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When I debuted Alexandra Moore here a little over a week ago, the biggest request by far was for some video clips of the 36H Italian beauty. Well, having cobbled together a few choice clips from Alexandra’s very first video for her new site, today’s the day!

But first, how about some photos? In her most recent series, Alexandra takes to the beach in nothing more than a t-shirt (which rapidly becomes a wet t-shirt, which I must admit is a most alluring look for her, especially in that second shot where she’s kneeling at the shore with her legs spread apart, the surf pounding her pussy). It’s not long, however, before the transparent top comes off and Ms. Moore begins frolicking fully nude in the sun, sea & sand. I do question the wisdom of going bottomless at the beach, though. Doesn’t she get sand in it? Gives a whole new meaning to the term “beach bum“, it does (if I were a crude person, I’d have said “sandbox” – but, alas, I’m not)!

As is the case with Alexandra, the beach has always been a sensual place for me. This has nothing to do with actually being at the beach, which I abhor, but hearkens back to an experience from my teen years. My parents were away for the day so a friend of mine brought his girlfriend around to just generally hang out. We were just sitting on the couch chatting and watching “Snoopy Come Home” on the telly when the talk turned to sex (as it does). She decided that a comparison of our cocks was in order, so, with her boyfriend’s permission, she stripped me of my trousers and began stroking me (I do not believe he’d granted permission for that, though, based upon the look on his face).

The conversation went quiet, all eyes facing forward, as she casually continued to jack me off, occasionally asking me to lick her hand for lubrication. As I’d always admired her young, ample breasts bouncing braless beneath her top from afar, I took advantage of our intimate proximity to allow my hand to surreptitiously sneak beneath her t-shirt for a gentle grope. I allowed the back of my fingers to brush against the round bottom of one fleshy orb before becoming brave enough to trace circles around her already erect nipples. As there appeared to be no obvious objection from the peanut gallery, I decided just to go for it, fondling heavy handfuls of breast-flesh with abandon.

It bears mentioning that this was the first time I’d ever touched tits in my life, so, combined with her incessant stroking, that’s all it took to send me off. I exploded in a cum shot that soaked the t-shirt that I was wearing. As I slowly regained my composure from the waves of orgasmic pleasure that had overcome me, I once again noticed the telly and saw Snoopy frolicking in the sand whilst “At the Beach” played in the background. Honestly, I cannot hear that song – let alone even look at a Peanuts comic strip – without having that first glorious experience with big breasts come flooding back into my consciousness. And, truly, that’s the sole reason that I find the whole beach thing so immensely erotic.

But I digress, as usual, and have totally lost sight of Alexandra Moore. No, wait, here she is, courtesy of

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

…so on to the videos! No, just teasing. After such a stimulating “at the beach” interlude like that, however could I resist heading straight for the bedroom?!

That’s what my friend’s girlfriend & I did, albeit more indirectly and two weeks hence from that initial erotic encounter (and, yes, I’d washed my t-shirt since then, not trusting to leave it in the laundry for my mom to do it in case she noticed the rather obvious semen stains). It was another weekend afternoon when my parents were away visiting relatives. This time, the three of us were in my bedroom, sitting on the bed, writing computer games for his new Apple ][. As it was only possible for one person to be at the keyboard coding at a time, there were always two of us left spare. So, as he sat there typing away with the other two of us reclined, I gently reached up beneath her top and began slowly kneading her breasts to arousal.

After several minutes of this, she was beside herself with horniness (having admitted earlier that her big breasts were the most erogenous zone on her body). “I need a fuck,” she said as she reached one hand over to her boyfriend’s crotch and began stroking his cock through his jeans. Realising he wasn’t going to get any more coding work done until he’d obliged, he put down the Apple and stripped off his clothes (she, on the other hand, was naked by the time the computer hit the floor). Because I only had a single bed in my room, they decided that shagging on my carpeted floor might be more comfortable – especially since I was still in the bed. In retrospect, I think he took devilish delight in moving their entwined bodies out of my reach so I couldn’t cop a feel of her jiggling tits as she reared back riding him cowgirl style. :~(

Within minutes, it was over – he’d cum, and she dismounted. He couldn’t get back into his trousers fast enough and, once dressed, detached the computer and took it into the living room, attaching it to the telly there where he wouldn’t be bothered. She remained naked, lying on the carpet with her knees up, feet facing me and her legs spread wide so I could see the fresh cum oozing out of her pussy. She raised her head, looked at me an just smiled. Looking between her open legs, over the mounds of her breasts and seeing that evil, metallic succubus grin (did I mention she had braces on her teeth?) was one of the most horny things I’d ever seen in my life so far. She grabbed her knees and raised her torso up off the carpet, her boobs now crushed against her slender thighs, and said simply, “Wanna fuck?” ;~)

Up until that point, the thought that this beautiful busty young thing that I’d lusted after for so long would allow me to penetrate her moist, inviting folds had never crossed my mind. Sure, I’d fantasised about her relentlessly, masturbating myself raw whilst dreaming of her curves pressed up against me, but the idea that this fantasy could become reality was almost overwhelming. I say “almost” because, without saying a word, I had my clothes off faster than you could say “knife”. My pants already off and just pulling my t-shirt up over my head, she dove forward into my crotch and began furiously sucking my cock (this just happened to be my very first blowjob, too!). I leaned forward in an attempt to grasp one of her full breasts in each hand but she pushed me down, slithering her chest across my body and unexpectedly mounting me just as she had her boyfriend mere minutes before.

She deftly guided my throbbing cock into her already cum-filled pussy with an expertise indicative of her obviously extensive sexual experience. I didn’t mind the fact that I was getting “sloppy seconds” in the least, as this was a dream come true. Instead of lingering on the fact that my pubic hair was now matted with someone else’s cum that my thrusts were forcing from her pussy, I found myself totally captivated by how her heaving breasts slapped me in the face with every grind. I was totally lost in this fantasy / reality crossover, and didn’t even notice when we’d shifted positions so that she was on her back and I was on top, her knees raised up and humping her pelvis hard onto me for maximum penetration depth so that the head of my engorged cock slammed up against her swollen cervix with every thrust.

She seemed to know, almost instinctively, that I was ready to cum. “It’s okay, I’m safe,” she mouthed in less than a whisper (hey, we were young and foolish and it was early 1981, before we’d been told about AIDS and such and all we were concerned with was pregnancy). I let loose with wave after wave of hot cum, thrusting more violently than ever as I did and thus mixing it liberally with her boyfriend’s prior deposit until I had no more to give. I collapsed upon her for a moment, relishing the feel of her breasts pressed against my chest and my cock still feeling the aftershocks inside of her. When I rose up, still gently throbbing away within her murky depths, I saw a mischievous smile on her face that set my whole world alight. I looked into her deep blue eyes, searching for something, anything to say to express my gratitude for taking my virginity in a way I could never have imagined.

She spoke first, however, retuning the glance deep into my own eyes in a way I felt could reflect my very soul. She released her lower lip that she’d been biting and took a deep breath. Whatever could she say? Would it be something which mirrored my own infatuation with her, the deep affection that I’d silently felt for so long?? If that was indeed the case, what would we tell her boyfriend (especially considering that he was so much bigger and meaner than me)?! I waited for what seemed like an eternity for the treasured words to escape her lips until, finally, they did: “I love sex,” was all she said.

If you’ve actually read this far, I must congratulate you on your patience in tolerating such a blatantly self-indulgent post. As a reward (which isn’t really so much so as you could have just scrolled down past my drivel), here’s a bit of 36H Alexandra Moore gracing the bed all decked out in her stilettos and leather fetish gear from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

…but it was videos that I’d originally promised, wasn’t it (before I’d launched into a spate of self-serving reminiscences from my misguided youth)? And, concerning that, I shan’t disappoint. Without further unnecessary ado, here (“finally,” I hear you say with a deep, exasperated sigh) is Alexandra Moore in her first video clips for

Alexandra Moore videos from    Alexandra Moore videos from

Alexandra Moore videos from    Alexandra Moore videos from



70 thoughts on “Alexandra Moore Videos”

  1. Alexandra is an absolute stunner, but as I tried to play the vids I am left to wonder if they are no longer accessible from your server?

  2. 3 words…. O-M-G!!!

    she has got to be one of the most sexy women on this blog site, if not the most sexiest. what a body! what a gorgeous and beautiful face. she is perfect in every way! those beach pictures are just stunning! I hope that there will be a ‘part 2’ to that set. went i look at these pics it just makes me want more, more, MORE!

    please feature her again :)

  3. Hello and really sorry to be the first one to post here. It is not elegant ;-) But in the next days I’ll not be online.
    Anyway: in the past blogging of Alexandra I saw some good requests about the next pictured and vids to make.
    I have to anticipate that Alexandra Moore is a particular girl and really likes tohave her own style. She is as person a very classy girl and she admitted me that she wants to ahve a very classy but SEXY site. I saw othe models but I see in this girl a deep sense of class and sensuality. It is into her Nature.
    So we have to face this fact and try to follow her instinc. I am open to hear suggestions. BYE

  4. Looking the pictures of Alexandra Moore, a saw not only big and perfect boobs, but a beatiful “fat” pussy, looks like a little bigmac.

  5. Nice Pix, great to see her again so soon. Reese, I need to mention that I tried to check out the vid clips, did I ever. I kept getting a “http 404 not found” when I tried. Only mildly panicked so far. Look like great clips though. Were those already on her site? She and her photographer didn’t turn those out just since her last posting did they?
    Anyway, if there is anything on your end that you can do concerning the clips, it would be hugely apreciated. I’ll certainly check later.

  6. More pics of the lovely Ms Moore – looking forward to seeing more of her in the coming months and years. :-)

    Have to see Reese – you are one lucky b@stard to lose your cherry like that !

  7. BUGGERY BOLLOX!! I cannot believe that, after all of that, I forgot to upload the video clips to the server! Have done that now. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, and enjoy…

    ~Reese! :~)

  8. Alexandra’s photographer,

    First off I have to say that I have to tip my hat to you, you are one lucky photographer to be doing what you do for Alexandra. She is lovely. Just lovely and I am pretty sure I would do your job for free. :P

    Alexandra is truly sexy, no doubt about that. May I request a video where she starts off clothed, in a sexy dress that she would wear to a gala event, then have her undress for that lens of yours. Hey, it’s just a request and I won’t be upset if you don’t oblige. Anything you post of this girl in the future I am sure I will be more than happy to approve of. ;)

  9. Saw the clips…woof!!! Yeah, I’m very much taken with this lady. I agree that the more classy approach is definitely her style. So, just forget what I posted last time about oil, dildos and cucumbers. What was I thinking.
    So hot, looooove Alexandra.

  10. Damn, those photos were hot, but the videos are beyond belief! The second clip is especially sexy. Here’s hoping to see much more of Alexandra Moore!

  11. I can’t be sure, but as I know Alexandra used to be a call-girl by the name Nikki or Nicole, working mainly in SouthEast Europe. Don’t know if she is still doing that though.

  12. No room on my bike this time. Everything good and lovely about Alexandra but the shaved p_ssy is ridiculous–yet another woman buying into the porn industry’s conventional wisdom about what they think men like. This is what adolescent boys have been taught to like–unfortunate.

  13. Appreciate you posting my comment, Reese. I know my post about Alexandra’s squeezbox may have seemed a little incensed this time around but god d_mnit, not Alexandra too! Here’s this gorgeous, sensual woman and she has to go and shave her minge just like all the other flunkies out there–what a lovely full box it is too but it needs some window dressing–a nice patch of turf to plow through. So what gives, Alexandra?

  14. Speed Racer~

    No problem on posting your comment, incensed or otherwise. The only time I moderate comments out is when someone says something deliberately hurtful towards a model, as a lot of the models and their webmasters tend to read the comments posted here. Yours was offered more as constructive criticism with respect to your personal opinion (after having acknowledged Alexandra’s overall loveliness), so it’s fine.

    On to the shaved pussy issue, it’s not just the porn industry and conditioned adolescent boys who harbour this preference; it’s also de rigeur in the swinging subculture. Swingers young & old, female & male, tend to totally depilate their pubic region simply as a matter of custom. In my own experience, my popularity with the opposite sex increased exponentially upon losing the pubes – so it’s not just “some of the boys” who like this (in fact, some of the girls had commented that my cock looked even bigger post-shaving!).

    So I guess, like so many things, it’s just another expression of personal preference. It’s quite practical in group-sex situations, too, but that’s a whole ‘nother story altogether. So perhaps Alexandra’s relatively pubeless pussy is the result of something other than than adult industry pressures upon her? Who can say? I’m personally not bothered either way, and would take the stunning Alexandra hirsute or bald…

    ~Reese! :~)

  15. There is a lot to be said for “Sloppy seconds”!! :-))

    Having read your story and slid from my chair shaking like a leaf (Blood starved brain again!!) I may even venture back to look at the photos.

    Hmm! Wonder if I could convince the Memsahib that my writhing on the floor after having found this site is simply Maleria!! :-))

  16. Alexandra is gorgeous, I don’t care if she has shaved or not shaved. My girlfriend would kill me for looking at this woman, as this is the type of woman she knows I find attractive.
    What lovely sliky black hair, golden tan and beautiful sexy legs.
    This is the forbidden fruit… LOL

  17. Alexandra?? Here? Hi ALEXANDRA! You are the best model around online anywhere! I love your body! Thank you for sharing. When are you going to be in the State of Texas, US of A??

  18. Oh, and Reese. Thanks for sharing such a personal story. That’s the “St. Pauli Girl” syndrome coming through. If the beach makes you react so intensely I can only imagine what watching that sitcom “Ugly Betty” must do to you!

  19. Ciao,

    spero che la maggior parte qui non me ne voglia se scrivo in italiano ,ma tu Alex credo che me capirai..visto che sei un italiana coi fiocchi.Il classico prototipo di donna mediterranea.Sicuramente penserai che sono un tuo connazionale ,ma effeti non lo sono.Diciamo che sono uno dei tuoi vicini..e quando intendi vicini non intendo quello di casa..:)
    Mi sono permesso di visitare il tuo sito per un mese.Purtroppo non mi e` possibile farlo per lunga durata.Tanto da pepparmi la tua compilation di foto.E` vorrei aprofittare di questa domanda.Quando lo attivi sto tuo blog…vorrei tanto scriverti.Inviarti qualche mail,conoscerti insomma e non mi e` possibile ne come membro dell tuo sito ne come visitatore…Spero che tu mi possa dare un indizio …e` vorrei pure sapere se fai partecipi pure come escort ragazza visto che hai una scheda personale su un forum adibito alle escorts..forse ci scappa l`incontro:))????Dimmello donna..aspetto tue notizie….6 uno schiantooooo!!!!!!

  20. Alexandra I want to be the FIRST to know if you make a trip to the USA. You are wonderful. I speak three languages, but not Italian I’m afraid. I am sure glad you speak English! I speak some Spanish if that helps. Tell us what kind of vacation would you dream of…

  21. Dear Alexandra,
    I absolutely love the pictures and clips I’ve seen of you. Your body is so heavenly, your breasts are wonderful beyond description. I also live in Texas. I would like to know if you come here… any chance would you be accepting private appointments? It would be truly amazing to meet you and spend time with you.

  22. Where at Unnatural? E. Texas anywhere? What do you think of the clubs in Houston? We’ve got to get Alexandra to come enjoy some Texan hospitality!

  23. The dfw area, actually haven’t been to the houston clubs, sadly. Your absolutely right Charles. She definitely needs to kick her shoes off and set a spell.

  24. Alexandra, you elevate my pulse to the point of endangering my life.
    I have only one request of you & your photg….more shots of your incredibly tanned, long, lovely, slender & no doubt, fragrant feet. Pics of your marvelous metatarsals would no doubt lead to cardiac arrest & my ultimate demise….my enormous smile (& boner) not withstanding. Please expose those popsicle toes!!!!

  25. Wow and WOW, this girl is awesome. Nice hair, nice legs, a nice butt too, a pair of impossibly tempting breasts, another big discovery for the divinebreasts webmaster (has this guy a six or seventh sense, a”boob” sense to get models for his site?). And by the way, i don’t mind at all your “ramblings” about your youth. You are a lucky bloke, at least that’s what your stories seems to point….

  26. Thanks for the post and thanks for your memories!!!

    You are the first internet person I have meet that understands our love for breasts. Please keep up the great work. If there is anything I can do to help you out please let me know. I am a software engineer as well.

    Peace Mason

  27. Schmacker~

    You might not have the right plug-in installed or something. As an alternative, try right-clicking the video thumbnail (or control-click, on the Mac) and select “Save file as…” or “Save link as…” from the drop-down menu. Then, once the video file is downloaded to your computer, you can just double-click it to view the video.

    Hope this helps,
    ~Reese! :~)

  28. TO THE WEBMASTER: Although the .WMV type of video are viewable on many computers, other extensions like .AVI or even better .MPG (ebcoded in a standard format) give you maximum cross-platform/ OS compatibility (and will make MOST of the viewers happy!). I’m sure you know that, so maybe consider it an option?
    Other than that, congratulations on your awesome content of the website, and Alexandra… You trully a woman, with every aspect and meaning of this word! I would at least be proud of such a woman next to me, as if it was the most precious diamond in the world, and surely would always be refreshed and sexualy active with such an inspiration! Hope you share your beauty for many years to come…

    One of your latest fans, here to stay on your side and admire you!

  29. me la follaba ahora mismo. Le salía la leche hasta por las orejas. Ven pacá buena moza, que te voy a endiñar

  30. esta mujer es la mas hermossa de todas las quepuedan existir solo inspira sexo cada ves que la veo me dan ganas de tenerla ami lado llamemen bogota colombia me la quiero comer

  31. My god Reese, Alexandra’s loveliness aside, your story made me very horny. I wish I’d lost my virginity like that.

  32. Hello,

    just for sake of truth, Alexandra is not italian she is from Romania but is often in Italy..

    She used to work on and i spoke to her a few times..

  33. HI there;
    Let me tell that I could not take my eyes off you you are so hot and sexy I wish if I can have 5 mins with you alone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw I love you baby

  34. Alexandra is in my eyes beyond gorgeous on the exterior. I also find it awesome that she excelled in honors courses at college. I wish I knew if Alexandra was friendly, street smart, down-to-earth, emotionally secure, non-manipulative, trustworthy and polite, because then she would be date worthy to me. Looks for me are just a hook. Now, a woman who is friendly, street smart, down-to-earth, emotionally secure, non-manipulative, trustworthy and polite will be the one going out with me.

  35. alexandra acesei na sua pagina muito linda voce e a mulher dos meus sonhos um corpo de fazer inveja linda linda dez dez beijos mil beijos

  36. ola alexandra nao canso de manda mensagem voce nua no mar e perigoso
    qualquer tubarao pode ti pega.e eu serei seu marinheiro pra ti salva love lov

  37. alexandra por favor mande um recado para min no meu imail eu nao guanto fica te olhando nas fotos diga que ja tomou ciencia destas comonicaçao meu imail e [mod edit: no private e-mail addresses permitted] voce e muito linda
    eu vir sua irma tambem maria moore .aguardo .voce esta bem na foto na cama de preto

  38. Most women today go to hell because of what they do with their boobs. Boobs are for nursing children and the pleasure of the woman’s husband. All sexual activity outside of a legitimate marriage is seriously sinful.

    I am not trying to be derogatory, but only tell people the truth. Our sex saturated society has gotten so far away from God that most people don’t even know what sin is anymore.

  39. Alexandra – Please send me your email. I would like to send you a birthday card. Your birthday is coming up and I am a fan in your website. You are bautiful!!!

  40. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time. They were so impacted that they were growing into my jaw. I had local anesthesia in the surgery. The surgery itself wasn’t really too painful (besdies the shots to numb you up). It’s after the surgery when the medication goes away that you will experience A LOT of pain and swelling in the cheeks.

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