Bra Destroyer

I saw one picture from this latest gallery of Natalie Fiore and proclaimed “Good God, girlfriend!!” and instantly knew I had to share. Tits like these are not to be kept to your self.

Thankfully the fecund Frenchwoman feels the same.

Now seven months pregnant, it’s not just Natalie’s belly that is swelling. Her boobs are so big that she is really having trouble in finding a bra that does not disintegrate simply by being in close proximity to them.

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The pre-pregnant measurements for Natalie are obviously out of date, being listed as a 38H. I think we can quite comfortably surmise that the 37 year old bra-buster is bigger than that, now.

Having been pregnant twice myself, I know how hot and heavy those breasts must feel.
I could feel the heat radiating from my milk bound knockers and Natalie is certainly bigger on the boob front than I have ever been, or ever will be.

We see the mega-mammaried momma manipulating her mammoth mounds and they simultaneously look soft and firm at the same time.
In the shower, water streaming down her body, then a squirt of thick, white fluid dripping from her fun-bags all adding to our pleasure as she rubs her hands down her body. Caressing her changing curves.

Natalie’s nipples and areolae have now begun to darken and they are the same size as the palms of her hands. Just huge!

Popping her paws into her puffy, pregnant pussy, Natalie is as comfortable with her sexy body now, as she ever was. I’m thinking she might need longer arms soon, if she wants to continue to toss-off, over the next few months.


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  1. I love it when these busty ladies share themselves when they’re pregnant. Everything awesome about them just amplifies.

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