The SLUT LUST Anti-Pornography Campaign

Although I’m typically prone to rambling on incessantly with silly banter and sexual innuendo about big breasts here on MyBoobSite (anyway, did you hear about the busty blonde who went up to the bartender and asked him for an innuendo – so he gave her one?), I do occasionally like to take a break from having to engage in feeble attempts at witticism from time to time and put the high volume of traffic this site receives to good use by helping bring to light sundry serious issues surrounding our sexual selves. And, as luck would have it, today just so happens to be one such day.

On April 1st, S.L.U.T.L.U.S.T. – a public awareness initiative combining the seductive strengths of both the Sexual Libertinism Understanding Trust and the League of United Spunk Tarts – announced the launch of their provocative anti-pornography ad campaign targeting men & women alike in alerting them to the dangers of masturbating to on-line porn. Their noble effort is not unlike the warning labels now required by law on cigarette packs here in the UK featuring disturbingly graphic photos of some smoking induced malady along with an equally horrific tag-line describing it (my favourite being the microscopic view of little swimming sperm with text reporting that smoking can result in a lack of fertility – “Wow, bonus!” I thought to myself when I first saw this whilst loudly exclaiming to everyone within earshot, “Ewww, someone got a load of jizz on my fags!”).

Indeed, when I think of all of the countless little sperm I’ve wasted wanking when I could have shared my spunk with a busty slut and cum on her tits or, better yet, in her mouth, my penis cries tiny tears of pre-cum at lost erotic opportunities. :~( So, guys, let’s help put an end to this wasteful wanking and save up our semen for a good cause, as you never know when some sexy slut might come along with an insatiable thirst for a mouthful of cum courtesy of your cock. And, girls, next time you find yourselves at loose ends (and I do emphasize loose, here) and in desperate need of a wank, just consider that somewhere out there is a perfectly passable penis in need of some sexual relief eager to pop a load of cum in your pussy just for the sheer pleasure of throbbing away inside of you. :~)

Although such a blatantly anti-pornography attitude coupled with the fact that they’re attempting to curb masturbation is admittedly bad for the business of MyBoobSite, the propensity toward porn addiction amongst the vast on-line masses is indeed a long and wanking road fraught with penis & pussy peril and so my conscientious self has decided to feature both of their informative anti-porn public service advertisements here; the first targeting men who masturbate and the second aimed toward wanking women. So please take a moment to ponder their important messages and, should you find yourself feeling the same as I do when my conscience kicks in, feel free to lift these images and repost them everywhere you think one might be tempted to pop out their penis or pussy and start jacking off or bean flicking with these anti-masturbatory deterrents from SLUTLUST.ORG

S.L.U.T.L.U.S.T. Anti-Porn Ad Campaign for Masturbating Men

S.L.U.T.L.U.S.T. Anti-Porn Ad Campaign for Wanking Women

…or, if you like, you can list your site on the link exchange located at the bottom of their homepage and then use the lovely little big boobs banner below to link back. Thanks so much for considering this timely topic (and the timing is indeed ideal, considering that Channel 4 is currently airing their Sex Education Vs Pornography series all this week) lovingly brought to our attention by the lovely sluts at SLUTLUST.ORG:



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3 Responses to “The SLUT LUST Anti-Pornography Campaign”

  1. Bob Says:

    April fools…

  2. Handman Says:

    Gee that explains a lot of what’s been happening to me recently! Ha! Ha! :>)

    (What’s that you don’t mean it was an “April Fool’s” post?)

  3. BigDee Says:

    you mean this is a joke??

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