Another request: Maxi 32JJ in overalls…

I’ve just received another special request from one of MyBoobSite’s visitors: Possessed by the spirit of E. E. Cummings, Ben wrote, “hi reese. i have noticed on maxi’s website there are some lovely pictures of her wearing overalls and covered in baby oil which is very nice! i was just wondering if you were planning to put any maxi pics on the blog site soon as shes getting more pregnant. i hope you will be as i love seeing blogs of her. let me know.”

After reading Ben’s e-mail, I took a wander over to Maxi32JJ and fetched the photos of which he spake. Now in her 7th month of pregnancy, Maxi’s belly has grown out farther than her 32JJ boobs (I just knew this would happen!)! And, although I’m aware that it’s just a matter of the peculiar perspective, her overalls series contains one of the most bizarre shots I’ve ever seen.

I guess I’ll just have to save Maxi’s baby oil shoot for yet another blog, but, for now, here’s 32JJ Maxi in (and out) of her overalls from

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…and, of course, there are videos, too. Here are two clips from Maxi’s overalls shoot, the second one demonstrating just how much of a swinger she can be! Granted, the full 1280×720 HD videos downloadable from are far more impressive, but I think you’ll get the gist:

Maxi 32JJ Videos from    Maxi 32JJ Videos from

(note: videos downloadable from the site are high-definition 1280×720 resolution)


16 thoughts on “Another request: Maxi 32JJ in overalls…”

  1. By the Holy Beard of Zeus!!!That baby is gonna be one extremely well feed baby!!!and of course extremely lucky, both him and his dad!!!

  2. I don’t think her boobs have grown since the last blog, it’s just that her belly is pushing out on them, lifting her nipples so that instead of their normal pointing downward, they’re now jutting much more outward, and ‘in-your-face’. They look nice that way, though. Unfortunately when she has the baby, they’re back to pointing downward.

    These are how JJ cup tits should look like when she’s PG. Go to
    and click on the center panel, and check out Denise D in the upper right.

  3. Amazing.
    Its great to see the real thing. I love following her progression and expansion. Instead of counting sheep at night to fall asleep I picture her nice soft breasts are my pillows!

  4. Ok… I cant wait for the milk to begain to flow, I get excited to think those big nipples with be wet with sweet jucies any day now ;)

  5. Amazing!
    Maxi is wonderful and please, keep on posting update on her!
    She’s really curvaceous and we like her alot!
    huge boobs and perfect legs!
    keep it up, guys!

  6. Maxi i would love to see ur wet wide open pussy & please grow pussy hair i love hairy pussy & super huge tits u are the best bb.

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