In bed with Faith’s vulva…

Pussy is such a crass word; don’t you think? I realised this whilst reading yesterday’s post about Eden Mor’s hose. Thus, I thought I’d try something a little different. Now, it seems like only yesterday that our 32G teen goddess Faith Nelson gave us a blowjob (well, not literally, more’s the pity), and today I visit her site to see Faith flashing her pussy all about (I’m sorry, “vulva”). Actually, I think vulva’s a bit more accurate as well, as a genuine pussy flash would require that her vagina be visible (which would require a fair amount of spreading on Faith’s part, or perhaps an endoscopic camera).

Could all of this flaunting of flaps (or lack thereof, in Faith’s case) be a portent of more hardcore to come?! Who can say? It does look rather inviting, though – especially when she’s “presenting” like this and, especially, this (the latter photo stimulating latent canine proclivities within me). Nonetheless, this blog is supposed to be about breasts, and, correct me if I’m wrong, but I get the impression that MyVulvaSite would not be such a big hit as MyBoobSite. Oh well. Faith also demonstrates that she’s a bit of a contortionist in this series, too! Take a look at the third row of photos to see just how flexible she is…

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

…since we just happen to be InBedWithFaith at the moment, I thought I’d also take this opportunity to post Faith’s latest photo galleries. I’m especially fond of her “Kitchen Bitch” series (the last one below), as it has what I consider to be the all-time best photo of Faith I’ve ever seen…

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G & Juliet at    Faith Nelson 32G & Juliet at    Faith Nelson 32G & Juliet at

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

…and if that’s not enough, Faith has just released two new video galleries as well! Both share a common “cream” theme; one with sun cream and the other bananas & cream (although I do believe we’ve seen Faith tit-fuck a banana before). So, without further ado, here are the latest high-resolution video galleries from

Faith Nelson 32G sun cream video from    Faith Nelson 32G sun cream video from

Faith Nelson 32G banana & cream video from    Faith Nelson 32G banana & cream video from



21 thoughts on “In bed with Faith’s vulva…”

  1. While she may not sport the monster-huge tits that most of us love, her tits are quite lovely. Plus the fact that she is drop-dead beautiful puts her the top three for me! Thanks for the post. Faith is one girl that I am always looking for new stuff and BOY has she delivered. It is only a matter of time before the hardcore content on HER OWN site flows like wine.

  2. Dear mr. Reese,

    As always, I love “reading” your blog (yes, I do read, but it mostly comes down on spending more time viewing the pics and vids), but I would like to point you to a slight mistake in this post.

    You linked twice to the same image in the first part of the post: “especially when she’s “presenting” like this and, especially, this”.
    The second “this” also refers to the first image.



  3. I personally am intrigued by her muff.It would appear that she is hersute and I would like to see her let her muff grow so that we could get a different look of this gorgeous babe!

  4. NOOOO!! No hairy muff on my lovely Faith! She needs to shave down there. I think it would look fucking AMAZING if she did. Once she gets into more hardcore- I’m sure she will.

  5. Reese is just enamored with that last “best” picture because it reminds him of Vix! With the long blonde hair flowing over her cleavage, and the sultry look with the bedroom eyes.. Bedroom eyes? Faith! What the hell are you doing in the kitchen? Get back in bed where you belong! Like your website says! There. That takes care of one improvement that that picture needs.

    Pic that I’d like to see from Faith: Take a banana and cut it so that it forms two crescent shaped halves. Put the halves on each side of her vulva, like this (I) and add a dollop of whipped cream to the top and bottom. Invite me over to take a pic and lick off the cream, and whatever else I can get to!

    Faith’s fabulous floppers aren’t as huge as some, but they’re big enough. Those boobs are large, and well proportioned with full areolas and nipples. And the rest of her is really beautiful as Vadd said. If you’re a sucker for blondes, she’s your downfall!

    Bloody hell! (I use that term facetiously.) On ABC world News this evening, they had a piece on 45 million petite sized women in the U.S. whining about their lack of selection in clothes. They had a sound bite of some woman, originally from the U.K. judging by her accent, and she used that term gobsmacked, which is seldom heard here in ‘The States’. It’s not even in my dictionary. But fuck and goddamn are in there! Oh, well.. off to wiktionary.

    Meanwhile, on another front … (heh-heh) I’m all for _this_movement! Especially if they have big boobs.

  6. O~她真是可愛的女孩…好美..我超喜歡她綁馬尾的樣子像可愛大姐姐

  7. I think I love Faith so much because she reminds me of the hottest babes back in High School except with huge tits. I remember a couple that looked a little like Faith and everyone wanted to get in their pants and they had normal sized tits. I can’t even imagine what Faith must have gone through. Just nice letting us see her increasing exhibitonist tendencies. I agree that her pussy needs to be shaved. She has such clean lines that is would be a shame to mess it up with a hairy bush. With a nice tan she would make the hottest California girl of all time.

  8. What’s so hot about her is that sexy-ass british accent. She’s natural too, not some fucking airbrushed barbie doll. There’s something about a chick with curves and a little bit of meat on her that makes any man with good taste spring wood. I like her bush too, and I’m usually partial to shaved beaves. It isn’t too hairy yet it’s not too bald. Just enough fur to munch. Yum!

  9. tu est vraiment trop belle je regardeton sites tes photos tes video depuis des années , je suis amoureux!!!!

  10. This is the only girl that poses nude that I would truly love to meet. She is so beautiful and that accent of hers is cute as hell. She seems like such a fun person to in her interviews. This would be one cool girl to date.

  11. faith nelson is a blonde bombshell i would love it if i could get her between the sheets so her can teach a leason or to. she the most beauitful woman
    on the net. X

  12. I love you, Faith Nelson! I wanna put fried chicken on your delicious boobs, put chocolate sauce and ur legs feet and butt, kiss n taste u, and hug you as I smell ur gorgeous hair.

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