Alicia Loren Swimsuit Issue

Not “issue” as in a magazine, mind, but rather as a point of concern. To wit: Why is it that women “of a certain age” suddenly forego their revealing two-pice bikinis and begin wearing a more concealing one-piece? Personally, if I’m heading for the beach to gawk at girls sunbathing, I want to see as much flesh as possible regardless of age and, regardless of their potential for showing off a fair bit of cleavage, one-piece swimsuits cover up far too much of the feminine form to really do it for me.

Alicia Loren is the latest to fall prey to this fashion faux pas. Despite being a mere 25 years old (Alicia’s website reveals that she was born on July 10th, 1981 in Bacau, Romania), she’s opted to don a dowdy “monokini” to cover her curvaceous figure. I think it’s a shame, really, especially since she looks so “udderly” sexy in a bikini. *sigh* Still, I suppose there is the saving grace that Ms. Loren gets her JJ-cup tits out in two-thirds of the photos in this series and, even when her beautiful breasts are covered, the cleavage compressing properties of this particular one-piece are such that we still get treated to some delightfully decadent down-blouse style views.

Besides, it’s nice to see Alicia getting some sun in the great outdoors, having spent much of her early topless career cooped up inside. Thus, here’s the lovely Alicia Loren sunbathing her 36JJ breasts at

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)

…but Alicia’s not the only one at her site that gets out in the sunshine. Sometimes she’s joined by her busty girlfriend Gya Roberts – who’s also appeared indoors in bed with Alicia – for a little romp in the garden (they even get into a bit of lactation fun with Alicia squirting milk at Gya’s nipples!). Here’s the boobsome twosome enojying themselves and each other in these videos from

Alicia Loren videos from    Alicia Loren videos from

Alicia Loren videos from    Alicia Loren videos from


Alicia’s Webcam Site

15 thoughts on “Alicia Loren Swimsuit Issue”

  1. I think the one-piece is popular on “big girls’ for obvious reasons. Remember, lots of guys love the big tits a big girl like Alicia has (yes, she is big) but don’t necessarily love her belly and the rest.

    Also its amazing how small Gya’s tits look in comparison to Alicia’s! Gya is normally known as a pretty stacked woman but next to Alicia… no contest!

  2. I would usually agree with you, Reese, about the one-piece vs. two-piece. But, for the sake of the photos, I think the two-piece makes a great back-drop for those amazing breasts (see pics 10 & 11). So, today, I’m okay with it.

  3. Sometimes I can’t believe Mother Nature would bless us with something as beautiful as this creature.


  4. As a gal with huge boobs, men and women in public can get rude. And think nothing of making comments that can ruin my day at the beach. Instead of just appreciating the view.
    So sometimes a one piece is more conserative option for us. (Although almost nothing ever looks conservative on us.) Not to mention a two piece does not have big enough tops that would support our boobs. And it would be a fight all day long to keep them covered. NOW NOW I know that is a losing battle all of you would want to watch. LOL But we have to also consider the children at a public beach or pool.
    Bathing suits that do fit are not cheap. So she may have bought one that she can use here on the web and in her private life.
    Because she is on the web, getting naked showing all of her beauty to the world. Breast, tummy and ass for all of you to enjoy. A one-piece suit does not mean she has body issues.
    Please remember. With our dimensions. finding a bathing suit bras or clothing that fits is never easy.


  5. Great model, indeed, but for boobs sake, sombody should tell them to use a better camera. These small resolution clips are by no means up to date, and allthough Alicia is one of the hottest models it is therefor no fun to watch. Arrrgh …

  6. I agree Samantha totally, thanks you said it all so well and so true.
    I also loved Joey’ comment seeing Maria and Alicia do a shoot would be incredible.
    I think Alicia has gorgeous tits and after seeing her pose in the swim suit I was wondering if the house next door is for sale…lol.
    She is also really cute it would not be fair to leave that out she is not just about having huge succulent tits.
    Thanks MyBoobsite for making most days more appealing.

  7. Alicia is very nice and sweet on Imlive. She works hard to please (although she is soo sexy with those amazing tits that for me that is enough). She is just a dream girl to a man such as myself. I just hope that Romania has many girls like her because if I could get there, I would. Alicia is very cute but she fills my dreams which says alot.

  8. I’m just wondering how she keeps lactating so much and how does she keep from going dry? Does she have someone suckle her every day or a kid. She is really beautiful though. God bless her.

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