Sorry, I just couldn’t leave this one alone…

Apologies, but today’s blog is a bit of a departure from our usual format. I was just perusing some of the past comments and encountered one that I felt deserved special attention (i.e. it rather annoyed me). It’s a rather lengthy comment that was posted to my “Busty Britain on a roll…” blog entry, so please bear with me:

Gene wrote, “Is it me or you guys are really blind??? Damn! ….if you really take a look and analyse the pics from them BustyBrits site you can see that the faces of some of the ‘gals’ aren’t gals at all!!!! This really discusts me the most and comes in first to fake silicone or plastic enhanced truely gals. Hello..?!?!?! women are that…born as females with no artificial manmade crap inserted into them or enhanced by surgery. These pics of some of these ‘gals’ are basically males who have opted for surgery and hormone treatments to become a ‘gal’. It so pisses me off that Score and these Brits sites put up these discusting creatures. Tehy are not REAL women that were born initially as females and why can’t you see that and why are they even considered to be posted on here in the first place?… According to me it just lowers immensely the quality of this blog. Just look at their facial bone structures, their dimensions, their overall body form, the shoulder widths, and etc… To me women must be real women and not fakes in any way…if they don’t get montly periods, can get pregnant with a womb and can breast feed then they are truly WOMEN! Please fix this problem pls!”

When I pressed Gene on the issue, asking him to identify which models he thought had been formerly male, he cited Michelle Monaghan & Rukhsana from BustyBritain, as well as a few models from Score’s Voluptuous site. Of the first of these, he said, “I can’t beleive that some users on here would actually compare Monaghan who really looks to be a transgendered person to a REAL naturally big breasted hot woman like Mary Swan.” Michelle Monaghan a post-op transsexual? Can this guy really be serious?!

And it’s not the first time this has happened. Way back toward the humble beginnings of MyBoobSite, I featured a busty blonde model called Brandi, a woman of Amazon proportions, standing 5’11” with measurements of 40-28-38 and G-cup breasts. Wouldn’t you know it? The first comment posted to this entry was, “I dare you to tell me that she wasn’t born a man.” At first, I laughed it off, thinking, “Can these blokes honestly not tell the difference between females & shemales?!” However, I now feel as if I need to educate these two on the topic of high testosterone levels in women.

As we all know, testosterone is the hormone which gives us guys our male characteristics. The hormone isn’t exclusive to men, though, as it’s also generated in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women. In fact, it’s one of the components from which oestrogen is made. In some females, however, testosterone levels can be abnormally high, often resulting in increases in overall growth, a more “male” bone structure (i.e. squareness of the jaw, bigger hands, broader shoulders, etc), enlargement of the clitoris, more rapid growth of body hair and increased perspiration.

But here’s the important bit: In addition to imparting such masculine physical traits, it’s also responsible for one’s assertiveness and sex drive, prompting endocrinologists to refer to testosterone as the “one night stand” hormone. Thus, many women with atypically elevated levels experience a profoundly increased libido (i.e. are horny as fuck most of the time) and can go so far as being sexually predatory. I should know – I’m married to one – and the phrase “ravenous cock-hungry fuck-monster” would not be an exaggeration when used in reference to my wife, Vix (she’s even started her very own cock blog to further her pursuit of the perfect penis)! Oh, the stories I could tell. But another time, eh?

So, rather than complaining about and shunning such women, I feel we should be actively seeking them out! What better way to increase your chances of a sure-fire fuck than to find a girl with a sex drive that’s at least on equal par or exceeding your own?! Nymphomaniacs in sheep’s clothing, they are!! They’re relatively easy to spot, too: Apart from the somewhat masculine appearance, they’ll be the ones overtly flirting with and feeling up anyone who takes their fancy…or sitting quietly in the corner wearing sunglasses and eyeing up everyone in the room whilst surreptitiously stroking their pussy (yes, these “virilized” women also tend to masturbate far more than most, in my humble experience).

[Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. Your mileage may vary. Just because said women may have sexual appetites enough to put Casanova to shame, this does NOT necessarily mean that they’ll want to have sex with YOU! So fuck sensibly, boys & girls, and only when you know for certain that it’s completely consensual.]

And, speaking of their masturbatory tendencies, the buxom Brandi is a fine example. In the following video from Scoreland Videos, she’s doing exactly that. It also serves to prove that our Brandi was indeed born a woman, as no surgeon could ever fabricate such delicate, luscious labia flaps as evidenced in the close-up clits (oops, sorry, I meant “clips”). So let’s give Brandi another look; this time with the understanding that her testosterone-fueled features are not some manifestation of masculine origins, but rather an outward indication of the lewd & lascivious lust-driven libido which lies within. As for her detractors, I believe MBS visitor Steve put it best in his closing comment on my first Brandi blog: “Are you people crazy? She is fantastic!”

Agreed, so here she is, courtesy of

Buxom Brandi 40G at    Buxom Brandi 40G at

Buxom Brandi 40G at    Buxom Brandi 40G at

Buxom Brandi 40G at    Buxom Brandi 40G at

Buxom Brandi 40G at    Buxom Brandi 40G at

(note: actual video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)



[Captain’s blog, supplemental: Of course, the converse of this condition, wherein a woman has unusually low levels of testosterone, results in a dramatically decreased sex drive. To this end, pharmacologists have developed a testosterone spray that not only serves to increase their sexual desires, but also makes sex more satisfying (those who were prescribed similar testosterone supplements reported being aroused more easily and found it easier to achieve orgasm). Mind you, such treatment is only available to women who suffer from serious hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Once again, terms and conditions apply. Your actual mileage may vary.]

18 thoughts on “Sorry, I just couldn’t leave this one alone…”

  1. If Michelle Monaghan is a man, then by God, I AM PROUD TO BE GAY!!!! Seriously, what on Earth is that guy smoking to actually think that delicious morsel is a man. Furthermore, where is he hanging out that men look like that? Can I go there? lol

  2. HA! Well – this guy certainly seems to have some issues. Maybe he got “Begbie’d” (Trainspotting reference). Oddly enough Reese, I made a follow-up comment to the Brandi blog suggesting she did have some “manly” qualities. But, I would clearly not mistake her for a post-op candidate. I think Gene’s been spending too much time over at those “TrannySurprise” sites and what not.


  3. Just sounding off: REESE THANKS FOR THE BRANDI CLIPS!! Brandi has been an all-time favorite for me. Near perfection as far as I’m concerned. I remember that comment from the first Brandi post, but I thought it was tongue-in-cheek. It is not easy to find Brandi footage. A long time ago I think I saw her in a boy-girl vid with some mexican guy. Can anyone verify this? Brandi is everything Anna Nicole Smith TRIES to be and fails.

    Michelle Monaghan? Oh yea, that UK chick! Hey just learning to match her face to her name right now. I’ve seen her before. But I’m talkin American. I’ll take Ford and I’ll take Brandi!! LOL.

  4. Does this guy even have any proof? I mean it’s obvious that some women naturally have manly traits (I really don’t like the square jaw one lol), but what the hell? I looked around and I can’t find anything, what is he basing this on? I need proof.

  5. As Joey said I must also be GAY!!!! Michelle (or is it Michael?? LOL!) looks good to me, I have never thought of Brandi as a man but I havnt found her attractive in the past, but after watching those videos thanks to Reece I may be changing my mind, her boobs are most fantastic and she is most certainly a girl, I think it is the hair that I dont like, too bleach blonde, maybe some dark hair would go well but thats just me.

    So from your advice it sounds like the giant woman at the bar might be super horny and that could be the way to go even though she could snap me like a twig:) But then again I could get rejected and she would just snap me:( only one way to find out, if you never hear from me again… you know what happen LOL.

  6. Maybe he just wanna rock the boat and see what responses he get? Or just have little experience with all kinds of different women.
    Brandi to me is 100% woman and I would love to get 1 on 1 with her :))

  7. It’s a waste of time trying to reason with these nutcases, so if it were my choice, I’d choose not to give the time of day to this nutcase.

    I’ve known women who had genetic defects that make their appearance less than womanly, one might say sort of manly I suppose. But it doesn;t mean that they aren’t a woman, since they have both female genes.

    And then there are some women that just look sort of manly. I know this woman, who just happens to be British, who looks like a bulldog. It takes all kinds.

    So now that we’ve had a dose of Brandi, let’s have someone a lot more womanly: Nicole Peters. We haven’t seen anything of her in a while. :-)
    Gawd, I love to see those melons of hers!

  8. VF you are sooooooo right – we most certinly need more of Nicole Peters around here. Sooooooo sweet, so fine.

  9. ^^^ That’s the main reason why I’m not really into her. Not because I’m scared she may have been a man, but rather because it’s a turn off to me =x, she’s got a good body though.

  10. proceed with caution.???
    if Kelly Madison had a beard and moustache she would still get it from me. she has a fine body. have you seen that girl fuck. ??? Not sure if her tits are false. not been proved that they are though i have my suspicions.
    Just a word on Samantha Kay. No manliness there but another who fucks like the world is going to end straight afterwards.
    how about some of this bad girl and Kiki from Juggmaster.

  11. Seems that guy Gene is just trying to start a fight and getting his kicks that way.

    As for Kelly Madison, once again the whole is greater than any part–she is one hot girl and when you look at the whole, the face becomes just as sexy as the rest of her epic proportions. My only complaint with Kelly is that she’s got that bleached-blond dink (her husband?) or some other nimrod in most of her pictorials these days. I’m not a fan. I want to see Kelly or a bunch of girls in my fantasies not some schmuck.

  12. I agree with this 100%, and I’m glad someone has finally pointed it out. The Score Group has been letting their quality slide slowly for what seems like years now. Some of their models, despite being built, are just plain fugly. The standard of the past was to get women that were BOTH beautiful and chesty (See LDM, Autumn, Devon Daniels, Lorna Morgan, etc).TSG, for what it seems, is now mostly selecting models only for having big boobs – no matter how homely they are.

    I, for one, am thoroughly sick of seeing models with square jaws, huge rat noses, crooked smiles, awkward features, wide shoulders, big gnarled feet, bags under their eyes. As someone who has always purchased new Score products on a monthly basis for almost a decade, I stopped because it’s gotten so bad.

    Kudos to Gene for having refined taste and the courage to renounce this!


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