Alicia Loren plays sexy secretary this time…

The oft repeated porn cliché of the sexy secretary strikes again, this time courtesy of Alicia “36JJ” Loren and Divine Breasts! It was but a mere fortnight ago that I’d first featured the concept here with a bespectacled Faith Nelson starring in this fantasy role.

However, now that we have two well-endowed applicants for the position, I’m finding it most difficult to choose. As a big breast lover, my initial inclination would be to hire the JJ-cup Ms. Loren. But then, there’s the inescapable fact that Faith gives good head! So I thought I’d pass the question along to you, dear readers, in the form of a little poll at the end of this blog. After reviewing Faith’s photo resumé and then giving due consideration to Alicia’s CV below, cast your vote as to who you’d hire as sexiest secretary.

But first, we need to assess the secretarial skill of Alicia Loren. Actually, I think Alicia looks a bit like Eden Mor – facially, at least – judging by this photo (I also think she needs to invest in a bigger bra, as that one is giving her the dreaded quadra-boob syndrome). Compressed breasts notwithstanding, here’s 36JJ Alicia Loren from

Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at

Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at

Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at

Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at    Alicia Loren 36JJ at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)



Alicia Loren
Alicia Loren
(photo resumé)
Faith Nelson
Faith Nelson
(photo resumé)
Who would you hire to be your sexy secretary?

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28 thoughts on “Alicia Loren plays sexy secretary this time…”

  1. alicia is always so pretty but her photograph is very bad, how can we make such pitty picture with a great model like her ?

  2. Seems to me that a test for Head Skills should be administered to/by Alicia to see if her qualifications are in order. Be glad to help any way I can.

  3. What a tough choice. Both are tremendously qualified for the job, and while Faith really looks the part, I still have to vote for Alicia on this one. She just needs a little on-the-job training.

    The choice really depends on what sort of secretary you’re looking for. Alicia comes across as the sensual beauty who raises the temperature of the office five degrees just by walking in. Faith, on the other hand, projects the dedicated professional with a wild side that catches you by surprise one day when you’re working late.

    Can’t we just hire both of them?

  4. A really tough choice – both would drive me to total distraction. I think I would have to go with Ms Loren in the end. The chance to be in the presence of a JJ-goddess is just too good to pass up. In my office, a daily milking would have to be a mandatory requirement for a positive performance evaluation!

  5. It’s a no-brainer – hire them both part-time. Faith on Mondays and Thursdays, Alicia on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesday will be a much-needed break to recover.

  6. Well, it’s tough to choose. But I have to choose Alicia. Of course she would have to start lactating again – this would justify the choice perfectly, as after any kind of hard work and stress, one could have a nice milky drink directly from her. :)

  7. About that survey. I voted in the early offing and it was 58% to 48% for Alicia. Thousands of votes later, it was still 58% to 48% for Alicia. Better check the counter Reese, I think the same type of vote counting happening during Bush’s first term, but that’s just my thinking. lol

  8. …grrr…no “Fred”, no she doesn’t need to start doing hardcore. that’s one on the reasons no one is voting for Faith, be cause doing hardcore isn’t cool. if a model didn’t start off doing it, it’s just not cool to start. that’s a fact, look it up.

  9. Marke~

    Most curious. When I first opened the poll, it stayed relatively close to 50/50 for an hour or so before shifting dramatically in Alicia’s favour (64/36). Over the past 1,000 or so votes, it seems to have normalised to at 58/42, so I guess that’s the concensus…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …I voted for Faith.

  10. I’ve gotta say Alicia….hands down!! That young woman is simply amazing!! She’s got that cutsie, “girl next door” look….and she has a unique combination….a beautiful face….and tits bigger than prize-winning watermelons!!

    Could you IMAGINE watching those humongous fuckable funbags going up and down your cock?….talk about a woman who could dish out some serious “dick” tation!!

  11. If I have to chose secretary, I will take Faith. If the poll were of who will win a wrestle fight, Alicia will flatten Faith jumping with her humongous boobs on Faith’s breasts.

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