Beshine at Score ?!

Another super boobs quickie as I’ve been answering the call of nature with an alarming frequency of late due to my present infirmity (TMI, I know), but remember my Beshine blog from a while back?..

Beshine blog of on MyBoobSite

…well, I’ve just learned looking inside my boob mail box that Score has bagged impossibly proportioned Beshine and her gigantic tits for their Scoreland site! Of her unnaturally big boobs debut there…

Score wrote:

When the Blog announced Beshine’s upcoming first appearance on SCORELAND, that entry, one bra photo and not a single word of text, drew over 70 comments–a record. That’s the power of supersized boobs even today. While natural breasts claim supremacy now, a reversal of what things were like ten years ago, girls with science-fantasy tits still have the ability to make waves. Beshine, a pretty blonde German, seemingly came out of nowhere and the hidden cult responded. This debut video, the first of several, is an introduction to Beshine. “I knew I wanted to get bigger and bigger,” Beshine says. “And when I started, I thought, ‘I have to have them much bigger,’ and then I thought that again, and so I grew and grew, and I liked it so much. I am very happy with them. I am really proud of my boobs, and I like when people look at me. Sometimes they are shy and make believe they’re not looking. It’s okay. I think that is cute. It started six or seven years ago. Maybe even a little bit earlier, when I really started noticing boobs. And I would see women with huge boobs, and I would think ‘You have to do it. You have to get big boobs, too.’ So I got bigger and bigger and bigger, and now I am happy. I love big boobs, not just on me but on other women, too. Really big boobs. I think the sexiest thing about a woman is when she has huge boobs. I love it, so that’s why I have big boobs, too.”

…they’ve also posted a poll on the Scoreland Blog inquiring as to how big breast lovers felt about such slim & stacked super busty girls with incredible tits whose unbelievably massive mammaries have endured such extreme breast augmentation as she. To wit…

What is your opinion about super-slim ‘n’ stacked models like Beshine?

    * I love them. Beshine is what a SCORE Girl should look like. (30%)

    * I don’t like them. I prefer naturals. (27%)

    * I like augmented girls and naturals, but Beshine takes it too far. (20%)

    * Tits are tits. The bigger the better. (23%)

Total Votes: 510 Started: December 23, 2010

…thus, so far, more than half the respondents have no problem with well-endowed women resorting to extreme breast expansion and can appreciate unnaturally large breasts whether they be giant fake tits or real. Thus, be sure to visit their blog if you’d like to register your own opinion on massive mammary gland modification (I chose the “tits are tits and bigger boobs are better” option, btw, as I can empathise with Beshine’s goal of having the biggest breasts in the world regardless of their busty voluptuous veracity) and, for everyone else, here are the first photos & videos of Beshine at

Beshine photos from Scoreland

Beshine at    Beshine at

Beshine video gallery #1 from Scoreland

Beshine video from

Beshine video gallery #2 from Scoreland

Beshine video from



10 thoughts on “Beshine at Score ?!”

  1. I don’t get the fascination with this chick. You do profile some seriously hot women, why the hell push someone who has gigantic anime fake tits and… [mod note: Careful, now!]

  2. They’d be cool if they weren’t malformed … big tits – even gigantic saline pumped juggs like these – are ok in my book (prefer big and natural) but this is a teeny-bit over the top (again, due to the way they are shaped). If they were that size and a nice teardrop, natural shape, then bring ’em on! Besine needs to look at getting them fixed.

  3. Changing the subject,
    What’s with Beshine’s mouth and smile? Is this more surgery?

    (I don’t want to complain if this is what nature gave her.)

  4. No thanks. There’s a certain line that if a girl crosses over she becomes a circus freak/cartoon character, and this chick went waaay beyond it.

  5. The problem there is she’s clearly had so many augmentations that the skin is stretched and warped. The highly visible veins and blotchy patches are dead giveaways. Naturals are better for this reason, and for the fact they have more movement rather than just being hard, inflexible lumps. When I look at her I don’t see beautiful tits, I see a box of implants with a thin skin covering. Not attractive.

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