Thanks, Sam – I love you, too!

Well, it seems that Sexy Samantha 38G was visiting a friend of mine in Miami this past weekend, so the pair of them took this lovely photo just for me! Of course, it would have been wrong of me not to share it with everyone here on MyBoobSite as well. It also gives me an opportunity to tell you about my blog of Sam’s tit-to-tit girl-on-girl video over on MyBBWSite (although I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the cameraman joins in for an exquisite G-cup titfuck & blowjob toward the end of the video):

Awww, Sam loves me!! :~D    Sexy Samantha 38G gets a second pair of G-cup boobs!


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16 Responses to “Thanks, Sam – I love you, too!”

  1. cd_RW Says:

    haha this is so awesome!

  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    Wow – that is some SWEET footage. She is definatly one of the best BBW’s out there. Damn she’s hot and juicy. Perhaps you her and Vix can get in front of the cam sometime? Heh heh.

  3. Reese Says:

    Mmmmm – me, Vix & Sam – in my dreams, I’m guessing… ;~)

  4. Pete Says:

    That photo looks a little photoshopped.

  5. jazzman Says:

    I like the picture a lot other than the overwhelming use of airbrush…makes her skin look cartoonish. She is a beautiful woman; I guess I’d rather just see her being all-natural, not just breast-natural….

  6. the accomplice Says:

    daaaamn ….this biatch lost a ton of weight…..

  7. boobslover Says:

    where are the videos?

  8. Reese Says:

    You can see Sam’s videos over at My BBW Site. :~)

  9. tazman Says:

    yeah mon i wanna spunk my load over her tits and eat her pussy out till she cums PS. my cock is massive

  10. Pepe Says:

  11. Didi Says:

    Voce é uma delícia Samantha , eu te amo

  12. angy Says:

    i love you sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. gayanddesperate Says:

    you are all desperated sad perverted old men

  14. Dr. Killsforboobs Says:

    I love fat girls. I want something to grab on. Samanthas G-cup has stolen my heart. Samantha is absoluteky one of my favourites.

  15. jw70 Says:

    Samantha you have the best tits i have ever seen

  16. mike Says:

    i find this all rather distaestful and morally degrading but yeald to the fact that she is beautiful

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