Maria Moore 36JJ – Best American Breasts?

I was surfing my way through a couple of big tits porn forums the other day when I came upon a question someone had posted asking simply, “Who has the best American breasts?” I’d never really stopped to think about tits in terms of national origin, but then you’ve got to consider that we’ve got such super busty wonder as Rachel Aldana here in Britain, Alicia Loren in Romania and Nelli Roono in Poland, so I do suppose there are particular big breast hot spots spread generously around the globe. Despite the tangential nature of the inquiry and having never pondered where a given pair of big boobs came from, I honestly didn’t have to think about that one for a single mammary minute as the obvious answer pinged instantly unto my head, “Why, that’d have be Maria Moore, of course!”

She has indeed remained dear to my horny heart ever since I first saw Maria Moore fucking for BangBros, as she just seemed to take a sort of bemused perverse pleasure at milking cum from a cock. Not only did she have those incredibly beautiful tanned big tits perched upon her delightfully voluptuous body, she just looked like a really fun fuck as well (thusly placing her at the top of my newly conceived list of “Americans I’d most like to fuck”)!

But moving on to the softer side of Maria Moore, she’s recently done a new nude photo shoot for XX-Cel that really deserves our attention. The thing I like most about Cel’s most excellent big breast photography work is that he invariably provides the best perspectives on big breasts I’ve ever seen (just look at that 8th photo of huge boobs from behind or the 10th where her massive tits flop to her sides as Maria lays on her back and, lest I leave out my kindred pussy hounds amongst you, I should probably mention that there are some pretty compelling pussy spreading pics in this series as well should we wish to gaze into the well-endowed wonder of Maria Moore’s vagina!). Here are a few sample photos of stunning JJ-cup goddess Maria Moore naked in her latest photo series from

Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at

Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at

Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at

Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at

Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at    Maria Moore 36JJ nude at


23 thoughts on “Maria Moore 36JJ – Best American Breasts?”

  1. yo reese I thought Alicia Lorren was born in Italy not romania

    [mod edit: Actually, she was born in Bacau, Romania.]

  2. You know Reese, that sounds perfectly reasonable until you realize that Samantha 38G is from the good old US of A as well. So is Brandy Taylore. Now I love Maria Moore, a lot, but this is a very big country with some very perfect boobs. Dare I say this might need to be broken down regionally.

  3. The only woman whose tits are as big as her personality and brains. She shouldn’t be so greedy with talent. She should be charitable to normal mortal women. She is just amazing!

  4. Oh dear, what a hypocrite I am. Having commented on your recent blog that Samantha was THE best there’s Maria Moore to consider.

    To get myself out of this dilemma I will say that there is one little criticism I have of Maria and that is that’s she’s just too perfect to even fantasise about. I mean there’s gorgeous, then there’s jaw dropping attractive and sexy (a la Samantha) and then there’s Maria Moore.

    And, as Reese says, she seems like she would be great fun too. As does Samantha – oh sod it, my head has just exploded……….

  5. She’s just so natural, I’m sure she would be the same in real life. She’s not playing any role, what you see is what you get………….and in her case, that’s plenty to love!!

    Unlike Samantha 38g who thinks she’s over everyone, Maria’s just the real thing!! Kudos to her!

  6. I saw her on that bang brothers clip and I said to myself yeah that’s a woman who loves sex and has huge tits……perfect.

  7. Maria is certainly up there with the best of big breasts. She is the April nomination for our next 30JJGC Kitten, so she is certainly knocking on the door of our own Hall of Fame.

    Cel certainly needs to be congratulated on this superb set of breast perspectives, which only true boob obsessives would be able to come up with and appreciate. Stupendous stuff!

    However, Maria deserves all the praise here, especially for allowing us to see her in all of her glory. And I don’t mean the pussy spreading pics, wondrous as they are, but for sharing with us that seemingly most self-conscious of all areas, her magnificent and utterly sexy belly.

    Maria, you truly are a wonder of nature!

  8. Whoa! What a woman. Love the smile she radiates and adore those huge wonderful (.)(.)s. She’s a beautiful natural. I get turned on with the rolls and folds she has accentuates on her form.

  9. Brandy Talore, sure. Maria, lovely. Samantha 38G, love her. But can I bring Claudia Maria to the table, preferably on her back, legs wide, and her magnificent globes in full view?

  10. One can make a VERY good arguement for Maria. I mean look at picture #15 in that set. That cleavage, those huge tits… look at THAT and tell her she doesn’t have the best tits in the US!!!

  11. “preferably on her back, legs wide, and her magnificent globes in full view? ”

    Yes! And the biggest cumshot one could produce, too – over belly, tits, face. (feeling horny)

  12. i agree with everyone of u guys…..i have been wanting 2 fuck maria moore for years now, but the day that i will fuck her, its going to be the greatest thing 2 ever happen 2 me.
    she is just my favourite pornstar, and i would like to hook up wit her one day, and i bet she would love t cause i have a very large dick

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