An All-Natural Way to Breast Enlargement

Sounds like one of those spam e-mails, doesn’t it? But, no, I’m not flogging herbal supplements with a mix of fenugreek, fennel, wild yam & saw palmetto – natural though they may be – nor am I seeking to promote some of the more gimmicky alternatives like Bust-Up Chewing Gum or F-cup Coffee (not to mention that Bolibao breast enlargement drink that earned it’s producers a steady $300,000US per day before it’s advertising was banned). Instead, I’m talking about the tried and true method that has been blessing women with bigger breasts since the dawn of mankind…getting pregnant!

Now that’s something you never see in your spam-box: “Want bigger boobs? Just stay in bed and get up the duff!” It’s probably because no one can make any money from it (except perhaps obstetricians, maternity nurses & midwives). Increased breast size is one of the first signs of pregnancy, with the most rapid growth occurring within the first eight weeks. Your results may vary, of course, but statistics show that the average gain is about 400cc in terms of breast volume (and implants of that scale can be enough to boost your bust-line by three cup-sizes!).

Caveat emptor, however, as these results can be ephemeral. In many cases, the breast enlargement experienced prior to parturition may be lost postpartum after breast-feeding is complete (for example, those fabulous F-cups you’ve gained might shrink back to their original, conservative C-cup size (this is precisely why some women opt for implants after childbearing in order to “refill” their now-deflated breasts (and fair play to them, as the surplus skin stretched beyond capacity in the prior process of breast expansion makes for a most natural looking result and accounts for some of the best boob jobs I’ve ever seen!))). So the moral of the story is enjoy those magnificent maternal mammaries while you can.

It was my mate Cel who inspired today’s musings on motherhood and its benefit of bigger breasts when he told me about new model Monica on his XX-cel site. It seems that Monica had travelled West from Romania in search of fame and fortune, and all she ended up getting was pregnant (well, that’s not entirely true, as she also got some boobs out of the deal as well!). Although her tits aren’t huge by our standards, the dramatic breast growth that Monica apparently experienced nonetheless stands as a testament to the positive effects of this particular all-natural breast enlargement option (I just wish I had before and after photos to share with you).

And so, let today be a celebration of preggos – those future MILFs with milk-laden mammaries who inspire big breast lovers like myself to look at pregnancy in an entirely different and more alluring light. Apart from the obvious joys of motherhood, I’d also recently come to appreciate the expanded sexual potential of the mother-to-be as aptly evidenced in Monica: Beyond the breasts (which look scrumptiously squishy, by the way, and have just started lactating), I found myself drawn Southward over the contours of her huge belly and down to those delightfully distended pussy flaps just begging for a good suck. And, for having such a relatively tidy ass revealing a posterior perspective from which you can barely tell that Monica’s pregnant, isn’t that “sidewinder view” in the 6th photo below just stunning?!

Here’s more of pregnant Monica courtesy of

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8 thoughts on “An All-Natural Way to Breast Enlargement”

  1. It’s a shame they shrink. Maybe one day in the future they can develop some kind of treatment to stop that from happening…. one day.

  2. I like pregnant girls and it’s a shame we don’t see it that much around here. But what I like even more is milking stuff, i hope they’ll feature Monica milking everywhere on xx-cel. I like big bellies Reese, thanks for those pictures.

  3. Beautiful! I’ve always been attracted to pregnant women because they seem to have a “glow” about them. Monica perfectly personifies that beauty, and pictures 9 and 10 would be masterpieces if they were paintings.

  4. not bad but it woulda been great to see a picture of her from the side with her tits flopping onto her big prego belly.

  5. Hmm.. I thought that there would be more comments on a post like this. I love pregnant women, I think they are extremely sexy. Despite that, I think I would feel awkward being in a sexual situation with one, but maybe thats just me. Even so, i would like to see more pregnant models in the future.

  6. Great discovery. XX-Cel is recently developing into a lactation lovers insiders’ tip. About boobs and pregnancy: It’s true, they grow, and might shrink again, but not necessarily. On the other hand there is an almost natural trend of growing. However – this is the best way I can imagine. :-) Thanks for that!

  7. After pregnancy I went to ff cup off a c cup, but after went real soft and firmness is gone. I would like to know if formulas work to increase or cause the hormones in the breast to increase like a fake pregnancy? before I invest please post on formula real or not do they work?

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