David’s non-believable tale, monstroous) breasts. I can’t understand why any guy just says “Hey, the more there is, the happier I am”. You can’t even ENJOY that much. The largest I could enjoy are Rachel’s, so long as they do like Rachel’s, rather than the usual “flapjacks” most large breasts become.

    Someone said waaaaaaaay earlier they prefer Chloe’s because of their shape, but the only picture of Chloe’s, she’s holding them. They could flapjack and stretch to her knees, which would be a “Do Not Want” in my book.

  36. I know how everyone loves Rachels chest…lord knows I would give anything to meet her…but what about that black girl Miotosis…I personally know hers are not fake,,,but heard no where near the hype about her? What gives?


  37. I think we should start a campaign to get this beautiful girl into the FHM 100 Sexiest Women. Would be great for her to break into such a mainstream thing. Anyone know how you get nominated?

  38. have heard Rachel Aldana had defeat Linsey Dawn McKenzie in a topless catfighting match tit-to-tit! It is true? Linsey have been humiliated?!

    Answer please…

  39. A coworker’s home that I house sit regularly sits adjacent to a 56YO divorced lady that is your classic country gal with extraordinary big breasts! . Sometimes this lady’s mail would accidentally show up at his place. So everytime I house sit, he would have a stack of mail that he forgets to deliver to her. About a year ago, I delivered her mail and she had me carry some heavy items from her truck to the garage because of back problems. Since I work in the medical field, we chatted about her back issues worsening & the issues with her large breasts at her age. She is a very non-modest lady and when asked how heavy they were, she showed them to me. To make a long story short, I confessed to her about my fetish and she chuckled but was flattered, since then I have been “house sitting” more often. Her bra that she took off was 38 KK and her tits amazingly dont sag! They are very full all natural did I mention huge and amazingly firm! She is a very active lady that goes out tending her acreage daily so thats probably why they stay so perky. I was always a breast man, but this was like hittin the lottery! A dozen visits later of breast sex only, I still can’t coerce her into intercourse! I like have a lot more to tell about this experience on events before this and after if you would like to know more.



  40. Arse, have you seen Rachel’s legs and waist, never mind her breasts she is Woman personified…and the best thing is… it’s all natural !!!

  41. I googled 32 JJ trying to find bras to buy and hit this site. I am usually very conservative about showing my figure as I am a high school teacher and have to dress appropriately. Tonight I wore a low cut dress as I was out with all my gay friends and they couldn’t stop looking. I mentioned this site and that reading your posts of appreciation made me relax and show off my cleavage tonight. Ok so I may have been with five gay men and that made me feel safe but the next step is drinks in London for a mate’s 40th and I reckon it’s time to show them off!

    Thanks for your site. I don’t think it is degrading to women. I think it’s a celebration of big busted girls.

  42. Rachel Aldana has just announced on her FaceBook that she is pregnant so congratulations are in order. I’m just thinking about how much bigger her boobs are going to get in the next few months, my mind cannot comprehend it!
    I do hope she does a Milena Velba and keeps modelling as she progresses with her pregnancy, and maybe do a lactating shoot later on…Really can wait to see her in six months time…

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