Ann Vanderbilt, Alexandra Moore & Esnia

Alexandra Moore’s long awaited guest appearance on Divine Breasts has at last come to pass. Thus, if you’ve not already signed up to her Alexandra-Moore personal website, here’s your chance to catch the 36H Italian goddess in the first of what will undoubtedly become many visits to the site that introduced Alicia 36JJ & Ann Vanderbilt to the on-line world of big tits (after all, Alexandra & DivineBreasts share the same webmaster).

One of the things that pleased me most about Alexandra’s DB debut is the number of “big boobs from behind” shots within in the series (one of my favourite poses for a busty babe, as it gives a fair perspective on the sheer breast mass involved), thus I’ve included a few of these in the preview pics below. Here’s H-cup Alexandra Moore in and out of her seductive white lingerie in her inaugural appearance at

Alexandra Moore 36H at    Alexandra Moore 36H at    Alexandra Moore 36H at

Alexandra Moore 36H at    Alexandra Moore 36H at    Alexandra Moore 36H at

Alexandra Moore 36H at    Alexandra Moore 36H at    Alexandra Moore 36H at


…and, since I mentioned 38J Ann Vanderbilt in the first paragraph above, it seems only appropriate that I include a few preview pics from her latest series at DivineBreasts as well (besides, Alicia – my other shout out – is always cropping up here on MyBoobSite). Truth be told, I’m rather fond of this strawberry blonde with big floppy tits and, speaking of sheer mammary mass, check out the side-on pic where you can see the heavy breast-flesh extending all the way below her arms (and, although I’m a big fan of naked breasts, I find that first tight t-shirt pic rather provocative, too!)!

My only wish for the lovely Ms. Vanderbilt is that she looked a bit happier in her videos. I know how taxing and tedious video shoots can be for a model, but Ann often seems downright disheartened at the task. It’s a shame, really, as she looks so shyly seductive in her photo sets. Here’s hoping that she can acclimate herself more to the video camera as time goes by, as it’s a real treat to see those massive J-cup mammaries in motion. Until then, I much prefer to give you Ann at her best. And so, here’s a sampling of 38J and built like a brick shithouse Ann Vanderbilt from

Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from

Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from

Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from


…finally, I thought I’d close today’s blog with a couple of videos from pleasingly plump pint-sized plumper Esnia, whose own comfort with the video camera has progressed quite nicely. The fact that she’s comfortable enough to casually begin masturbating in front of the videographer attests to this – and her soaking wet pussy goes a long way in providing proof that her pleasure is indeed genuine!

I do question the presence of all of that fresh fruit on the bed, however – especially when Esnia grabs hold of a banana and two oranges to erect a sort of “makeshift manhood” for herself! Odd, that…but, hey, she’s having fun and I do enjoy watching her. Thus, here are two video clips of little Esnia just having a good time and pleasuring herself on the bed at

Esnia videos from    Esnia videos from



12 thoughts on “Ann Vanderbilt, Alexandra Moore & Esnia”

  1. I LOVE ALEXANDRA!!!!!!!

    I said enough about that I could go on and on….

    But what is up with Ann?? She has this big bandage on her left arm and what seems to be a bruise… Was she in the hospital recently?? Is she ok?

  2. Wow – that Ann Vanderbilt is one sweet sight of mammary goodness. I’m curious about that bandage on her left arm as well. Tattoo? Or injury? Man does she have amazing breasts. Very nice.

  3. i absolutely adore alexandra!!!

    shame shes so far away in some of those pics. she looks so sexy in that lovely white lingerie. some great pics in that shoot. hope to see more from the same shoot. shes in my top 5 for sure!!

  4. I agree with the above that Alexandra is great, but the photographer needs to learn that there is such thing as “portrait” rather than just landscape all the time.

  5. Forget the limitations of a “portrait”–give me a total female landscape every time and let me decide what I want to look at on a woman–my eyes like to rove when drinking in all that goodness–these are small “previews” anyway–the “landscapes” are much larger on her actual site. I don’t believe that Reese had sex with her though…wishful daydreaming. I’ve seen those swinger types–the women (or the men, for that matter) are not attractive.

  6. Speed Racer~

    You’re calling me unattractive? And on Valentine’s Day, no less?! I am crushed! :~P

    But, seriously, where did you get the impression I’d claimed to have sex with Alexandra Moore?! If you’ll read my reply to your comment on the Alexandra Moore Videos post more carefully, you’ll find that I was merely stating that having a shaven pubic region is quite common and considered desirable within a large portion the swinging subculture.

    As for swingers being unattractive, it would appear to me that you’ve fallen prey to the media’s biased portrayal of the lifestyle. The swingers I know personally, and these number well over 100, range in age from 19 to about 60 and come in all shapes and sizes – just like “real people” :~P – so don’t believe everything you see on the telly and then tar us all with the same brush.

    All you have to do is look at some real swingers’ pics to see the diversity within our community. Granted, many of them might not be your particular cup of tea but then there are others who rival the models I feature here (especially the young, lithesome 32FF blonde whom I’ve incessantly tried and failed to convince that she needs to go into modelling).

    So please have some consideration and check things out for yourself before spreading the misconceptions of popular perception. Swinging is not some “car keys in the candy dish” game played by middle-aged, middle-class, disenfranchised couples. Rather, it’s nothing more than a bunch of friends spanning all adult ages and walks of life – including couples, single men & single women – who enjoy sex and thus extend their definition of friendship to include physical intimacy.

    ~Reese! :~)

  7. I must admit that all the documentaries, exposes and first-person accounts I’ve either heard or been involved with on this dicey subject did seem to reveal a rather motley crew of middle-aged misfits in each instance–like accidentaly stumbling upon yet another flaccid colony of ubiquitous nudists–overweight men and women who are so identical in shape and form that they appear to be sexless tweedle-dees and tweedle-dums waddling about–horrifying. But 32FF gives one pause and seems the exception. Apologies from Speedie.

  8. Well pitching in my two cents it should be said that swinging is not the ‘la la land’ paradise where a horny single guy can sink his tool wherever he pleases, nor is it a crummy ‘middle class game.’ It’s somewhere in the middle. Those who have seen ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and are expecting that kind of turnout of svelt bodies are going to be disappointed. It’s not a dream land, it’s a real activity I’ve been a guest of and must say that it has rules and barriers just like ‘normal’ barfly life. Some good some bad goes with it. It’s only as good as the company you keep.

  9. I love alexandra moore she has the best butt and her face looks like it’s carved out of strone. It’s just perfect. She’s a very statuesque italian girl. Fantastic.

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