Karla James at Scoreland

I received an e-mail from my mate Elliot at The Score Group late last night giving me a heads-up on the latest gorgeous busty G-cup goddess to grace the pages of their Scoreland massive mammary megasite. Elliot observed that this new arrival on the sexy boobs scene was taking up the big tits torch “in the tradition of Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Lorna.” Here’s the magnificently well-endowed woman he was talking about…

34G Karla James at Scoreland.com

…and here’s what Score had to say about her…

Score wrote:

Her name is James. Karla James.

It was just a week ago that Maria gave you a sneak peak of a spectacular new natural who, in her words, we shot “on location somewhere overseas.” Well, now it can be known that the new discovery’s name is Karla James, she’s British (yes, another great British natural) and we shot her on location on the coast of Spain. We try to work quickly around here, and just a week after we shot her (her first naked photos ever), Karla is debuting today at SCORELAND.

“It is really hard to find clothing which does not emphasize my breasts,” Karla said (why would she even want to try?). “If I wear loose clothing which does not show my figure, than I look overweight because of the size of my breasts. So mostly I wear tight clothing to show my figure.” Atta girl! As Elliot James (no relation to Karla) wrote in Karla’s introductory copy, “Spoken like a girl who understands the mind of the SCORE Man.”

Of course, Karla’s clothes come off inside SCORELAND. For the next four weeks, we’ll post one set a week of Karla on SCORELAND. That’s what’s known as a slow tease. Slow but rewarding.

…so mega-thanks to Elliot for alerting me to busty newcomer Karla’s arrival, thanks to Score for writing my boob blog copy and, as for the rest of you, it gives me great breast loving pleasure to introduce stunningly sexy slim and stacked 34G Karla James from Scoreland.com:

Karla James at Scoreland.com




19 thoughts on “Karla James at Scoreland”

  1. WOW!! Reese, this girl is H-O-T!!!! *drooolllll….*
    It’s been a while since someone has come along that gave me an instant hardon without a glimpse of snatch. Sexy from head to toe and I hope to see plenty more!!!!

  2. i agree with you Reece. This girl is genuinely a successor to those two legends . I just hope she stays long enough in the business and offers a lot more in the way of variation unlike those two

  3. Classic beauty, forget the body that’s perfect. I could look at her face for hours… the freckles, the shape of her face, eyes the distance from everything is perfect, the lil bit of baby hair…. She has to be a model if not shes missing out or acting… I wonder what her voice it like? I wish there was a meet up to get her autograph without her nude, I’d hang it on the wall. That a bit far but it would be a pleasure to be in her company. To shake her hand or even see her would have me left with an impression that would echo with me for the rest of my life.

  4. Damn britain has featured some of the most impressive models we’ve ever seen ie. linsey, lorna, nicole peters, etc. I would love to live there for a year!

  5. After glancing over what Scoreland are putting out recently, I’m seriously considering restarting my membership. She’s stunning. Bring on some videos.

  6. Phuque Moi….

    What a absolutely beautiful woman!

    I can’t even type correctly!

    The eyes, the lips, the hair, the smile…
    And of course some of the best boobs on planet Earth…
    And she’s a Pommie!

    What else could you ask for?

    Thanks, Reese!

  7. Karla is a stunner. What a gorgeous woman, and just look at how firm her magnificent 34G breasts are. No wonder she invites comparisons to LDM in her heyday. If only the 30JJ Gentleman’s Club were still in existence, I foresee another Kitten in the making…

  8. Just found her pics last night, cam here to see if you’d have the scoop. MBS didn’t disappoint! :D

    A new classic body. Hope she sticks around for awhile!

  9. Karla James is definitively one of the hottest girl around…I love her juicy butt and his voluptuous belly, saying nothing of his beautiful beautiful boobs!!

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