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Udderly magnificent tits in a sexy sihouette, aren’t they? It’s a common massive mammary misconception that My Boob Site deals exclusively with large natural breasts and wouldn’t touch fake tits with a ten-foot pole. On the colossal cleavage contrary, I’ve been wont to feature extremely well-endowed women with artificial tits ranging from the surgically enhanced silicone queens of yesteryear at PhotoClubs to the breast expansion babes of porn Photoshop fantasy at BEArchive to the giant prosthetic breasts Mastasia provides…

PhotoClubs Blog at    Breast Expansion Archive - BEArchive Blog at    Mastasia Blog at

…and, while I consider the latter two to be nothing more than novelty norks with no basis in my booby-sexual reality, I can appreciate the big breast aesthetics of artificially enhanced busty models like BB Gunns, Keisha Evans, Maxi Mounds & Chelsea Charms for their erotic efforts in making our big boob world a bustier place long before we knew the likes of Anorei or Rachel even existed…

BB Gunns videos at    Keisha Evans videos at

Maxi Mounds videos at    Chelsea Charms videos at

…the simple truth is, I like fake boobs too, just as long as there’s real breast flesh enveloping the implants (and, quite honestly, if I didn’t like surgically enhanced breasts just as much as the big naturals, I’d have serious trouble on the home front!). Granted, I do prefer my silicone boobs to look, move and feel as natural as possible, but that’s not to say I’d pass on an unfeasibly large super-stacked rack of monster tits pumped up to maximum mammary gland capacity either!

And that’s precisely why I was so eager to put up a sidebar banner of Beshine the moment I got wind of her site from MyBoobSite reader Danny in a comment on a Maxi Mounds blog early this year when he’d asked if I’d seen the biggest boobs in Europe and provided a link to her new website. A couple months later, large breast lover Jay inquired on a Nelli Roono blog why I hadn’t featured Beshine‘s eponymous fake breast female with the fabulous tits as yet.

Well, the reason she’s not been featured on the boob blog is simply down to the fact I didn’t have any photos or videos from Beshine to share. And then, sadly, I promptly forgot about her until my big boob-mail in-box produced a massive tits surprise of breast-acular proportions in the unbelievably busty top-heavy full-figured form of the gigantic boobs photos below…

Biggest breast implants in the world on Beshine - gigantic tits monster boobs massive breasts -    Biggest breast implants in the world on Beshine - gigantic tits monster boobs massive breasts -    Biggest breast implants in the world on Beshine - gigantic tits monster boobs massive breasts -

Biggest breast implants in the world on Beshine - gigantic tits monster boobs massive breasts -    Biggest breast implants in the world on Beshine - gigantic tits monster boobs massive breasts -    Biggest breast implants in the world on Beshine - gigantic tits monster boobs massive breasts -

…thus serving as an unnaturally ample reminder I’d been remiss. So I took another visit to Beshine and, to my super silicone tit lover’s delight, found that she’d since posted some extra busty porn galleries to provide a pulchritudinous preview! And so, without further ado, I give you what may well be the biggest fake breasts in the world on sexy, slim and stacked little blonde Beshine from

Beshine from    Beshine from    Beshine from

Beshine from    Beshine from    Beshine from

Beshine from    Beshine from    Beshine from

Beshine from    Beshine from    Beshine from

Beshine from    Beshine from    Beshine from

Beshine from    Beshine from    Beshine from

…truth be told, even looking at these high-resolution tits pics, I still couldn’t tell if Beshine‘s giant boobs were real or not (oh, and by “real” I mean existing in the flesh rather than being some extreme breast expansion effort of anatomically incorrect Photoshopping fantasy with me having already determined they weren’t prosthetic tits based upon the beautiful blue veins on her boobs as well as some sundry breast imperfections and the seamless integration of these titanic tits on her chest from cleavage to inframammary fold). No, to tell if her unnaturally big tits existed in my large breast obsessed erotic reality, I needed a video of those giant tits in motion (and preferably a close-up video of her boobs at that). And so, once again, here’s super busty unnaturally large breast beauty Beshine in videos from

Beshine video from


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47 Responses to “Beshine from”

  1. Karen Says:

    Reese …
    are you saying that those lovely breasts on “the home front” are enhanced???
    If so, I’d like the surgeon’s # pronto. They are fabulous!
    Can you please confirm? I’m not sure whether I’ve misunderstood you or not.
    The reason why I ask is I’ve pondered getting a nice set of my own but only if they look and feel as real as possible.

  2. Hughman Says:

    They’re real, enough videos of her attest to that fact

  3. Chopper Says:

    Beyond gross.

  4. Charles Says:

    Her sheer size is awesome. No doubt about that. Sweet lookin woman.

  5. Joe Says:

    She needs to stay away from sharp objects:)

  6. David Samuel Says:

    Have you ever seen my 3d stereograph conversions of “our” babes? You can see some samples at my yahoo group or email me for some of my newest stuff. You can also see some in various yahoo collections of Virginia Bell, Paula page and Jayne Mansfield (my faves) as well as many others around the Internet.

  7. Pieman Says:

    I love huge tits but I have to say these look ridiculous beyond reason. Why would anyone do this to themselves I simple do not understand.

    Huge tits rule, Alicia Loren, Anorei Collins, Sapphire, H cup Venus etc.

    Massive fake boobs on tiny skinny women don’t get my vote…

  8. Reese Says:


    Indeed I am! She was just a B-cup when I met her (so, yes, I fell head-over-heels in love with a small-chested girl despite my life-long large breast obsession), but told me about a year later that she had wanted bigger boobs since her teens. Immediately after her breast augmentation surgery, she was a pert DD-cup but, over time, the natural sagging from going braless all the time combined with weight gain increasing the natural fatty tissue in her breasts surrounding the implants brought her cup-size up to an F-, thus providing the natural look and feel of her tits today. Honestly, I can’t tell you the number of people she’s let cop a feel of her boobs who simply can’t believe she’s got fake tits afterwards! Unfortunately, the surgeon who performed her boob job no longer works in the London clinic where she had it done, but I can still e-mail you all the details, if you like…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …we’ve also got a few photos that were taken immediately after the op showing the bandages where the silicone implants were inserted under the inframammary fold, if you’re interested.

  9. Martin Says:

    Now you see Reese I would not have said that Vix had fake breasts…

    Still thats not going to make stop wishing I could play with them at all!!

  10. CEMan Says:

    I just cannot get into that much augmentation. On such a thin & attractive woman they are just a turn off. A little is okay, this is just insane.
    Nice vids of Vix. Your a lucky bastard!! ;-)

  11. rc Says:

    Put me down as another “does nothing for me”. Yuck.

  12. Chris Says:

    I can’t believe someone would pay for those. Gross! I would rather feel up a a-cup than some nasty fakers like that. Not that I’m opposed to enhanced breasts… It’s just those are obnoxiously disgusting IMHO.

  13. Karen Says:

    Thank you very much for the feedback, Reese! Thank you to Vix for sharing! Vix, they are fabulous!

    I would never in a million years have guessed. I showed the pic to my friend (who doesn’t approve of enhanced breasts) and I believe he’s been converted … lol.

    I was being facetious about the surgeon as I am in Canada but I have access to one of the best plastic surgeons in N.A. I will show him the picture when I am ready as truly, they are perfect!

    I would be interested in knowing details such as the type of implant Vix chose if you don’t mind sharing this. You are more than welcome to send me an email.

    I love your site and send all my male friends this way. They think it’s pretty cool that I admit my love for the big boobs. I think a lot of (hetero) women do but are too shy to admit it. ⊙⊙

  14. Georgio Says:

    I’ve always been a naturals only lover if you can tell real from fake which you normally can. But this woman has made me had second thoughts – in the sense that there is no way in the world I would not be hugely turned on seeing those (and the rest of her) live.

    You’ve overloaded my brain first thing in the morning Reese and life may never be the same

  15. Chuck Says:

    Love the ones of her in the tanning bed! She looks like a other-worldly blue skinned goddess. I have always absolutely loved big busted women with uniquely colored skin! Excellent shots.

  16. Tremaine Fox Says:

    I really don’t like these. :/ I love natural big boobs. I don’t mind a little bit of enhancement by surgery, as long as they still have a mostly-natural look and feel to them.

    These are just ridiculous, I’m afraid.

  17. Dan Says:

    Way over the top. Not attractive at all.

  18. Mad Dog Says:

    Wow. Is she bigger than Chelsea right now? I know Charms drains the string from time to time, so her size fluctuates. But this chick is MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASIVE! Not very attractive though. Those lips… really? That wasn’t necessary. I’m sure she looked fine prior to making it seem as if her lips are part of a Halloween costume. And her skin is obviously having a very difficult time coping with the stress she’s putting on it. Acne and stretch marks. Not good.

  19. Rick Says:

    Which country is she from?

    Strange name too, Beshine? sounds like a car wash.

  20. Marci Says:

    Beshine in huge, but remember that her breasts are fake. I recently uncovered, with the help of a girlfriend of mine who is a nurse, some film of an oriental teenager who has a serious case of virginal gigantomastia but other than her breasts being largher than I can comprehend, even when looking at them, her breasts are incredibly beautiful silk like torpedoes that stick out 18″ from her chest with a diameter of 15″ and nipples of immense size! At just over 5’9″ she carries them well and at 81″-24″-38″ she is simply developed beyond belief. What has also developed with her condition is her clitoris which measures nearly 6″ and which she has used on a large number of older (in their twenties and thirties) women who she appearently has little trouble bringing to extremely intense orgasms. She’s just as beautiful as she is developed so it’s little wonder why she has no trouble sexually attracting them and by the way, she strongly prefers “turning beautiful straight women her way.”

  21. iNinja Says:

    Beshine is my new favorite. She is a true fantasy girl. And she’s really nice, too! She posts on BEA often.

  22. Nicki Says:

    I too saw the film about the oriential girl called Tia and OMG she simply dwarfs every girl I’ve seen including Chelsea Charms! But I was just as much in shock when I saw the segment where, in a private bedroom, she is shown humping a very busty beautiful blonde woman. The girl is resting on the side of a bed with her tight navy blue skirt and white silk slip pushed up near the top of her pantyhose while Tia mounts her and appears to be screwing her senseless right through the crotch of the pantyhose! The girl appears going limp with her arms falling by her side, her eyes rolled back and in the state of obvious ecstasy as Tia humps her with long deep strokes. Seconds later the woman appears to go into unconsciousness, as Tia is seen withdrawing from the girl but ejaculating an extremely heavy discharge all over the girl’s nylons, slip and skirt. I know Tia has said she enjoys screwing beautiful American girls who are straight but simply are too excited by her to resist her sexually. I understand she eventually wants to come to America and get her hands on the woman she wants most, Patricia Heaton.

  23. Ken Says:

    WOW I’d would have loved to see that humping!

  24. JMan Says:

    I REALLY like her boobs, I think they are ridiculously awesome and hot because they are so disgustingly fake….
    But HOLY SHIT that mug is just unbearable…. the surgery on her LIP makes her look like a fucking duck and her eye brow injections make her look like a freak show monster with no eye brows. someone needs to tell her to stop the fuckin face surgery’s so she can get back to being insanely hot.

  25. Barbara Says:

    I saw the film about this girl Tia and it’s no wonder the American beauty stood no chance; Tia is simply unbelievable and it was obvious that the blonde was virtually reaching the verge of orgasm even before Tia used that clit on her and impaled her, sending her into “girl heaven!” I understand that this girl has now impaled many beautiful American girls, sending each into mind-bending orgasms and that a few of her close friends are filming these sexual encounters.

  26. zeke Says:

    yeah, not a fan of enhancenment here, either. Work w/ what the G-man gave ya. There’s plenty of other guys who like fried eggs.

  27. Anon Says:

    Does anyone have a link to the vid of or a last name for this ‘Tia’?

  28. Diogenes Says:

    Kinda gross that you can see her concealer showing up as faint green in the tanning bed photos. She’s definitely hiding some kind of outbreak around her mouth. The UV light shows every bump, blemish, and scar. Yech. Not the best place for a photoshoot, especially without eye protection.

  29. Theo Winters Says:

    I never knew of lovely lady before, but I have to say, I’m a BIG fan of any sort of big breasts, and damn if I don’t like her!

  30. Pete Says:

    She’s amazing!
    Too damn sexy!

  31. veranoazul Says:

    I am female, and I love Beshine’s boobs..she has already got 2000CC in each breast and i would love to see her going bigger…..

  32. Dave Says:

    I’d pay just about anything to see the very beautiful and sexy Patricia Heaton having a sexual encounter with this young girl Tia and watching Tia driving Patricia totally out of her mind by impaling her with the 6″ fully erect clitoris and ejaculating all over Ms. Heaton’s face, nylons, crotch, slip, szkirt, etc!

  33. Peter D Says:

    I have looked at the Beshine vids and I must say that the things which put me off are (a) I really do not like the way that they appear not to move whenever she does and (b) they are ridiculously out of proportion to the rest of her body. They are beautifully attractive and all that, good skin tone, nice veins (probably more prominent on account of stretched breast tissue) and if I was really really into bizarre porn I would love this, but I’m afraid it leaves me cold. It is a damn good advert for polypropylene string implants, but that’s all. I love, more than anything else, large breasts bestowed by mother nature and the women who also love having them. You really cannot better the REAL thing.

  34. jim Says:

    Can somebody tell me more about this Tia video, as I’m starting to think it is merely a rumor.

    Details such as the program name, channel of origin etc would be helpful. Or if anybody knows where one can get a copy.

  35. LIZ Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK ! who in there right mind would do that to them selves . Those BIG boobs look absolutly awful ………….URRGGGG

  36. can Says:

    beshine so gerne ficken

  37. can Says:

    beshine hat so wahnsinnig riesige titten

  38. CHRIS Says:


  39. madan Says:

    Beshine’s boob is fake, i say. Even if that is true, that seems ugly not beauty. I have seen many like that size but they are chubby, big belly, big bisep, big thigh etc as well as boob. But Beshine has only big boob but skinny body. So i say that is fake boob.

  40. BettyAnn Says:

    As a bi lady, I am in LOVE with Beshine and her hugh sexy breasts! I am large (36H) but I would love to meet Beshine and hope that she would allow me to try on one of her beautiful bras! Yes, I do have a thing for wearing other womens bras, the bigger the better.

  41. Sami Tremblam Says:

    A bit big for me personally but I still enjoy looking at big tits…………Dan if they are Way over the top. Not attractive at all, why are you looking?

  42. Inderjit Says:

    Hi, lovely
    wanna meet uu pleassee, u r amaazingg, how u made it dis massssssivvee bboooobbssss, i ‘m really can’t believe how beautiful u r ? dats why wanna meet u face to face

  43. oliveira Says:


  44. jose.oliveira Says:


  45. jose.oliveira Says:


  46. Doc Thompson Says:

    Beshine is the thing since Tina Small and her 84 inchers

  47. jose.oliveira Says:


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