Copiously Curvy Kamille

What is with all these new models I am cumming across, of late?

I’m not really complaining about this multitude of mammoth mammary mommas, but I am, as ever, complaining about the lack of biography that is divulged when they appear.

I wonder if this is intentional on behalf of the studios that make the galleries of photos and videos. I wonder if it is a hook to keep us looking.

It’s a strange old world that gives us the opportunity to look right up a womans twat before we know anything about her. At least we usually have a name.

Still, we are here to peruse the puppies, not go on a date, so I guess my point is irrelevant.

The name of this new chubby chick is Kamille Amora.

Kamille is from the US and measures up at a 36 I-cup. (That’s eye not ell) making Kamille’s chest measurement 46″.

She is here in this first video having a picnic in the park. Expertly fellating a banana. Showing us how far she can deep-throat.


My guess is that we will see Kamille sucking off a big, hard cock in the upcoming months, if not weeks, as in this next video she is not only showing us those great big boobs, but she also spreads her legs and flashes her fanny, pushing her fingers into her pussy and masturbating on the floor for her first ever shoot with XLGirls.


Kamille’s pale, milky-white skin displays the blue veins on her tremendous natural tits and emphasises her big, slightly darker areolae and nipples.

Kamille Amora at XLgirls

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