Thanks and an open plea to JuggMaster…

First off, big kudos to JuggMaster, not only for having such a wonderful site filled with some of the most exceptional big breasts about, but also for finally releasing some content for lowly bloggers like myself to post (oh, and thanks for the e-mail letting me know)!

Now, here’s my plea: We need more, more, MORE!! Little portfolio sets of, say, a dozen photos of a given model would be ideal. How about those two beautiful big boobed blondes Kharma 38EE & Ginger 38J for starters? I’d love to see more of 38G Lana as well, and that 42F Scarlett is just too cute! The stunning 36HH Sapphire is always a sure bet; and maybe a couple of themed variety sets, like your “passing the bar” pics? Come to think of it, a couple of video clips wouldn’t go amiss, either… ;~)

Kharma 38EE at    Ginger 38J at    Lana 38G at

Scarlett 42F at    Sapphire 36HH at    Passing the Bar at

…yup, Juggy, just keep us in content, and we’ll blog you ’til the end of time. For the rest of you, here’s what we’ve got so far, courtesy of

Kiki 36F from    Sapphire 36HH from    Leah 36H from

Scarlett 42F from    Amazon 46I from    Elina 38F from

Missy 36J from    Cara 36E from    Lana 38G from

Annie 36E from    Maria Moore 36GG from    Maria Moore 36GG from


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32 Responses to “Thanks and an open plea to JuggMaster…”

  1. Mickshnal Says:

    Hi again BOOB GOD, how are things? The JUgg Master has some great tits on board, Scarlet has an adorable face and could kiss for hours, Kharma is the same.. very cute, Sapphire is also adorable and what I would have given to see her every day while she gained a little wieght from her slimer days, I would have enjoyed the thrill of feeling her breasts grow from big to really huge!!! On you Sapphire I think you are lovley!!! Then again all of you on Juggmaster are great;0)
    Tell me Boob God what are your thoughts of Sharday from Score land, I know she has not modled for some time (or at least that I know of). Becouse I want to know if there is any video of her.
    Have you heard of Faith doing hard core? I saw a video preview the other day and havnt seen you report it, or maybe I skipped it…

  2. Charles Says:

    Awesome! I was wondering why there was little contect about Juggmaster models on this blog. Now you’ve explained it and it makes sense! If you had that many models over at your place getting naked in your swimming pool you would probably protect all the content too!!

    Well as for the girls…. I’ve been a member at for a while. They are just amazing. Amazon probably possesses the largest juggs of them all and of any girl on the blog for that matter. I have been told by Juggmaster that Amazon stands 6’2″. Now big boobs are big boobs, and you can’t tell the tall from the short in a photo. But when a woman is over 6′ tall and they look proportionately big on her, you can bet they actual breast size is much bigger than, say, Annie Swanson, or someone who seems huge but stands only 5’2″.

  3. dreyfuzz Says:

    Thanks again for some grrreat photos!!

    Scarlett indeed is very cute and Lana looks fantastic (except the tattoos). But who’s that gorgeous “passing the bar” girl? And who’s the black girl in the middle? Thought first it was Jenny but her aerolas are much smaller, is it Melanie Rose perhaps.

    Just like Mickshnal, I would appreciate any possible information, opinion or (rather) photo of the Puerto Rican goddess Sharday. I recently bought Score Super Naturals (magazine) and Sharday is on the cover, with the text “Spankin’ NEW photos”.

    However, I’m a bit suspicious on this, ’cause I think I’ve seen those photos before. Besides, there’s only 4 pages of Sharday in the magazine, usually it’s 7-8 pages per model. Disappointing. :(

  4. Very Free Says:

    Gawd, the moons (areolas) on that Amazon, they’re HUGE! As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I went to the store and downloaded both of the several minute long Vol 11 DVD previews of her (and others), and she measures them at six inches! Her humungous udders barely fit though the bars!

    Lana has a monster pair of boobs and moons, too. She stretches them out to at least six inches (15cm). Ya gotta watch the preview clips to appreciate her awesome boobs. Like Dreyfuzz, I don’t care for her tattoos.

  5. Very Free Says:

    But who’s that gorgeous “passing the bar” girl? asked Dreyfuzz. I believe it’s Maria Moore.

  6. Joey Says:

    dreyfuzz, the Passing the Bar girl is Maria Moore. And the sexy black girl in the middle is Amazon.

  7. Mad Dog Says:

    That guy has one of the best porn sites on the internet… PERIOD! And what a job! Hell, what a life!!!

    First of all, he’s married to one of the biggest (maybe THE biggest) of his featured juggies. Secondly, he gets to shoot all of these other amazingly busty and beautiful women on what appears to be his very own property! Seriously, how the hell did he get that started?!? Amazing… simply amazing. And best of all, he shares it with us, and does a spectacular job of keeping the updates rolling in on a consistent basis.

    Nothing lasts forever, and I’m sure that one day the Juggmaster will pack it in. Afterall, he obviously does quite a bit of work with regards to gathering the talent, then shooting them, then maintaining the site. I’m sure it’s fun, but it’s also hard work. I just hope he can keep it goin for a few more years so that we, the fans, can continue to admire all the new lovelies that seem to always pop up every few months.

    Here’s to Jugg and his plethora of big, beautiful women!

    And here’s to Reese! May you continue to provide us with all these wonderful snipits and samples, courtesy of Jugg and all the other models/agents/sites that allow you to post their content!

  8. southace Says:

    Why has it taken you so long to sort Reese out Juggmaster ?????
    MBS will certainly boost the traffic coming to you.

    Some of the biggest tits on the web at this site.
    Favourites are Maria Moore, Kiki, Stephanie, Sapphire, Cre, Ginger, Samantha and Elina. Also check out Sophia on there. Her body is FINE. Clips are all very soft but if it’s tit play you are after then this sites for you. Got files crammed full of their goods.
    Samantha Kay is on there struggling to contain herself as it’s a soft site (have you seen her fuck.?.??..) along with other Voluptuous girls Denise Davies, Tristal and Chaka T.
    Look out for pregnant Juggmistress clips there. You won’t see a heavier looking pair of breasts.

  9. Very Free Says:

    Southace seems to think Juggmistress’ tits are heavy, but if you watch the Amazon previews, you’ll soon realize how much bigger Amazons are. Besides, Juggmistress’ face will always remain anonymous. Again, go to the guest store and download the prieview videos. Amazon is Vol 11 and has two previews.

    Speaking of heavy pregnant tits, Antevski’s website is still up. Would you believe 36 pounds (16.5kg) per breast? Surely the biggest I’ve ever seen Warning: this is not a site for the squeamish.

  10. Deity Says:

    Lana is definitely THE BOMB!! That woman is smoking hot, tatts and all !!!
    And her smile and eyes are S-E-X-Y….

  11. dreyfuzz Says:

    Thank you, Very Free and Joey, for the answers! Amazon looks fabulous, I really love that kind of ladies. Big girls with even bigger TITS. :)

  12. Charles Says:

    Juggmistress is the BOMB! Very Free: how dare you compare that poor woman to JM? She was suffering from a serious ill condition. JM is fit, healthy, and has proportions unmatched by nearly any model online. Milena Velba is her only serious competitor. I am a huge Juggmistress fan and her boobs are totally beautiful. But if absolute size is your thing, Amazon is your gal. 6’2″ guys!!

  13. Mickshnal Says:

    I had a look at the previews as Very Free pointed out, and I think that I would be alittle afraid of Amazon, she is a huge woman and would crush me! :) but I dont mind looking, there would be a lot of wieght in those boobs. Juggmistress was quite good with her milky boobs, had my undevided attention while watching.

  14. Jason Says:

    Who is the woman in the in the 2nd row all the way on the right, doing the passing of the bar?

  15. Charles Says:

    Amazon…the river of dreams… I would not be intimidated to face Amazon. It would be a dream of sorts. I stand 6’1″ and weigh 210. I have had black BBW girlfriends in the past and I think there is one song by Creed that would describe my encounter: not simply “with arms wide open” but “with hands wide open” and ready to squeeze…

  16. ricardo Says:

    i like

  17. ladykiller Says:

    You should post the names of all these girls so we can look them up. I see some uncharted Maria Moore action and I want to see all of that woman that I can!

  18. Jason Says:

    Wow! That Amazon is phenomenal. Not only are her breasts huge but her areola are huge as well. God! I’d give anything to see her breasts covered in thick white cum!! I can’t stop beating off looking at them!!

  19. Ian Levine Says:


    I have the Amazon DVD from Juggmaster and it is simply amazing! Her breasts are phenomenal and the way they bounce around is enough to make you cum! An essential purchase. Be warned though that some parts of the website preview clip are not on the DVD. In particular in preview one there’s some early shots of Amazon sucking and licking her breast and I was so heartbroken that these were not on the DVD. That’s the kind of footage all boob men adore yet it was left off the DVD. Maybe Juggmaster can put it on a future DVD.

  20. Jugg Master Says:

    You are indeed correct Ian… I had to save some footage for Amazon part deux… ohhhhh yeeeaaaaa. Thanks for all of the kind comments JuggHeads worldwide and beyond!

  21. Ian Levine Says:

    Hi Juggmaster

    Thanks for the info. Can’t wait for Amazon Part 2 DVD. Any idea when this will be released?



  22. Jugg Master Says:

    I can’t say exactly when friend because I have other releases in the works but you can bet yer beans that when Amazon Part Deux releases it will be epic.
    Cheers my funbag-lovin’ friend!

  23. ZeeKAlphA Says:

    Kharma need more attention!!! There are allot of wonderful beautiful mamoth-jugged women on Juggs… but yes, I have to agree with the others above, MORE CONTENT AND SAMPLES…

  24. The Watcher Says:

    Does anybody know what Kiki’s last name is? I heard she has her own website with her last name in it, and I don’t know what it is.

  25. thomas IV Says:


    i was wondering if ms lana38G has her own website/has done hardcore?
    would be mesmerising to see that body in action…

    cheers,and an excellent site to be sure…keep up the great work,old chap..


  26. J Says:

    ID luv to see more pic of KHARMA PLZZZZ

  27. OK Says:


  28. lana lover Says:

    yes more lana!!!

  29. kingjaja Says:

    Long time jugghead I am, and the juggmistress is the bomb and I’ll review that amazon again…keep it up JM.

  30. FORKLIFT352 Says:

    Ginger38j is a sweet hart! I dated her on and off.
    I also went to high school with her.
    Hay Ginger looking good!!! D.B.

  31. lickingpro Says:

    Ginger 38J is the hottest!

  32. tjones87 Says:

    Ginger 38J. . .absolutely stunning!! I also dated her on and off as well, and let me tell you.. .those nips are even more beautiful up close than on the web.

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