The Garden (hose) of Eden (Mor)…

It’s been a while since Eden Mor has graced these pages with her incomparable beauty and 80HH breasts, so I spent the morning perusing her GardenOf-E-D-E-N website in search of something appropriate to feature here. And, lo! What do I find but a photo & video series wherein our lovely queen of large aureolas strips off her bikini and gets her hose out!! No, this isn’t some sort of vague transexual reference meant to cast aspersions upon Eden’s femininity; it’s simply a garden hose. :~P Besides, we’ve all seen Eden’s pussy before (and I must say she’s been showing “Mor” and “Mor” of it on her website lately!).

Compared with the videos, the photos from this series are relatively tame (although Eden does invitingly flash her pussy flaps in a few of the pics). Basically, she’s just enjoying a sunny day in her native Israel and taking the opportunity to show of her gorgeous HH-cup boobs in (and out) of a bikini. I do so wish more women of Eden’s voluptuous build would take to wearing bikinis. All too often, you encounter girls of a similar build on the beach covering their curves with an unflattering one-piece swimsuit. Perhaps if they saw these photos of Eden and how sexy she looks, they might reconsider. Here’s a handful of sample pics from Eden’s succulent swimsuit series from

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

…it’s the videos, however, in which Eden loses what minimal inhibitions she may have, cooling her sunbathed breasts with a gentle spray from her hose before thrusting its nozzle deep into her cleavage (and, believe you me, that’s where I’d like my nozzle to be!). But it’s in the second video where she turns up the pressure a bit (quite literally) and starts masturbating with the water stream! Here are some video clips shot (again, quite literally) in the Garden of Eden:

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from


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33 Responses to “The Garden (hose) of Eden (Mor)…”

  1. Breastzilla the giant booty thrilla Says:

    You have do to a piece on Kayla Kleevage Reese. She is another entertain like Chessie More who will go all out for fans.

  2. Jes Says:


    I know I’ve asked for alot, but please, PLEASE…hook her up with Cel!!!

    Her photographer SUCKS!!!

    She has one of the sweetest faces ever, but you can see how hard it is for her to have the sun directly in her face. And when he puts her in the shade, she looks almost pedestrian next to some of her other work.

    I’ld kill to see what she could do with talented support. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

  3. Hollowleg Says:

    How long until she does hardcore?

  4. aidey Says:

    oh yes! A welcome return, thanks Reese :P

  5. southace Says:

    there is no better than Eden. Give her time with the hardcore. it should happen. her videos get better by the month. if she reads this then i’m available for her debut…. and i’ll join the queue….her pussy looks tasty in her dvds too !!!!!
    point taken about Kayla, who really enjoys what she does but mbs should be about big NATURALS.
    nice set.

  6. cd_RW Says:

    man, im sad my membership to the garden is up. im gonna wait till she updates a lot to get back on it. this woman is amazing.

  7. gary Says:

    Good lord. Eden gets me off like a rocket! Truly amazing.

  8. kurth Says:

    Fuckin huge areolae! What more can u say?

  9. Very Free Says:

    I agree with Southace! should be about big naturals. Forget the models with overinflated silicone balloons.

    Eden’s photography may not be the greatest, but it sure beats a lot of other models’. Taking pics outside in the sun has many problems that require a lot of expense to get good pictures. It’s one reason why it costs so much to make a (commercial) movie. Just think of what sweat does to her makeup!

    Water hose?? Isn’t that a bit cold? Then maybe the water temperature is just right there this time of the year. :-)

    Eden doesn’t need words to describe her – like Reese said, she’s incomparable. Just give us Mor!

    BTW, I found a chart for bra size conversions that gives the inch equivalent for European metric band sizes. It’s not a simple metric to inch conversion. If it was, Eden’s 80HH would be 32 inches. Instead it’s actually 36 inches. See the chart here.

  10. Vadd Says:

    Eden is the kind of “bigger” woman I like to see- HUGE, well shaped tits, a beautiful face to die for, lovely hips and her ass… JESUS! Nice and ROUND… not just BIG.

    Thanks for the updates on her! While Ewa and Faith have my heart and cock (in to particular order!) to call their own, Eden is more than welcome to the rest of me! He heh!

  11. Vadd Says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention that THIS picture is just about the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen! Until the next one, that is!

  12. Aficionado Says:

    Eden is gorgeous. Yes, she needs better lighting. But please, dear Eden, don’t you start shaving your peach too–it’s NOT sexy. You’ll only please a few boys just out of adolescence who have been weaned on this weird 90s non-woman look. Grow your full peach back. And please don’t do hardcore. You are fine just like you are–a jewel in a sea of trashy looks.

  13. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:

    hello EDEN

  14. Carlos BA Says:

    Yeahp!! you’re right Aficionado, Eden pls let grow your full peach, is really more enjoyable for us… ummm thinking about it, and my stick get alive!!

  15. Mad Dog Says:

    A couple of years ago (before she hooked up with Bettie Ballhaus and Nadine Jansen) this chick was an “escort” in the Netherlands. And she was NASTY! Even offered rear action for a fraction more.

    I kid you not! You wont find those ads around any more (been too long), and I’m sure she would never admit to it today. But not too long ago this lovely young thing was sellin her cooch for cash! LOL! Wish I had taken a vacation to the Netherlands! ;o)

  16. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:


  17. Aficionado Says:

    Hey! I just turned the volume up on these videos and thought I had accidentally turned a radio on somewhere on my computer. I want to hear Eden talking to the camera and the sound of her movements not John Lennon! What a buzzkill, no offense. Dubbing is the worst offense to such a sexy woman.

  18. Montie J Says:

    Mad Dog: I saw that ad as well. I just figured it was some stolen pics that weren’t on Edens site yet. Does this mean that I had the chance to truly “experience” Eden and I didn’t snatch it up. AARRGG!! But alas,.. I probably would have punked out anyway. I mean Tristal (XX-Cel, Scoreland…black hair,tall,Italian,huge tits), is here in NYC and I’m not jumping at that golden opportunity. What I need to do is go to Tel-Aviv (well,.. in a few months) and try to hook up with the plethora of large breasted, olive skinned beauties over there.

  19. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:

    hello ( turkish) merhaba EDEN
    sen dünyalar güzeli bir kızsın
    sanki dünyaya inmiş bir PERİ sin
    seni düşünmeden günler geçmiyor
    inanki beni bir tanısan benim seni ne kadar çok sevdiğime şaşırırsın
    seni oralardan kurtarmak ve daha çok mutlu yapmak isterim
    keşke bu yazdıklarımdan anlayabilsen olsun ben yinede

  20. GoneGoneHere Says:

    There was a set of Eden dressed as a secretary (white shirt, black dress, glasses) that ranks as just about my favourite set of all extra busty babes. And when she finally revealed her magnificent areola in the final pics, I thought I’d died…

  21. yes Says:

    long live eden nipple

  22. Rocco Says:

    YaY!! Let’s fuck Eden’s tits…!!!

  23. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Overdeveloped schoolgirl fantasy with Eden Mor… Says:

    […] Who knows? Perhaps I just have a nudity fetish (which would explain why I get so excited every time Eden “flashes pink” (or maybe that’s because I know that invariably, once Ms. Mor exposes her pussy, it won’t too be long before she begins wanking (female masturbation being a major fantasy scenario of mine))). For those of you who do share our fuck-buddy’s fetish (and before I begin revealing some of my more embarrassing fantasies), here’s the lovely Eden Mor, donning her school uniform, being generally sexy and dangling her saucer-sized areolas in our faces at… […]

  24. Goldwyn Says:

    Hi Eden,
    This is Goldwyn from India,Bombay.I would like to say that you are so beautiful.The Seventh wonders of the world.I love you and try to collect as much as pics of yours that i can.

  25. boobs ;lover Says:

    her booooooobs are like heavens watermelonnnnnnn

  26. mad about BBW Says:

    Hooooooooooooooooooot alot thnx

  27. Diego Rico Says:

    Those tits need to get fucked by my cock. It’s a fact!

  28. sri Says:

    am so lucky to see you honey

  29. Jimbo Says:

    Eden is HOTTT!!!!
    I found that in the U.S. she is 36HH same as 80 HH in Europe
    But how tall is she?
    What is her age?
    My wife is a 36H and very similar in proportion,we are looking for info. to get her website started.
    check her out at as Lauren Teagan or as Mrs.Tits2007
    Thanks guys!!!

  30. nadeem malik Says:

    dear eden you are very beautiful women in the all over the world. i want to fuck you but i am poor man and not boar your fees,sp i will fuck you in my dreams.

  31. joshua Says:

    u r so georgeous eden ı love;ı love u so muchhhhhhhhhhh;ı really want 2 fuck u;and suck ur perfect tits and clit wanna make u cum baby and make u scream;then put my cock in ur mouth and u will suck it till ı cum then ı will squrit all my sperm on ur huge geaorgeous tits.ı love u eden ı love u so much will u marry me???

  32. My Vagina Site Pussy Blog » Blog Archive » Garden Hose Masturbation Videos with Violet Says:

    […] …well, upon further exploration of FTV girl Violet’s work for the site, I found her engaging in creative masturbation techniques I’d not witnessed before! Now, we’ve all seen a girl wanking with a garden hose (erm, if you haven’t, click here), focusing the pressurised stream of water upon her pussy for continuous clitoral stimulation, but I’ve honestly never seen a girl go the full-insertion route with a running hose, stuffing a girt length of it up her vagina so that cascades of water pour out from between her labia lips! […]

  33. Russell M Says:

    Hi……….What BOOB, i want fuck and Lick your 80HH Boobs and Wide Lipped Sweet PUSSY

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