Nelli Roono Topless Pics

Just a quick update, as I’ve just noticed some new Nelli Roono content over at and it’s notable because, since I’d first blogged her in March, it’s the only photo series so far in which I’ve seen Nelli Roono topless! Sure, she’d bared her huge boobs in videos before, but never in photos.

Although we at long last get to see her lovely nude nipples and large areolae in glorious high resolution (oh, I should also mention that has posted Ms. Roono’s latest pics in 3072×2048 format), my favourite photos from the series are those within which you can see the sweet semicircles of flesh forming the bottom of Nelli’s massive breasts hanging down below her tight black see-through mesh top as two glorious globes of big breast lovers’ joy, giving a true sense of the immense weight of those enormous tits dangling well past her waist (nice nipple slip in a few of ‘em, too!).

And so, her’s beautiful mega busty blonde Nelli Roono getting her gigantic juggs out for the first time ever in high-res photos from

Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at

Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at

Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at

Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at

Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at    Nelli Roono topless pics at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 3072×2048 high-resolution)


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36 Responses to “Nelli Roono Topless Pics”

  1. johnny h. Says:

    holy shit! she is gonna be a legend.

  2. Antevirus Says:

    Insane… =)

  3. Lance Says:

    She is very pretty and all no doubt about that.. And those are HUGE.
    All that stated, I dunno.. Brand me a skeptic but those don’t look too natural to me. They look a little too “perfect” and “rounded” to be so. Just like with Julia Miles and others, natural breast lovers should be on alert here.

  4. Tony Says:

    Most pics I look for are usually have some sort of proportion referencing characteristic. And those are usually the best. It doesn’t matter with Nelli Roono, those appear big in every pic… to me, that’s amazing.

  5. Josh Says:

    she is fucking HOTTTTTT! she is the undisputed queen of big boobs! she definitely takes the cake!

  6. Big Daddy Says:

    WOW…..I hope she exercises a lot because she’s going to have really bad back problems carrying those things around.

    I love big boobs but I would be lost in them……….that’s bigger than huge.

  7. Sam Says:

    About time!!!!!!!!!! Good girl! They are amazing!!!!

  8. Samantha38g Says:

    Awesome. And what a great outfit too.


  9. tyrr Says:

    … too bad about the cropping of that last pic, one of the best here…

  10. MizuInOz Says:

    Sit-ups are the exercise of the day for large breasted women!

    I’ll be more than happy to hold her feet!

    BTW – they are real – some women do have complete symmetry in their development. I know – I have dated a woman who was 32 JJ and she was flawless – perfect! I can site other examples too…

    I just wish Jane (owner of wouldn’t take so long to show us the goods and I wish she would update more often. It just isn’t worth the price for what she gives the subscriber.

    Nelli’s nice AND I can’t wait for her to go on her own like so many of Jane’s “exclusives” have done.

    My 2p

  11. Vadd Says:

    SPECTACULAR. Those, in my opinion, are the perfect size breasts.

  12. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    FINALLY!!!!! What gorgeous breasts. I love her bod so very much. She is so fantastic. Please let her do a lot more nude photos, and Reese, please post them all.

  13. Mr. EEE Says:

    UNfuckinBELIEVABLE. Its alittle too much to be seen out in public with but gawd damn I enjoy this pics on the net. Cheers for the post Reese.

  14. Mr. EEE Says:

    PIC 15….FAKE! I knew it. You can see the bag marks. THose arent stretch marks, or at least natural ones.
    THose are no way real. SOrry but I know a fraud when I see it.

    All tit and no fat anywhere else? Come on.

  15. buntl Says:

    Uhhhhhh …… like WOW!!! Nelli has some SERIOUS chest protuberances, she is just ENORMOUS!! I am so impressed, glad show of chest and those bulging beauties are real, look closely in the last few photos and you’ll see some serious stretch marks near the top of her boobs!! Great find Reese and thanks Nelli for sharing!!

  16. x Says:

    Amazing !

  17. boobman Says:

    fuck those tits are huge ! Titslap my face and wake
    Me up, i got to be dreaming

  18. MaGnUs Says:

    Great tits, but her legs don’t… I don’t know, I’m not crazy about her legs… (yes, I know this is not “mylegsite)

  19. Charles Says:

    Icannotbelieveitthisistoogoodtobetrue….YES!! I hoped she would come forward. I think being shy is a natural thing. But I hope this is the start of a long career of busty fun.

    I’m going to be checking out what Mr. EEE was talking about. I’m very excited about Nelli. She is the biggest blonde I’ve seen anywhere, I think. Bigger than Nadine J, bigger than Samantha GG, bigger than most blonde models over at Juggmaster, but more pretty by far. But let’s remember Julia Miles was a superstar and turned out to have implants. So I’m keeping an eye out like Mr. EEE.

    I’d love to see a layout with Nelli, Milena Velba, Maria Moore, and Miosotis!

  20. Sam Says:


    I am going to join the swell of opinion here and say that I am not sure they are 100% real too. Some of the angles catch her breasts in a way that highlights some unnatural curvature of the breast. I think she was big to start with but it looks like they may have been subseqently enhanced. I am quite happy to be proved wrong but I think this may be why she was a little too slow in showing the goods. Also in these pictures you don’t see very much side breast shots either or see here lying flat on her back exposing her under-breast ridge line. If she shows those areas then this will, without doubt, prove her genuine status. Unitl then the jury is out! But, if she is the real deal then she is going to go down in breast history! I’ll be the first to eat hat!!!!!!

  21. toomuch Says:

    Great. Reminds me a little bit of Chesty Morgan.

    As for the doubters — so fucking what? She looks wonderful.

  22. sabre Says:

    Simply stunning. I really love pic 8, so nice to see sexy big breasted women with a lovely smile :)

  23. Vadd Says:

    If it is impossible to tell if tits like these are real or fake (I think they are real) then it doesn’t matter! Tie goes to the runner.

  24. tyrr Says:

    In one of the vids you find Nellie topless and on her back. Her breasts are surprisingly mounded, not flattened by gravity. This looks surgically enhanced to me.
    Also quite gorgeous…

  25. king Says:

    you skeptics are nuts!! there just to good to be real huh? you dudes should not comment if u have nothin positive to say. i mean the woman should be givin kudos for jus bein naked on the net. and we should be so lucky to even see her
    anyway thanks nelli and take you time baby i love the tease ;)

  26. Paul Smith Says:

    What can I say, she is amazing and a dream come true!

  27. FrankNZ Says:

    Her breasts are simply stunning. I for one hope to see lots more of Nelli in the future.

  28. Charles Says:

    She is a dream come true!! she’s gorgeous! But someone said “so fcking what” about if there’s an enhancement. Well for entertainment purposes is no difference at all. She’s the ultimate sexual fantasy. And they are both the same size, unlike Miosotis. “She’s a very freaky girl,” sang Rick James, well I think he was talking about Miosotis. Implants really are not a terrible thing. I really enjoy Colt 45. She is a stunning feature dancer and SCORE group favorite, but she is enhanced. But she does not have the ‘rock hard’ basketballs seen on some girls. Very soft and nice.

    I think the deal is that deep down we hope girls like Nelli are real not just because we want to see Nelli model for us, but because we hope girls that size are natural and someone like her might turn up in OUR neighborhood!

  29. shandy Says:

    holy cow,whens the hardcore going to start.i wanna see her get plowed good and proper,with plenty of jizz on those whoppers defo a 3’s up with maria moore and samantha.could you imagine, where would you stick it?

  30. Ben Says:

    WOWWWWW she can get ever man she wants. She has big baloons and a pretty face and body!!!

    She is my favorite!!!

  31. punisher Says:

    she is amazing, the biggest tits i have ever seen. Enough tit meat to share with everyone.

  32. Simon Says:

    I love love love this girl. I can’t wait to see some full nude body shots.

  33. titfuckingfan Says:

    I really don’t care if they’re real or fake either! :D

    Also, I personally disagree with the guy above who said that “they’re too big to be seen in public with”. I’d never fuck any chick in private that I wouldn’t willing to be seen in public with! And I’d DEFINITELY fuck Nelli (or Nadine, or Milena, or Miosotis, or Samantha Anderson, and a lot of other big boob models). That’s the great thing about natural (or plausibly natural) titted girls. They’re always “real life” appropriate! Man, how lucky would I be to have THAT problem! LOL! ;)

  34. jamie Says:

    never look at nelli at work–those huge tita are too much…it’s a guarenteed hands free jizz in my jeans …too hot to stop…too hot to pass up…gotta go clean up…

  35. Exorzoofert Says:

    Hallo, mein Name ist Fabian Bornscheuer.
    Ich bin 18 Jahre alt und komme aus der Umgebung Frankfurt/Main.
    Eigentlich wollte ich nur mal fragen ob ihr gute Schwulenpuffs in meiner Umgebung kennt und was ihr für Erfahrungen mit denen gemacht habt. Wäre schön wenn ihr eure Meinungen posten könnt.

  36. Ezekiel Says:

    I don’t usually like ladies this titantic of tit, but I have to make an exception for Nelli. Monolithically massive mounds of magically magnificent milky mammaries. What I wouldn’t give to choke on those for a couple of hours.

    Not only that but she has a beautiful face too, with a smile that ranges between innocent and seductive.

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