No, not Ewa Sonnet…

I received another comment on MyBoobSite the other day in reference to my first blog of Maria Swan. Albeit far more innocuous than Mr. Anonymous’ attack on Eden Mor, the respondent said, “Don’t fuck with the truth. Ewa Sonnet is the finest Polish woman that has ever lived. Hands down! (where, I can’t say)”. Now, I never said that Maria Swan was Polish, but this did get me thinking about all of the wonderfully well-endowed women of, and wondering which one was my personal favourite (Maria Swan notwithstanding, of course, as I can get my fill of her in uber-resolution as Princessa over at MC-Nudes…and, besides, she’s Czechoslovakian).

So off I went to revisit the Polish Busty site, and was quickly able to narrow my choices down to three candidates: Ewa Sonnet was definitely among my top three, with her captivating eyes and beckoning breasts. Then, I took another look at Ines Cudna, as I’m quite partial to blondes and she has flaps to die for (which, next to big boobs, are my favourite feminine feature). But, in the end, it was Bea Flora who captured my heart. Funny thing was, I couldn’t isolate anything particular about Bea that made her my favourite. Rather, it was the whole package – utter perfection…

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

…as further demonstrated by some video clips in glorious Bea-vision:

Bea Flora Video - Clip 1    Bea Flora Video - Clip 2

Bea Flora Video - Clip 3    Bea Flora Video - Clip 4

Bea Flora Video - Clip 5    Bea Flora Video - Clip 6


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27 Responses to “No, not Ewa Sonnet…”

  1. cd_RW Says:

    i agree. ive always been a fan of the women at, but there was always something about bea flora that stood out. she’s got a cool personality and her photos are extra provacative. very nice gallery!

  2. gustave Says:

    I agree with you on bea flora but i read somewhere that her breasts are not natural, not that it matters (she is just sooo perfect in the proportions deparment) but natural endowed women score a little extra in my book.
    Just a thought…

  3. jazzman Says:

    “Besides, she’s Czechoslovakian”…. I guess since she was clearly born before 1 Jan 1993, Jana Defi is technically “Czechoslovakian”. But since the states are split, what would she be now? Czech or Slovakian?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cech and Slovak women are so dom.That view of her tanned body would have me begging for my own tanning.

  5. gustave Says:

    I only know that either czech or slovakian women are amazing and the ‘net is just proving that

  6. RisingFlare Says:

    gustave, bea’s boobs are real. if you want further information on that, check out The Score Group =)

  7. B52 Says:

    Hi, I’m Italian. I agree with you about Bea (who wouldn’t?) and I’ll tell you something else: I went on holiday in east europe (Croatia)….there, every 10 girls, 7 are more than 1.80m tall, fckn big tits and very very very beautiful, far more than italian women. I know you won’t belive me, just go there and see it with your eyes.

  8. jack Says:

    I think that Bea is the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. I can’t believe that her boobs are real. I wish my girlfriend had boobs like that, not to menchen, look like her.

  9. Muki Says:

    Hi all! I think that Bea is ‘the beauty’, ‘the body’, she is all, is the most sensual and beautiful girl on the face of this world, is the sexiest one!!!!I’m in love with her!

  10. Mustafa Hajjar Says:

    i used to like lindsey dawn mackinzey but after i saw bea flora i changed my mind…she gota wonderfull boobss and sexy color….i like her most wen she wears high heals…..i want to say thanks for my friend Zool who introduced me to bea…thank u zool from the bottom of my zabr

  11. ... Says:

    i want to fuk her

  12. Joe Says:

    Oh man I cum so hard to this bitch…

  13. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Not to P anyone off, but after multiple viewings, Bea still doesn’t do much for me. I don’t get it either. Hella nice rack, I do wonder if it’s fake too. Ewa is the polish goddess for me, she’s too perfect. Ohhhh what a bod!! I’m really over the moon for Aneta Buena too. I really can’t understand why Bea doesn’t take me there because to look at her I can’t find anything unattractive about her. Help.
    Oh, almost forgot. I found a huge site with about 40 yrs worth of playmates, 15 yrs worth of penthouse pets and still a lot more. But I’m missing my huge tittie girls the whole time I’m looking at that site, yessir. Keep up the fine work Reese. I love my boob site. That address should anyone be interested is

  14. c-RayZ Says:

    yeh me n her have alredy rooted

  15. BIG Says:

    my dick was so hard for her tanned tits… was like 10 inches…

  16. BIGGER Says:

    mine went even thicker for here huge boobs

  17. Niko Says:

    Hi, im Croatian…i like Croatian women…i like sex with croatian women :)

  18. bea boi Says:

    i cant even remember how many times ive nutted to this bitch
    she has the nicest fucking tits

  19. squee Says:

    fucking i love this chick in the mouth

  20. jackinit Says:

    i love jackin my dick to all the big tit polish girls my favorites are ewa and bea

  21. LIB Says:

    I fell in love with her, and she looks like my hot cousin if she had G cups!

  22. Alonso Says:

    I swear to God i love this gyal man! Shes got the nicest tits that would do a good job for a tit wank. I nutted every single day to Bea because her tits are nice and her voloptuous body makes my dick hard so i have to wank lol. I wish she was in my bed so that i can fuck her in every position and cum in her mouth

  23. tschale Says:


    is the most beautiful woman in the whole world , because
    of her great body , nice face and her

    incredibly GREEN EYES

    she is also an ice-dancer and singer

  24. Woodbee Says:


    tschale, I agree, Ewa IS the Lady. She is a stripper, dancer, Ice skater, Singer, boxer, manager, makeup artist…etc.
    It seems she does her solo work with a remote controlled digital photography unit. If that’s true, she can completely control her work in a relaxed fasion without any worry.
    I think she’s very gifted, extremely smart and yes, the MOST beautiful woman on this planet today.

  25. tschale Says:

    thank u 4 your agreement , WOODBEE .

    my question are: can i met her ?
    where can i met her ?
    can i talk a little with her ?
    did she still live in poland?

    she is GREAT
    a DREAM

  26. alberto Says:

    bea flora is the best

  27. M1ke68 Says:

    For Bea Flora – Stunning, voluptuous lady. I would love to see more photo’s of this lady because she has the whole package. Stunning looks, great looking body, whether modelling lingerie or draped provocatively in bed linen her body and that look just sooooo intoxicating.

    Seen many a models, and in my opinion she is very underrated, not just about the size of her chest, although that helps !! but overall just mesmerizing. Where ever you are girl come out of hiding, and make us smile with a new batch of photo’s

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