Who’s Breya?

You may remember my German correspondent Robert from such blogs as “Busty Amateur Boobs“, wherein I lamented at length over differences and discrepancies in bust measurements and bra sizing. Well, the last time Robert wrote to me, he enclosed this photo of a marvellously voluptuous model he’d encountered, wondering if I’d seen her before. I hadn’t, but I liked what I saw and was determined to find out more…

…so I logged onto her website – Breya.com – in search of more about this new mystery woman. However, the moment I saw it was billed as an “anonymous busty amateur website”, I knew there’d be a problem. Like the luscious 38MM Liana from LushBoobs.com, Breya doesn’t show her face in the photos, only her lovely body. But unlike Liana, who goes to great lengths to tell her fans about herself, Breya remains an enigma:

Breya    Breya

Breya    Breya

Breya    Breya

Breya    Breya


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12 thoughts on “Who’s Breya?”

  1. When her site originally launched he face was visable in the pics and clips, then, for some unknown reason, the site changed to what you see today…why? Who the F%^& knows! She is amazingly pretty and what a bod! Yahoo!

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