Biggest Breasts on Anorei Collins or Abbi Secraa?

Seeing the new Anorei Collins set over at Score’s XLGirls site today really got me to thinking, “Who’s got the biggest tits of the two, her or Abbi Secraa?”…

Anorei Collins gigantic tits at    Anorei Collins gigantic breasts at    Anorei Collins gigantic boobs at

Anorei Collins video from

(click here to visit Anorei Collins at

…and I was just getting ready to run an Anorei Collins / Abbi Secraa side by side comparison when I found myself “udderly” distracted by a far less busty chubby blonde with significantly smaller tits simply because she seemed so stunningly sexy in the two topless photos below of Claire at

Claire cute chubby sexy beautiful busty blonde plumper with belly button tattoo and nice norks at    Claire cute chubby sexy beautiful busty blonde plumper with belly button tattoo and nice norks at    Claire cute chubby sexy beautiful busty blonde plumper with belly button tattoo and nice norks at

(click here to visit Claire at

…oh, and speaking of busty blondes, you know how a guy’s waist-line tends to get higher and higher as he gets older? Well, I’m beginning to believe it’s the same with women after seeing Bea Flora has been having a similar pants related problem with her pantyhose creeping up to her tits at

Bea Flora pantyhose problem creeping up to her tits at MyBoobs.Eu    Bea Flora pantyhose problem creeping up to her tits at MyBoobs.Eu    Bea Flora pantyhose problem creeping up to her tits at MyBoobs.Eu

(click here to visit Bea Flora at

…moving farther down a busty blonde’s female anatomy (albeit up as well), I was genitally intrigued to see gorgeous J-cup big boobs British blonde babe Teri Fox had matching mouth and labia lips both fit to kiss (oh, that reminds me of a genital joke: how can you tell a girl’s had sex recently? her lipstick!) in a sexy set of solo masturbation photos & videos from

32J Teri Fox from    Teri Fox video from

(click here to visit Teri Fox at

…and since we suddenly seem to be on the subject of busty British blondes and sex, I’d best mention I just blogged Leah-Jayne on My BBW Site (seeing as she’s not featured on my boob blog for a while) when I caught her giving some dick a titfuck and a reach-around handjob over at

Leah-Jayne busty British blonde BBW topless photo from    Leah-Jayne busty British blonde BBW titfuck photo from    Leah-Jayne busty British blonde BBW reach-around handjob photo from

(click here to visit Leah-Jayne at

…right then, enough of my being distracted by big boobs blondes, British or otherwise, and on to our titular topic at hand: It was whilst I was comparing clothed photos of Anorei and Abbi that I came to the conclusion the biggest breasts between these two super busty beauties belonged to Abbi Secraa…

Anorei Collins vs Abbi Secraa - Who has the biggest tits?    Abbi Secraa vs Anorei Collins - Who has the biggest boobs?

(images courtesy of and, respectively)

…(that is, after thoughts of actually being between both big, beautiful pairs had been purged from my prurient mind). But then I began to doubt myself, thinking that maybe it’s merely the contrast of the dramatic breast to body ratio between the busty voluptuous and slim & stacked figure, or perhaps it has more to do with the fact Anorei’s wearing a bra under her top whereas Abbi opts for the braless big tits in a t-shirt look, or it could even just be a matter of massive mammaries looking bigger or smaller depending upon a busty girl’s body angle (i.e. “stand up straight and arch your back to make your boobs look bigger”) / arm position in pose (large breast compression leading to more colossal cleavage as Anorei shows). Meh, who’s to say? So I’ve decided to leave the “girl with the biggest tits” decision up to you and, since we’ve already seen the new Anorei Collins gallery, I’ll come to a close with a few more massive tits in tops pics of Abbi Secraa at

Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from    Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from    Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from

Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from    Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from    Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from

Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from    Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from    Abbi Secraa busty blonde with gigantic tits in a t-shirt top big boobs braless massive breasts photos from

(note: full-size photos available to download at the site are 6048×4032 ultra high resolution)


47 thoughts on “Biggest Breasts on Anorei Collins or Abbi Secraa?”

  1. The better test for size would be water displacement. How much water is displaced by Anorei and Abbi? I volunteer to test them. ;o)

  2. I think if we are purely talking about size, it would probably be Anorei, although Abbi keeps seeming to get bigger and bigger! But for my tastes, Abbi is lightyears ahead of Anorei. Those proportions are just insane. It’s like looking at real life anime…

  3. Abbi is a borefest and this does happen. My current girlfriend is a j-cup but she is dull enough to put you to sleep. Abbi is alot like her. Annie does it for me.

  4. Abbi, even if her titties were half, she’s #1 in my book. Abbis tits look better than Anorei. Anoreis body is just too big. I love big tits but when the body doesn’t fit that kills it. I just can’t see how people can blindly say a girl is beautiful just because she has huge tits, all the while completely ignoring the fact the the body is gross. When boobs get that big they’re just ugly. Nipple shouldn’t point @ the floor. Just like those who are in love with Norma Stitz. Shes even more ugly. I love Nadine Jansen, always have. To me she has the perfect balance. Well, maybe a little more booty. Nadines tits are nice, firm, no sagging, they are what tits are supposed to look like.

  5. I am with you, and feel that Abbi does it for me. But I think announcing that her boobs are bigger might be a bit hasty. Lexi has tremendous bosom. I think she is very cute and youthful but my face preference is with Abbi, I think that has a lot to do with it. But I feel that Lexi has more personality in English and would not bore you. I still prefer Abbi as a model. I like looking at her more.

    But without a tit-to-tit photo set, I’d really need some height data to help me decide. Pictures can blow you away when its all relative to a models own body, but if you have a woman 5’3″, who looks like she has whoppers, compared to a woman 5’9″ how appears to have the same size, then the taller woman will blow away the shorter woman in person. #1 — the boobs are at a higher altitude and closer to your face. #2 — they will turn out to actually BE bigger.

    I prefer Abbi. And even thought she has bigger tits, I still love Milena Velba more. Milena is a more educated woman, and has a light in her eyes and playfulness Abbi does not have. Perfection is perfection. I would take ANY of these women pictured here. They are ALL goddesses. But Milena is still on top for me. I don’t think a man would ever be bored around her.

  6. I love Abbi, even as a younger man, I feel she is pure sex. Anorei is just too much for me. I like a chubby woman but perhaps I like less folds though. Anyway, wish her all the best as she seems to enjoy what she’s doing. Gimme Abbi anyday though :)

  7. The thing of it is, Bob, I don’t think Anorei’s body is gross at all. I think it’s beautiful. She has a lovely face, and unlike Abby she looks real- Abby as a ‘real-life anime’ is just too spot on. Anorei may not be to some people’s taste, but in fact for me it is not just about the boobs, it’s about the whole woman.

  8. Anorei just looks sloppy to me, like she exists on twinkies & potato chips.
    Abbi has a classier, more regal sort of presence.
    Having said what i have about Anorei, for some reason, i loved Dors Feline
    when she got “sloppy.”
    Go figure…

  9. Abbi is so endlessly hot. Can’t say the same for the other, she looks good from certain angles. I do find it interesting that some people think Abbi is boring (like her videos). They turn me on to no end, I feel she is literally trying to get me off with the types of poses she does… whereas other models I feel are just punching the time clock. Funny how two people could see it so differently.

  10. Though I like Anorei a lot and would marry her without hesitation, give me Abbi anytime.

    When it comes to breasts I love disproportion, and, in this regard, Abbi’s the queen, hands down. I would not only marry her, but even raise her/our children :-) I hate the man who will do so :-D

  11. I suppose that Anorei has bigger breasts, but I prefer Abbi.
    However, I think that Abbi is under her possibilities and she is boring. Maybe she needs a good manager.

  12. Why all the hate for Anorei/Lexxxi? I find Lexxxi beautiful. I always love my girls large and in charge. Abbi is old. Lexxxi is younger and prime. When Abbi started out, she hid her face in her earlier pictures. At least, Lexxxi had the courage to show her beautiful face next to those large breasts. Abbi uses the same poses, while Lexxxi will dress up in role playing as a nun or Marilyn Monroe.

    If Lexxxi didn’t have those enormous breasts, she would still be a stunning beauty. Abbi, on the other hand would be average looking. Lexxxi is more adventurous than Abbi because she uses sex toys and lactates. I have yet to see Abbi perform with a toy or lactate on a whim like Lexxxi does.

    Anorei/Lexxxi can be the Queen of my Universe anytime. Long live the Queen Anni. :)

  13. Anorei may be a bigger girl overall, but that’s okay. I prefer my girls a little bigger, softer, more to touch all over. And with those knockers, I could spend hours with my face buried in there. She’s also really pretty too. I read somewhere she had reached a P-cup. That’s just insane.

  14. I am going for a second post because this is such an TITanic contest. It would really be best to have a nipple to nipple photo set to settle it. I think Abbi is taller but I’m not sure. My hunch is that in person her breasts dominate. Lexxxi does get inventive with outfits, and dresses like a nun and wraps cling wrap around herself in the kitchen, but Abbi dresses in very elegant and desireable evening dresses that show off her stunning breasts and spectacular legs. She is the best model.

    I disagree with Hank. I’ve said it before, that if Abbi had no boobs she would look like Jennifer Anniston’s sister! Are you telling me that is “average” looking? No, sir. Abbi is the biggest and best model. Queen Jennifer er, I mean Abbi.

    Now I love Lexxxi, don’t get me wrong. And whoever that guy was who says Norma Stitz is ugly needs his head examined. Larger women are wonderful, and sex with Lexxxi would be a life changing experience that would be unforgettable. But we’re talking about modeling here. Abbi is the top.

  15. Few girls can stand up to Abbi, Anorei (nice to see we’re ignoring her other name) included. She’s just that magical, even without lactation. Whereas (and I hate to say it) Anorei has great qualities but her stomach is a bit of trainwreck… sorry!

  16. @ Charles. You mean Jennifer Anniston’s OLDER sister right? Abbi has a face more like Sarah Jessica Parker and she is the ugliest Hollywood actress out there. That is probably why Abbi pixalied her face earlier in her photos.

    If we are talking about modeling here, I bet the photographers air brush the crow’s feet from Abbi’s face. That practise is done to most aging models including Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford(I can’t believe they are hocking age reducing cosmetics now). Modelling is a young girl’s game and it’ Anorei/Lexxxi’s game right now.

    Your right about the guy that dissed Norma Stitz. Norma would be in my top 5 list for big breasted women.

    All Hail Queen Anni! Long may she reign in my heart :D

  17. @Charles – That is so funny you said that. I was telling my wife she looks like she could be Jennifer Anniston’s sister or at least cousin, and she thought I was crazy. Maybe she was just too focused on the boobs ;)

  18. ‘Though I agree ‘Rei is lovely, it’s not her boobies that grab my attention. She can go ahead and get a breast reduction for all I care, as long as she dosn’t lose a single pound of that gorgeous flabby belly. :)

    And to all the w8 h8ers, yeah, she does look like she exists on twinkies and ‘chips. And I for one would love to feed them to her and wash them down with my cum.

  19. Anorei doesnt have big boobs……she has a huge body. Abbi has huge boobs. I love comparisons and contests, but lets compare girls who are similar, you cant take a girl who is an EXTRA LARGE BBW and compare to someone who isnt that. Slim vs Slim(say a Merilyn vs Venera), average bodies like Milena vs Abbi and the BBW’s vs BBW’s.

  20. Reese – I think I had an error last time I tried to post this, but Mike gave me a great idea! What about doing a tournament style boob-off? You could have a bracket and everything, with four “regions” that would showcase four body types, such as 1) Slim and Stacked, 2) Average body, great tits, 3) BBW, and 4) ???. That way, you have people like Maria Swan set against Anna, Milena against Abbi, etc. The tournament could be vote driven, so each day you have a new battle between big boobed beauties! At the end, you would have a final four that would be more of a style versus style. (i.e., do you like BBW more than slim and stacked).

    What do you think? i09 did something like this with Sci Fi shows, and I think it would get a ton of interest!

  21. Is this a joke? Abbi by a wide margin. No offense to Anorei, as I’m sure she is a lovely woman, but it’s no contest. Sometimes I wonder about you fellas.

    What’s next? Samantha 38G looks better, and fitter than Hitomi Tanaka or Jana Defi? lol

  22. @ Joey. The comparison is strictly on the size of the breast of the models mentioned, Not on their body size. Sometimes I would wonder about you and your lack of reading comprehension.

    Anorei rules because at least she has commented on Reese’s site while Anni never bothers to reply to her fans on this site. And, that’s a fact.

  23. @Hankloveshooters: perhaps the reason why Abbi “never bothers to reply to her fans on this site” is she considers her English to be not good enough. Or it could also be the sense of entitlement from commenters like you.

    Either way, each woman is fantastic in her own way.

  24. @ jalabi. What? Abbi can’t find someone to translate for her? It just proves she is stupid, lazy or ungrateful. Which one is it? The “english is not good enough” excuse is not acceptable in this day and age for internet usage. I don’t have a sense of entitlement from her. It was an observation that became fact. No mulligan for her. But, Anorei is more fantastic than Abbi. GO Anorei Go!

  25. @Hank, who cares if Anorei talks to you or not, shes still huge and i mean her body, not her boobs. Abbi isnt built like a pro football player, she has huge boobs. @Are you serious…I did a contest on myspace years ago. I was able to get 8 girls, all amateurs, who entered my big boob contest. I created a group on myspace, they submitted various pics of themselves(tightshirts, bikinis, etc) and the members of group voted on who had the biggest boobs. I even brackeed it. Winner advanced to face another winner. It brought out some good banter too. I tried to do a second one, the girl who was voted the winner was all for another one, but I couldnt come up with enough interest and that was about the time myspace was going away and facebook was taking over.

  26. @ Mike. Hey genius, people don’t “talk” on comment boards, they communicate through typed messages. I didn’t state that Anorei writes to me. It is just that some models need to interact with their fans. Abbi doesn’t. Just stating the truth. Check it out for your self.

    How do you know Anorei’s dimensions? Did you take an actual measurement or a visual scale comparison? The comparison between Anorei and Abbi was strictly on their breast sizes, not on their bodies. Anorei still has a feminine quality in her presence. There was no need to insult Anorei. ‘Nuff said.

    You can’t blame the introduction of Facebook for the lack of interest on your amateur contest . It was probably you never offered a prize for winning your contest. I’m surprised that the website didn’t shut you down to begin with.

  27. Oh goodness Reese- you’ve opened a can of worms! lol
    I’m not sure who between us has bigger tits, but I’d forgo measuring and let her win if I could snuggle up between em! lol =)

  28. Awwwww Hanky, your panties in a bunch?? 1st off, dont be a hypocrite, you said I insulted Anorei, when in fact you insulted Abbi in a post above, so save that garbage. Or are you allowed to insult people, but others arent? Wrong clown, you get what you asked for. But I get that you like Anorei because she communicated with you in some form, whether it be on a message board, text, phone call, pony express, whatever, who cares. Fact is you like the look of a very heavy girl, I dont, to each his own. By the way, the 1st contest I ran was a big success(you mustve missed that part of my post), anyway, it wasnt shut down because it was MYSPACE clown and unless you just crawled out of a box, myspace let everything go except nudity and there was no nudity involved in that contest. Now keep up next time.

  29. Anorei is fantastis there is no such thing as too large when we are talking about tits!! Those titties can make you cum without even touch yourself..

  30. Poor l’ll Mikey. I didn’t insult Abbi. I just stated she was older. Which is the truth. Who cares about your wannabe pimping contest on myspace. It’s ancient history. You must lead a sad existence to bring up some irrelevent amateur contest from your past. You must thought you were the next Hef. when you got a few inquiries. LOL. Only fools would use myspace. You look small in my rear view mirror, tool.

  31. BTW Mikey. Did you notice that Anorei/Lexxxi posted a comment on Reese’s site before your rant against me. I don’t see Abbi’s comment on here ever. Anorei/Lexxxi wasn’t communicating to me and I don’t expect her to. She was posting to Reese. Anore/Lexxxi shows she is more outgoing and versatile. She proves she more than a pair of breasts. Abbi, on the other hand is just that. Which was my point. You have to get the word out by interacting with the social media just like you tried to do with your amateur contest. Remember everybody loves the clown. Don’t be too serious, you might get a stroke.

  32. @ Reese. Can you get Lexxxi and Abbi do some snuggling together in some future post? That sounds HOT. Make it happen, Reese

  33. @Hank, your way to easy Hank, lets see, you compared her to what you called the UGLIEST person in Hollywood, that isnt an insult Hanky? Oops strike one. You said they had to airbrush the crows feet from her face, was that a compliment Hanky, strike 2 Hanky. That was all before I made a single post…………….practice what you preach little Hanky. You dont want people to insult what you like(heavy people, not big boobed people), then dont start using insults yourself. I know your a little slow, but do you get the whole picture now?????????? :)

  34. Rather smaller pretty well formed tits than fat and floppy. Anorei: quanity and Abbi:quality. I got my head examined and the doc agreed that Norma Stitz boobs are gross. Sure they’re big, but they don’t look good.

  35. Aw! poor little mikey. Don’t you have to be on MYSPACE or something? You call me slow? It’s obviously you never played baseball before to realize that it takes 3 strikes to record an out. Stay in the dugout, Loser. If it’s a crime to like big beautiful women. Then, I’m guilty as charged. And I’m proud of it.

    Long live the Goddess known as Lexxxi.

  36. Yah HOOO! That is a lot of tit flesh. I really liked the bra fitting video,Reese. I’d more of the same,please. The way Anorie grabbed a fist full of boob and just pulled her breast into the bra cup was …Yummy.
    I really enjoy tha way you present the girls in your comments and you do have a good since of literary comosition and a bit of English flair,to boot.
    The entro is almost as good as the actual photos or videos. Does Vix help you on these? Pulctatude is a word?My spell check is off,duh.
    Bottom line: May you have a lot of sex and fun and live long and prosper.
    Thanks for a very erotic adventure into the Internet,Sir. Dave.

  37. I wish I could correct my typos.You get the idea,here.Delete this .YES! I like the boobs that you offer to all of us.My buddy,Rubin really enjoyed the My Vagina Site at the bottom of the screen!He is going to get a flash drive so he can(save)and take some pussy home. Thanks! Dave.

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