A Cusp of Cleavage from 32L Rachel Aldana

From time to time, I’m wont to share my favourite tit bits here on My Boob Site for those of you who, like myself suffer such an extreme breast fetish as to delve into great anatomical detail upon the orb-like objects of our obsession. Whilst the tiny areola glands explored explicitly in the tit bits link above are my first favourite feminine feature of all when we’re talking tits, a sexy topless picture I came across on the RachelAldana website of well-endowed wonder reminded me of my third favourite thing about really big tits…

Wide boobs showing cleavage cusp of breast flesh on big tits busty L-cup Rachel Aldana at RachelAldana.com

(high-resolution breasts courtesy of RachelAldana.com)

…now, I hope Rachel won’t mind me using but one full-resolution photo from her site, but it allows us to embark upon a jaunting juggular journey over big tits topology until we reach that 3rd-place point. I think it’s best to start on her left breast as the erect nipple on her right tit would just get in the way in the manner of a big boob speed bump, so start by zooming in the image until you’ve got nothing but tits filling your massive mammary monitor and place your finger on the vast expanse of breast flesh extending beneath her underarm. Then, trace your way down the curvaceous contour where the left of her gigantic juggs overhangs her side until you reach big boobies bottom of the well-rounded and pulchritudinous parabola of tit flesh it forms before mirroring your arc back upwards with your fingertip touching her chest where the cleavage would cover if she held her tits together until it stops dead in its tit tracing tracks. See that little inverted horseshoe fold of flesh at the cusp of her cleavage where you got your finger stuck between her boobs? That’s my third favourite part of lovely large breasts on the female anatomy as such an enticing overhang of the inframammary fold only occurs in really big boobs heavy enough to form this fabulous fleshy fold (oh, and it’s a nice place to rest your tongue as well!)! Then again, I could’ve probably saved myself an enormous amount of time by cropping a close-up photo of her tits and telling you to just click here to see precisely what I’m talking about without making your fingers do the walking over Rachel’s sexy boobs (ah, but where’s the fun in that?). Anyway, that’s all I had to say for today, so I might as well conclude my boob blog with a few more sexy photos of lovely 32L Rachel Aldana from Part III of her Blue Stairway series at RachelAldana.com:

Rachel Aldana Blue Stairway Big Tits Gallery from RachelAldana.com



4 thoughts on “A Cusp of Cleavage from 32L Rachel Aldana”

  1. Nice pix, especially that 1st one. Speaking of hot brunettes with huge boobs, does anyone know if Ewa Sonnet is still modelling? I haven’t seen anything new from her in quite some time.

  2. Gawd! She’s hotter than Megan Fox. I wonder what the tatoo says on her curvy waist? Love ya to the max, Rach Baby ;P

  3. Reese, did I miss something? If the “cleavage cusp overhang” is your third most favourite aspect of seriously big tits, and the Montgomery glands are your first, what is the second? Nice to see the inner workings of the mind of a fellow obsessive, by the way.

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