September Carrino Cup-Sizes Up to JJ-Cup Tits

Slim & stacked FF-cup busty blonde bombshell September Carrino has been going through some changes of late. To provide the best breast reference, let’s revisit a former 28FF September Carrino from when she was comparing boobs with extra large L-cup Rachel Aldana over at her SeptemberCarrino site a little over a year ago…

FF-cup September Carrino & L-cup Rachel Aldana compare breast size at

…well, just before last well-endowed weekend, I received an excited e-mail from my mammary loving mate Mike which read, “Dude, I was just checking out PinupFiles, and September Carrino is now a JJ-cup. Her nipples are freaking gigantic! No apparent weight gain, just looks like a natural growth spurt. Those Italian genes are something else, aren’t they?” He’d kindly attached a few photos as well, one vidcap of which highlighted her dramatic big tits transformation quite succinctly…

September Carrino cup-sizes up from FF-cup to JJ-cup breasts at

…ignoring the obvious enlargement in anatomical accouterments for a moment (i.e. stop staring at her newly massive tits whilst we address other appearance issues), you’ll no doubt notice September Carrino is no longer blonde (*boo-hoo*, from my perspective, at least) and she’s lost the navel and nipple piercings as well. What’s more, and it may just be her huge boobs getting in the way of my analytical assessment of her overall female anatomy, I get a distinct impression she’s grown ever so slightly more voluptuous, body-wise, below those exceptionally full breasts she’s developed in a mere year’s time. And, is it just me, of are you also finding September Carrino’s new look vaguely reminiscent of our lovely Lorna Morgan, JJ-cup juggs and all, too? Anyway, thanks again, Mike, for pointing out the huge tits picture of perfect pendulous pulchritude she’s become and, for everyone else, here’s the stunningly beautiful with bigger boobs than ever (not to mention her having the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen her with!) 34JJ busty September Carrino in photos & videos from

September Carrino with JJ-cup breasts at

September Carrino with JJ-cup breasts at

34JJ September Carrino videos from

September Carrino videos with JJ-cup breasts at

September Carrino videos with JJ-cup breasts at


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26 Responses to “September Carrino Cup-Sizes Up to JJ-Cup Tits”

  1. Rex den Coningh Says:


  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    Photoshop or tricky camera angels? Either way, they look awesome. Heh heh. That is some significant change in a short period of time if you look at the pics of her and Rachel from before. Wow.

    And yes Reese, I do see the similarity with Loran Morgan, which is always a good thing. Her boobs are legendary.

  3. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Foetoeshop? It’s a very good one if it is!

  4. Hughman Says:

    Fucking perfection!

    Three things though: I want her to get bigger, I want her to do hardcore, and I want her to escort!

  5. sb5 Says:

    God, she looks amazing. I wonder if she’s pregnant? I hope so.

  6. Phantom D Says:

    Dam, those nipples look so soft and suckable…. boner time!!!

  7. obv Says:

    It looks like she may have gained some weight (not that I mind)

  8. vonFranco Says:

    I gotta agree; ‘shopped for sure.

  9. Previouscats Says:

    Obvious… but very clever photoshop!

  10. Steven Says:

    To say that September’s growth is done with Photoshop is laughable since she is equally huge in her latest videos and you can see them move in all directions.

  11. Brian Says:

    Her nipples are a darker shade as well. I am suspecting that she now a MILF.

  12. Hippy Hippy Shake Says:

    She so seriously hot now it’s crazy.

  13. Mike Says:

    Did they “Fotoshop” the videos too?

    Now that I look at her some more, she does look just a little curvier overall, but nearly everything went to her boobs. It’s not unheard-of; Chloe Vevrier also went from GG to JJ in recent years. She credits Tantric sex. Maybe September just has a really good lover!

    I’ve always preferred brunettes, so her hair looks great to me. Not that I’m really looking at her hair.

  14. Mangaphreak Says:

    I’m usually not one to cry wolf but I kinda agree — at closer inspection those pics do look photoshopped to me as well…! Not sure why they’d feel the need to do that but yeah, something smells fishy here and there is no pun intended…

  15. Boobs4Matt Says:

    With a few years experience in the often blamed software called Photoshop and combined with an not too small interest in big boobs, I’d also say this is digitally enhanced (very well done) or at least photographed in a certain way that September’s bust appears bigger (also very well done).
    What I’m wondering most and why i doubt these pictures: Can nipples grow that much only by gaining a few inches of bust size?
    Christmas dinners or pregnancy then may really be a gift of god.

  16. Reese Says:

    Photoshopping video – now there’s a thought! Erm, let’s see; on a 15-minute video shot in the US standard NTSC format, you’d just have to perform your Photoshop breast expansion edits on 27,000 individual image frames. That sound feasible?

    ~Reese! ;~)

  17. Boobs4Matt Says:

    Ok, if it’s the same in moving images, it’s either a Hollywood production or simply fact of nature :-)

  18. tyrr Says:

    …larger breasts, a tad heavier, brunette, no piercings… these are all to the good!


  19. Norm Says:

    The pictures on this post, while released recently, look like they might be from before her most recent growth spurt really got under way and before she was fitted for a 34JJ earlier this month. On the most recent webcam clips on September Carrino’s her boobs — and, amazingly, her nipples — look a bit bigger than what’s pictured here.

    The change in her size has been astounding, amazing, awesome, and incredible to see, and as an admirer I’m glad for it, BUT . . .

    I’m reminded of your earlier post, Reese, called “Tits A-Worry” or something like that about Rachel Aldana. Aldana’s boobs have certainly grown over the last several years, but seemingly much more slowly, gradually and not nearly as much as Carrino.

    I’m wondering if September Carrino isn’t one whose development — while wonderful so far — shouldn’t be the most cause for worry. In just over a year, her bra size has gone from 28F to 34JJ, and it doesn’t seem to have happened gradually — it’s come in spurts. Maybe this is just normal growth for her, and now she’s at what’s meant to be her normal size for her, but what if it isn’t? A sign of a serious condition like hypertrophy is that the growth often comes in spurts and that growth of the nipples in spurts also occurs; I’m beginning to worry that she might have some kind of late-onset variety of this.

    Looking back through her website, she went from a 28F, her size from when she debuted in spring 2008, to getting fitted for a 32G just last February. Just a few months later, last June, that suddenly got way too small and she was fitted for a 34HH. That size seemed to fit her fine the whole way through her webcam releases through the end of 2010.

    Then, suddenly, six months after her last spurt, in the middle of January, webcam #70 is released where her nipples are obviously much bigger than before, and September even mentioned it in the notes for the scene, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on with them.” Then, just three weeks later, in the notes to her webcam from the beginning of this month, she said, “my huge boobs have gotten even MORE huge! I just had another growth spurt on these boobies and they are seriously humongous right now. None of my bras fit anymore and so I am going to have to get some new ones. In the meantime, I had to get these stretchy shirts that show tons of cleavage and wear those around all the time.”

    A few days after that she got fitted for a 34JJ. She went up several large cup sizes over the course of a month or month and a half, tops. While that, and her statements about her growth, can certainly be arousing, I certainly hope they’re not signs of an evolving medical problem that’s only beginning to become apparent.

    In the last year, she’s had three growth spurts, each with more dramatic growth than the one before it, and they seem to have caused her breasts to at least double in size over that time along very noticeable nipple growth. This might just be a one-time thing, but it could also be a big warning sign. What happens if this continues and she has more, and more severe, growth spurts over the course of the next year; when or how does this become too much for her?

    I hope it doesn’t come to that, and I wish I could just see and enjoy her latest releases for what they are without worrying about a trend they could be signaling.

  20. Johnny H Says:

    Holy shit. Seriously, holy shit. She was super hot before, but I think now she has moved into the all star class with Jana Defi and Anya.

  21. buttbutt Says:

    her boobs aren’t photoshopped- her weight everywhere else has been. the videos I’ve seen are all shot above her belly button, so its pretty easy to say that they just cleaned up her stomach- look at her stomach in the pictures, it looks… odd.

    i don’t care either way, she looks great thinner and looks great now. It just sucks how much work they put into making her look like she hasn’t gained weight.

    and using chloe vevrier is a ridiculous example. her photos are some of the most airbrushed/photoshopped pictures I’ve ever seen

  22. obv Says:

    Some of her more recent webcams you can see she is a bit larger in the mid section for sure.

  23. Michael Says:

    She’s bigger but she’s definitely not a JJ cup. The only way she could be is if the bra was “vanity sized” like when a size 6 is actually a size 8. All the shots are forced perspective tricks. If she was as large as reported it would be obvious to the viewer and wouldn’t need this fanfare. My guess is they have shot hundreds of Aldana sets and don’t have anything to fill the gap now they don’t have the other models so much anymore.

  24. MariaMoore Says:

    I am amazed at her nipple size. We have looking at them all weekend…they are HUGE!

  25. LA Says:

    Sorry for the link spam but it is very relevant:

  26. Brizzle Says:

    Guys, you don’t Photoshop Video. It would be extrenously tedious, retarted and lame to get your editor or hire a Visual Effects artist to Photoshop every frame of a video. That makes absolutely no sense what so ever. This would have to be done, over and over, for every video until she stopped modeling. Photoshop is for pictures. Aftereffects, Premiere and Final cut pro are for video and even then you don’t just make titties bigger. That is harder than you think. I am speaking from experience as an artist and a big boob lover. These titties are real and awesome. I can’t believe you guys would even consider debating if this is photoshoped at all, especially when you have no idea how or what photoshop does.

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