Varvara (…or “Do my areolas look big in this?”)

Although many of the big boobs sites I feature here often send me copious amounts free photos & videos to blog, there were a handful that proved so “udderly” irresistible to me as a mammophile that I had to sign up for membership (because, quite frankly, their meagre photo galleries and brief video clips weren’t nearly enough for me – I wanted to see it all). SiliconeFree, DivineBreasts & JuggMaster are the three multi-model mega-sites that I happily shell out the bucks for on a monthly basis. As far as individual model sites are concerned, I’m also a member in good standing with Maxi 32JJ, Samantha 38G & Garden of Eden. While five of these six sites have featured regularly, either here or over on my BBW blog, there’s one that I’ve sadly neglected for the past four months:

I was only reminded of this by virtue of a comment that MyBoobSite regular Very Free posted on my “Fucking Big Tits” blog. VF wrote, got a new model, who calls herself Varvara. She’s real cute and full-bosomed. I think she’s big enough to qualify for this blog. Although she’s got plenty of meat on her bones, compared to the others on SF, she seems a bit less thick, which seems to be a bit more mainstream — sort of the girl next door type. But those skimpy tops and swimsuits don’t cover her big four inch areolas! Wow…” His sentiments were soon echoed by Aficionado, who wrote, “I agree with VeryFree’s comments regarding Varvara, that siren is unbelievably hot and not so thick as some of the others–those breasts are extraordinary and fit her perfectly.” [Btw, Aficionado, I also wholeheartedly agree with your comments on SF’s Zina.]

Following their recommendations, I logged on to SiliconeFree to take a look for myself, therein finding naturally voluptuous newcomer Varvara is a variety of sexy outfits that, without fail, failed to conceal her effusive aureolae! Not only that, but, in a few of the photos, I felt she had a bit of a distinctive Nadine Jansen look about her (a nice bonus, I thought, since I’m unable to feature Nadine’s site here). Maybe I’m a bit off base, but take a look at these photos of Varvara from and let me know what you think:

Varvara from    Varvara from    Varvara from

Varvara from    Varvara from    Varvara from

Varvara from    Varvara from    Varvara from

Varvara from    Varvara from    Varvara from

(note: photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)


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22 Responses to “Varvara (…or “Do my areolas look big in this?”)”

  1. Joey Says:

    Wow, she looks delicious!! Where are all these busty hot girls coming from? She does look a bit like Nadine Jansen. Even have the same type of areolas.

  2. Sempa Says:

    What can I say WOW :) I think Eden’s areolas are bigger, but Varvara also has areolas I barely can get my mouth to cover it. Hmmm pretty damn tasty looking. Yep top notch again Reese, SUPER! :)

  3. Very Free Says:

    Aw, gee, Reese, thanks. You’re not off-base when comparing her to Nadine, you just haven’t taken it one step further. I think she’s got bigger moons than Nadine, so I’d compare her to Eden Mor, in fact, I’d say she’s Eden Jr.! She resembles Eden more than vaguely in both the face and boobs! She’s one cute package who’s not afraid to show off her assets. And there are a few other new models at SF, such as KountryGal and Moniq (you’ll recognize Monique’s gigantic P cups!), to check out, too.

    I hate to bonk you in the beany with another model, but here goes. has a new model, calls herself Micky. I first perused her pics, but I was sadly disappointed. Out of the seven sets, the first four are all nearly the same picture, fully clothed, and out to the last pic of the last set we never do get to see a bare breast. One could pick a half dozen pics out of those seven sets and forget the rest, and wouldn’t miss a thing.

    So I downloaded her movies, and things really started to get going. She’s in the shower rub-a-dub scrub, and then comes out and we get to clearly see those lovely pendulous knockers. She’s a slim but well-built blonde, with a cute face. And killer tits, too! Well-proportioned nipples, boobs and areolas; maybe not as king-sized as Varvara’s but queenly enough to rate very high in my book.

    Micky is a welcome relief from the “one trick pony” Ann Vanderbilt has turned out to be. Out of the more than hundred megs of movies I’ve D/Ld of her, she has done little else other than stand still or beat her tits together or against her chest. She’s so nice looking, but udderly devoid of sensuousness, not even when she’s playing with her tits. She doesn’t gently fondle her tits, she robotically picks them up and plops them down, methodically and continually, for minutes on end. I’d call her “Drop ‘n’ Plop Ann”. I hope she gets over it and starts to enjoy her acting, or if not enjoying it, at least fake some enjoyment. Only time will tell. Thanks.

  4. titmeister Says:

    Sorry can’t see it myself – she doesn’t do it for me! I think Nadine’s much better looking and Eden has bigger and better tits. In terms of beauty there is no comparison to Jana Defi for example.

  5. Curvelover Says:

    VARAVARA – now we’re talking here! SiliconeFree has had a lotta good models- They broke Suzanne from THA (also once known as ChristyPillows) as Susan, and have the incredible Violet as well as faves of other sites like Kiki and Tristan, and of course the incomparable Amber (never seen anywhere else). However they also unfortunatley feature a lot of – sorry to say it – fat and ugly models. Huge Tits do not a hot oman make. Sometimes even the udders are gross. But to each their own, obviously someone likes them.

    I know there’s been a debate about Zina – I think she’s no great beauty facially but is actually quite cute in a special way (although her face looks a bit older than her body so she might not be as young as she seems). And befoe she started losing weight she had a killer little bod.

    But Varvara almost makes me wanna sign up for SF again. She’s got a more european look. A bit thicker/more proportional but not in a bad way at all. Still very hot.

    Oh and people give Ann Vanderbilt a chance, she’s only done 2 sets and a little video. And probably those were shot the same day! Let her develop. Merilyn’s first sets (as Anya) on THA were pretty boring too. Yeah, her body is more insanely incredible but she was nervous, barely looked at the camera, and hardly posed or did anything. Now she’s all glammed out and spreading her lips in a variety of costumes on her own site. A little too far for my taste but she did loosen up a lot. Micky is beautiful but also her pics left me unimpressed – she is hotter than Cristina, but again I think of DivineBreasts as a place for HUGE tits on stunning women. Plus, either the photog sucks at helping the models pose or they’re trying to build anticipation by keeping her clothed until the next update (probably both).

  6. Very Free Says:

    Well, has a new model with tits nearly as big as Sabrina Meloni’s L cups. She’s a cute and chunky redhead and calls herself Filimona. Her pic (got it in my email — go to their website and sign up for their free notices — no spam) has her wearing a 44 KK cup bra, and she sure looks like it! Lawdy momma, what a pair of boobs! With nips and areolas to match! I’d love to wrap my lips around those nips…

  7. carlos Says:

    Wow I LOVE VARVARA !!!!
    amazing pair of areolas, really really GOOOODDD!!!

  8. LaBoobs Says:

    Wow! She’s my real very goddess!
    Please publish more on this blo!g

  9. Openeyes Says:

    Varvara is ok, but I saw 2 pictures of Micky, the new model of !!! Please post more of pictures of that Micky!!! She is amazing. Thanks

  10. Charles Says:

    Varvara is awesome, no doubt. I would agree with Very Free: she makes me think mor of Eden (pun intended) than of Nadine, because of the areola size. I would say Nadine’s boobs are bigger though. The red bikini shot reminds me or former model Hayden.

    Funny thing too about Nadine vs Varvara, and a lot of these Euro models. I don’t know how to describe it but Varvara has this look like “I’m a humble non-speaker of english, be nice to me.” You can just see it, I can’t put my finger on it. Whereas Nadine (or Milena Velba, or say Ewa Sonnet) do not. You could put Nadine in a group of sorority sisters from Ohio State (or wherever) and until she spoke you probably wouldn’t guess she’s euro. Nadine would fit right in. Anybody know what I’m talking about? Can I get a HELL YEA! LOL.

  11. Charles Says:

    P.S. I am going to check out this Filimona that Very Free is raving about. If she is anywhere NEAR the size of Sabrina M, Reese you must blog her! LOL.

  12. Aficionado Says:

    Varvara is girlfriend material. I’m on the same page as VeryFree. She has that perfect combination of shy, innocent girl and mature, nurturing woman that Eden has.

  13. Spencer Says:

    Re Varvara’s looks — she’s been shot in harsh sunshine. Tough call there… studio photography can minimise imperfections, the make-up and the lighting working together. Nuthin’ much you can do with the noonday sun.

    Charles: I’m with you all the way, mostly. Nadine is an absolute goddess but does nothing for me. Her head seems to be somewhere else all the time. Ewa I got no time for at all — again, another goddess. Like Lindsey and all that other calendar fodder… I keep looking for the phone behind the ear as they’re bitching to their agent about the shit rates and the absence of strudel on the lunch menu. Maybe we should institute a Score score… the more a chick seems suitable for Scoreland, the higher the score (Scoreland — an excellent website, folks with some of the world’s top models! Don’t want to get Reece into trouble.) Or a category called Plastic Naturals perhaps?

    Milena I like a lot. Sure, she’s confident, but she is real and she seems to enjoy it. And I reckon you see what you get — she’s smart, she’s stacked, she’s stacking in the samoleons (makin’ money) and she’s having fun. And even if she does get a bit boring after a while because of the scope of work she has limited herself to, it doesn’t matter to me — she did the Milk series which makes her immortal.

  14. trey Says:

    dont worry, some guys like me LUV big areolas

  15. john Says:

    i wish i could get chicks with tits like these

  16. synapps Says:

    She Comes From Bulgaria..there a lot of busty girls on the Balkans :)

  17. gamer Says:

    she got some big breasts. i would suck her nipples

  18. saggy lover Says:

    Areolae are like paychecks. Bigger is always best if they are bigger than a foot go for it

  19. saggy lover Says:

    Very light colored with covered with dark veins is also a huge turn on and very sexy capped by a tiny nipple is sexy too

  20. saggy lover Says:

    I saw in vopluptuous xl reference made to a woman named clair that hadf fourteen inch areolae. Someone might be able to verify this with a photo

  21. simon Says:

    Hey synapps, are you saying that Varvara comes from Bulgaria? How do you know this?

    She also goes by the name of Vicky on and On Milena’s website there is also a video of the two of them taking a bath!

    Any new information on this lovely lady would be appreciated!!

  22. banana712 Says:

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