Ann Vanderbilt 38J – Divine breasts indeed…

I know that I’d just blogged DivineBreasts a couple of days ago, when I’d postulated that Alicia 32JJ & Pam Parker could be sisters, but the latest DB update over this past weekend has driven my infatuation meter off the scale. I also realise that I’d blogged Ann Vanderbilt just before going on my Summer holiday and, although I was duly impressed with the mega busty blue eyed blonde and her pendulous 38J breasts, I believe I was focusing solely upon her proportions and not seeing the the truly beautiful woman standing behind those big boobs.

I hold myself only partially to blame for this, however, as it was Ann’s first shoot and she did appear a little bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. As Curvelover observed in his comment on my first blog of Ms. Vanderbilt, “I’d wager her stone-faced look is nerves…”, and then went on to say, “…but she has a serene look about her that’s not as disturbing as some other models who look miserable.” Too right, CL. To be fair, she’s just starting out in the big boobs scene, and a bit of nervousness when all of the attention suddenly falls upon you is most understandable.

In this latest shoot Ann did for DivineBreasts, she seems a fair bit more comfortable and her personality is beginning to shine through (which is most likely what’s responsible for my new-found infatuation with her). She’s begun making more eye-contact with the camera and even, as Curvelover had predicted, cracks a smile! It’s great that we’ve been given the opportunity to witness this transformation first-hand – from a shy first-timer to the playful, confident big boob goddess I just know she has hidden inside of her.

It used to be that I’d visit Divine Breasts in eager anticipation of something new from Alicia 36JJ, but now it’s Ann Vanderbilt who’s stolen the top position for me. I look forward to seeing her topless modelling career develop as she emerges from her shell and takes her rightful place among all the greats. But, for now, here’s a preview of her most recent series at

Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from

Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from

(note: actual photos available on the site are 1024×768 resolution)

…it also appears as if Ann could unseat Sarah Mercury as the queen of big floppy tits (as evidenced in the first of the video clips below). But, in addition to being the picture of pendulous pulchritude that she is, Ann’s J-cup jigglers boast a rather unique and unusual talent as well. Yes, you guessed it, she’s got musical breasts (just give a listen to the second video clip)! As a long-time collector of unusual idiophones, I’m frankly surprised that I’d never considered big boobs to be among this classification of instruments.

However is she able to get such a variety of clearly-pitched tones from just one pair of breasts?! I’d have expected that a variety of cup sizes would be required for that!! Alas, it seems I still have a great deal to learn about the acoustical properties of the boob-o-phone. Needless to say, if my old band was still together, Ann would be at the very top of our list for prospective guest musicians. And so I give you the beautiful and multitalented Ann Vanderbilt in these clips from her latest videos at




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  1. Regarding the Boob-O-Phone — have you ever heard of Bob Log III? He is an artist on the American blues label Fat Possum, and a bit of a odd duck, but he did make a brilliant song on his album “Trike” called “Clap Your Tits” and the recording featured recordings of girls clapping their tits together mixed in with his music (the album features some outtakes at the end where you can hear just the clapping, with the girls laughing and such). I admit it’s all a little wierd, but also some good, clean fun. Here are some weblinks to check out:

    and the video for “Clap Your Tits” (which is both campy and funny) is here:

    This is from an interview where he talks about the inspiration for the song:

    What’s the origin of “Clap Your Tits”?

    Well, basically I panicked. I was playing for 3,000 girls and lesbians [opening for Ani DiFranco] in this gigantic venue, and they were all looking at me. I knew I had to do something, so I said, “I’ll play guitar, why don’t you all clap your tits.” And nobody did it. The next night I got a couple laughs. So then I thought, “Hey, I really should write a song instead of just getting people to clap their tits just any old way on any old song.” I tried to write a song like the “Hokey Pokey.” You know, “put your leg in/take your leg out.” I mean, I don’t want anyone hurting their tits. So there’s a part where you do it, now take a break. No one really learns the song correctly though; people get on stage and they’ll paddy-cake their boobs with their hand, but the sound is actually tit against tit. If your tits aren’t big enough you clap against your friend—it’s really that simple. That’s why a guy and girl can do it together. It’s another way to have fun. I mean we could clap our hands if we like this song or we could bring it up a notch. Have another shot of tequila and clap your tits together.

    In the infamous words of the Bloodhound Gang — Hooray for Boobies!

    –Dan the Man —

  2. I think Ann is certainly in the same league as Alicia. How are they finding these women? Are they breeding them in some genetic lab? They also updated the free pictures so there are new pics of Sapphire, Anya and more. Divine…indeed..

  3. very pretty woman for sure. Pic set makes one think about the first time you get a girl to take off her top for you. Well all of them make me think that excpet that weird “knee” pose lol…… always though the softness is appreciated.

  4. Ann has a very beautiful pale face and I like the subtle Cheshire grin but I’m afraid she looks best clothed in the spread. The first photo is great but it disintegrates in the subsequent storyboard. And barrel distortion does not breasts better make. There’s nothing sensual or sexy about these poses or her clothing. It’s just like, “Here, these are my breasts…now get excited”. Is this a freshman offering?

  5. Nah aficianado, I disagree with you. I am tired of seeing all the fake setups with models. Keep Ann just the way she is, the girl next door in every day clothing. I’ll take the hot real girl over the phoney stuff any day.

  6. I must agree that these pistures do lack certain amount of…… enphusiasm. I love the ‘any girl’ look she has with the clother and the hair, but those boobs made me say… WOWZERS the first time I saw them.

    I cannot wait for the next installation of them.

    With time wil come comfort, and thn we will get some high quality pics.

    Wow tho. When i saw that her boobs started under her arms I went home and checked my wife (36d). Now that is the sign of a Boob goddess.

  7. What, no mention of my comment about Ann wearing a wig? Well she is beautiful anyway, nerves and disguide and all.

    Her proportions are truly bizare. I now see she does have a bit of a belly, but goddamn, I’d be happy to have more meat on my torso if I had to carry those things around! And still her arms and legs and even ass are comparatively nonexistent!

    Where are these women coming from you ask? One word: Chicken. It’s been a noted phenomenon in certain areas ( A lot of chicken farms feed or inject chickens with growth hormones to speed their maturity (shortening the time to slaughter and making them fatter). The hormones are stored in the chickens’ bodies, and women experience breast growth disproportionate to their frames. It’s not all great news though, as it’s also resulted in increased hair growth, and greater risk for breast cancer, not to mention some men growing something akin to boobs as well.

    Sorry for the sobering thought, back to the tits! Truly natural is the best way to go but perhaps this hormone increase will result in more Slim’n’Stacked models in the years to come. Used to be you’d be lucky to see a D or DD cup on an otherwise normal/slim gal, but now we have multiple models like Anya/Merilyn, LDM (in her early days), Michelle Bond, Jana Defi, and half the girls over at

    I’m also realizing from the video that Ann’s breasts look best from certain angles. They are extremely floppy like Sarah Mercury’s and that’s not so attractive to me. She is still a minor phenomenon however and I’m glad to have in some small way helped draw attention to her. She is a welcome addition to the DB girls, whose cup size average is usually in the “HOLY SHIT!” category.

    I also look forward to her doing what I consider the “classic shot” I wait for all busty models to do: the holding up/pushing together of her massive mams, nipples uncovered.

  8. Silly me, she does that shot at the end of the set! Well there’s variations on that theme to be done and I look forward to them all.

  9. Wow you guys really think this “lady” is in the same league as alicia? Not to call her a tranny but you must admitt she does have mannish facial features. Don’t get me wrong her boobs are phenomenal but she’s not even close to being compared to anya or alicia now they are some sexy real women.

  10. Wow Ann is one of the most beautiful busty women out there. I prefer blondes, so she is a welcome addition to Alicia, Milena, Nadine and Eden. I would say they are in the same league. Especially since Ann is sooo much slimmer than Alicia with basically the same sized tits. But anyway, who cares?!? lol We dont have to choose we can have them all….at least on our computer.

  11. Well DB updated again with topless shots of Micki. Again, she is truly beautiful. the FINAL pic of her in the set is wonderful, her tits are lovely and big and if I met this girl I would surely be all over her. But as a DB model she’s not much special and Cupwise not in the league of even Jessica. I DL’d that one pic and moved on.

    But then! I see the PAM PARKER set…HOLY SHIT. I missed her! what a woman. There’s tons of pics too but the pic of the day today is awesome.

  12. Wow. Those boobs are amazing. The only reason I’d complain about that much sag is that it hides her chubby belly in most of those pics. But it’s not that big a deal :-)

  13. as far as just tits are concerned, then she does unseat sarah mercury as the queen sag, but sarah to me has a more attractive face and a better body.

  14. Come on guys, after all, the breasts are what we are here for. If the woman is not pleasing to you, look at another. I find they are all wonderful in their own way. Having the priviledge of having a wife who is 38DDD and growing every day, you learn to appreciate your good luck. If your luck is just to see these lovelies online, be happy! I was happy to love from far away. Enjoy all of these breasts now, someday you won’t have them around. Every night, with my wife’s breasts on my back, (hence my handle) I dream of breasts as pillows and sleep the sleep of the dead. Go to sleep and dream of those wonderful breasts you see. Your life can only get better. Peace

  15. hey friends cool pics at this site ..can anyone tell me how to find free nude pics of french celebrieties like …Isabelle Renauld ??? Any help would be appreciated…

  16. Ann your a fox , many a fantasy has gone to my head with you being the star, If you have movies please post them I will be your main purchaser.

  17. You know, I wasn’t sure at first, but after watching a few of her vids I’m almost certain that this is a model who used to go by “Morgana” on a German breasts site (I forget the name.)

    It looks like she’s had a completel makeover and in all honestly I really didn’t recognize her at first (she used to wear glasses, brown hair, no make-up). But after watching who bounce those things I’m about 95% sure it’s the same women.

    Of course, if that info was listed somewhere else already, just ignore this post as I’m probably behind the times .

    I was surprised to see that no one else had said anything about this. I mean, if she isn’t actually the same women, those are about the most identical breasts I have ever seen on a women.

  18. To Alacres reply…, you are 100% correct on your assertion that Ann V is a remade Morgana. She is absolutely Morgana new and improved. The wig and hair coloring is very obvious. The mole on her right breast and rightarm at the elbow is identical to Morgana’s body. The aereola’s have the same look that Morgana did. But the most obvious clue is the tattoo that Morgana had on her left arm. In the new version of Ann Vanderbilt, the pictures have no tattoo’s, but the videos never really show her left side of the body. And when they sort of do, you can see that they used a patch to cover up the tattoo, which happens to be in the same exact place that Morgana had hers! Fantastic observation on your part!

  19. again, to confirm, yes, they are one and the same. :) there will be a new site launching soon, and i will update the boards as soon as we are up and running. the shots should be more natural this time, as the photographers will be people i am much more comfortable around, and hopefully we can lose that “plastic” look and get a better spread for everyone! >:)

  20. *Gasp* Is it really the one and only Morgana?! O_o It’s great to hear that you’re planning on starting your own site. All I can say is… it’s about damn time :P!

    Is there any chance you might do some more natural looking stuff, kind of like your earlier work? I always thought you looked much better without all that make-up, and of course, nothing beats the natural brunette hair color :).

    Can’t wait to see the site!

  21. To all the fans of Ann Vanderbilt I found out that she is doing Live Web Cam Shows now on Myfreecams under the name Tittysprnkles. If you are a fan like I am your gonna love it.

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