The Girls of Silicone Valley

Remember back in the ’70s & ’80s, when a majority of the really big boobs you’d see in the porn industry were of the silicone variety? There were exceptions, of course – genuine wonders of nature like Tina Small, for example – but these were a rarity.

Not that I have anything against boob jobs, mind. In fact, the wife & I attended a swingers party this past weekend where I had the ultimate pleasure to compare a lovely set of natural knockers with an equally-exquisite pair of man-made mammaries. After ample and exhaustive examination, I can honestly say the the 36F “synthetics” felt, hung & bounced every bit as realistically as the 40G “naturals” (and, believe me, I was thorough)! I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the two stunning women who participated in my recreational research….can we do it again sometime? ;~)

I guess it’s a matter of what you’ve got to begin with combined with the skill of your cosmetic surgeon. Some women balloon up several cup sizes during pregnancy, then subsequently deflate after breast feeding (although that’s not the case with everyone). The natural expansion of the skin provides a more than adequate space for a sizeable implant to be fitted with ravishing results, as was the case with the 36Fs I’d fondled. In these instances, it’s just a matter of re-filling the space left from the adipose tissue that was lost postpartum…and it looks (and feels) “udderly” fantastic!

That said, there are some notoriously bad boob jobs about, and a few of the models popular during the Plastic Period of porn make for alarming examples of such. These girls tended to surgically overstuff, as if in a competition to see who could achieve the most titanic tits. Decades later, many of these are still knock(er)ing about, and you can see most all of them on the website! So, without further ado, I give you the packed-with-pectin women of silicone valley:

Misty Knight & Tara Moon    B. B. Gunns

Maxi Mounds    Randi Rushmore

Chelsea Charms    Dixie Bubbles

Kimberly Kupps    Crystal Storm

Lisa Lipps    Pandora Peaks

Keisha Evans    Lulu Devine


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9 Responses to “The Girls of Silicone Valley”

  1. humenflash Says:


  2. jalabi Says:

    FYI: Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds and BB Gunns do NOT have silicone breast implants. Rather, they have what are known as polypropylene implants, the so-called “silly string”, which makes their breasts continuously grow. That’s the reason why they have such humungous boobs (esp. Chelsea). For more information on these (now discontinued pending FDA approval) implants, see: or

    PS: you should talk more about Keisha Evans, and her amazingly large ones :)

  3. Reese Says:


    Thanks for reminding me of that! The models you’d mentioned certainly do have the now-rare string implants which integrate with the existing flesh. I’d first heard of them some 20 years ago, but had totally forgotten since…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …in thanks for the reminder, here are 3 more Keisha Evans galleries:

    Keisha Evans – Gallery 1
    Keisha Evans – Gallery 2
    Keisha Evans – Gallery 3

  4. Rocco Says:

    I guess their bad boob jobs are not stopping you from making a few bucks off them as a revenue partner, right?

  5. Reese Says:


    ‘Course not! ;~) Then again, if you’ve been following MyBoobSite since the beginning, you’ll know that I could care less whether they’re naturals or surgically enhanced – I just love big boobs! (oYo)

    Merry Christmas (well, what’s left of it, at least)…
    ~Reese! :~)

  6. Michele Cati Says:

    Evviva il polipropilene!!!

  7. Emmett North Jr Says:

    The Silicone breast use to turn me on but now i prefer the real organic versions that you can squeeze and it feels warm and soft to the touch,i love the real ones the best,Emmett North Jr.

  8. ca united kingdom Says:

    great pic of pandora she is one of my favourites from the silicone era,, i love fake tits i love the way they get right up in ya face…

  9. bruce Says:

    O God ! Have always loved big breasts, huge breasts, giant titties…..well…youy get the picture.
    Like everyone here at the site, I’m here for the boobies :D I loved the 90’s when big breasts were truely worshipped, especially by me.
    Old Score, Gent, and even a couple of the Hustler Busty Beauties still lay around my house ( though I make sure my significant other never finds them haha ).
    Long live the Greats….Minka, Busty Dusty, Dixie Bubbles ( and a whole lot more ) and also the newbies, including Gianna Michaels, Carmella Bing, Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba, just to name a couple ;)
    Love to meet each and every one of you lovely girls. God Bless !

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