Renee Ross 40J & More at XL Girls

When I first blogged J-cup newcomer Renee Ross, I had but two meagre photos of her massive mammaries to share. Today, however, I shall be raising that well-endowed wager to the 4th power courtesy of one of the latest big tits galleries to be posted at Score’s XLgirls website! However, having just visited the site to fetch said cleavage content, I came across so many of MyBoobSite’s busty favourites therein and not having blogged them nearly enough (the most recent one being but a brief passing mention on a Sapphire blog late last year), I figured I might as well flesh out this post with a sensual selection of big boobs not only from ravishing recent arrival Renee Ross 40J but also Sapphire, April McKenzie (is April McKenzie pregnant or what?!), Jelena Jasper, Ashley Sage Ellison, Devyn Devine, Samantha 38G & Maria Moore all coming courtesy of

Renee Ross at    Renee Ross at    Renee Ross at

Sapphire at    Sapphire at    Sapphire at

April McKenzie pregnant at    April McKenzie pregnant at    April McKenzie pregnant at

Jelena Jasper at    Jelena Jasper at    Jelena Jasper at

Ashley Sage Ellison at    Ashley Sage Ellison at    Ashley Sage Ellison at

Devyn Devine at    Devyn Devine at    Devyn Devine at

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

Maria Moore at    Maria Moore at    Maria Moore at

…and, considering that this boob blog was supposed to be about Renee Ross and I subsequently got distracted by all the big tits I’ve known and loved, today’s video selection shall feature Renee to the exclusion of everyone else. And so, once again, here’s 40J Renee Ross masturbating her pussy naked with a dildo, her big boobs jiggling in rhythm to her thrusts of its slender silvery shaft, in these big tits masturbation videos from

Renee Ross videos at    Renee Ross videos at



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21 Responses to “Renee Ross 40J & More at XL Girls”

  1. Dan_Sky Says:

    XD great post! Samantha looks so hot in those pics! but.. April McKenzie pregnant ? :s :s :S

  2. GDAtits69 Says:


    Thats some line-up there. Holy Mackrel! just can’t get enough of Maria and April looks hot as a mom. Thanks for the blog.


    p.s. hope the surgerical procedure went ok.

  3. MaGnUs Says:

    Renee looks very nice…

  4. BigBoobFan Says:

    Renee Ross is awesome! Her and Sam on the same page… I’m losing it!!!!

  5. Samantha38g Says:

    Frowning- I miss Devine.


  6. Juggernaut Says:

    If you follow the link to SamanthaG’s scene it has a nice little free preview 2 minute vid of the photo shoot with Blackzilla.

  7. Juggernaut Says:

    Sorry I also meant to say that Sam is hot as ever.

    Like Diesel says I love the viens visible in her tits.

  8. Hankloveshooters4ever Says:

    Wow! Love that Sam. She is always on for being SEXY. I totally agree with the SD that I also love the viens visable on her beautiful breasts (.)(.) I love her green eyes too. LOL. :D

  9. Simon Says:

    April McKenzie Prengant is fucking hot! i want to make love to her

  10. henk Says:

    Oh yes, does Samantha look hot – and the cock, too. Love the pose on photo 07.

  11. Catie Says:

    I love Jelena. She has beautiful breasts and a deelish mound. mmm.. yummy.

  12. Vadd Says:

    I have missed Jelena! She is spectacular.

  13. Sue Says:

    April McKenzie *was* pregnant… AGES ago…

  14. shandy Says:

    i have waited for this day.
    seeing the hottest chick on the web take 12 inches of love and she looks so sexy doing it.
    well done sam you have made one fan very happy.

  15. FrankNZ Says:

    April may have been pregnant, ages ago, but that doesn’t make the pics any less tantalising. Of all the voluptuous vixens on offer this time, she really floated my boat upon first viewing! But I’d happily spend my evening with any one of these gorgeous women…

  16. henk Says:

    I’m growing more and more envious of that cock. Sam, who is he?

  17. Samantha38g Says:

    Awe, Ya’ll do love me.


  18. Charles Says:

    VERY happy to see April McKenzie, the best set I’ve seen of her pregnant. Did she do any lactation video afterward??

    Samantha! Red hot. Maria M: love to see her titfuck! Oh, yea this was all round great.

  19. Andrew Says:

    Judging by some dated videos I have, April gave birth about a year ago. Score delays many of their sets (not just pregnant ones), which can be confusing.

  20. Charles Says:

    Juggernaught: yeah I followed the link but I would NOT recommend it. McAfee is giving me massive red signals. That preview page is not safe. And since I went there lots of stuff is loading more slowing I can tell I’ve got some weird process running. Gonna have to reboot and scan.

  21. rx Says:

    made me jerk off like crazy

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