Bra sizing issues, Maria Moore & I-cup Alana

It’s been 100 years since the word “brassiere” first appeared in Vogue magazine, 93 since the first bra patent was granted to American socialite Mary Phelps Jacob (her original design fashioned from two silk hankies and some ribbon) and 72 since Warner’s created the cup-size system, but recent statistics assembled by the British Medical Association has revealed that a majority of women are still wearing bras that are too small. In one study they found that 100% of the women participating we wearing the wrong bra size! By far, the most disturbing revelation was in the underlying aim of their research: As stated by one breast specialist doctor, “Many women requesting breast reduction surgery are wearing bra sizes several times too small.” He then went on to recommend that “the services of bra fitters should be available on the NHS [Britain’s National Health Service] as the first step in the referral for breast-reduction surgery”.

Now, I know that many of you feel that a lot of the big boob models have a tendency to overestimate their cup size but, apart from a few disreputable sites, I’ve found the measurements to be largely accurate. It wasn’t until my first bra shopping outing with my wife, Vix, several years ago that I realised just how small a D-cup actually was! Looking through a catalogue of models to see the visual impact of different bra styles, I guessed that one model was a mere B-cup when it turned out that she was a full 38D (thus, it’s not just women who underestimate bra sizes!)! And, as for the wife, I’d always thought of her as a double-D at most until the bra fitting specialist at one highly respected shop measured her up properly as a 36F!! Fortunately, Vix is quite proud of her breasts and the attention they attract, so finding out that her true bra size was substantially larger than previously believed was a non-issue.

No so for the majority of women, though. One female friend of ours had a bit of a crisis over this a while back when she learned, after wearing a 34DD bra for most of her life, that her correct bra size was actually a 32G. Honestly, she was devastated by this news, never having even known that something bigger than a DD-cup had existed, and immediately began researching reductions (which, apparently, our doctors here in the UK will consider for anyone who’s an E-cup upwards). :~( Although we did our best to console her and cast a positive light on her truly lovely big boobs and how they complemented her figure as well as decry the evils of something as invasive and potentially disfiguring as breast reduction surgery, it did no good whatsoever and I was left to sadly wonder how a few measly letters of the alphabet could have such a major impact upon a woman’s attitude towards her breasts.

What brought this whole topic to mind for me was Maria Moore’s latest photo shoot for Divine Breasts in which she wears a bra which is obviously too small for her. Granted, she’s probably just doing it for effect to accentuate the sheer size of her massive JJ-cup mammaries – which is fine, as it’s good to see a well-endowed woman who’s happy with the big breasts with which she’s been blessed – but it does look a wee bit uncomfortable nonetheless. Sure, wearing a smaller bra can enhance the cleavage dramatically, but it also results in that curious quadra-boob syndrome wherein one’s big tits tend to spill out the top of the bra. Eh, I suppose it’s a turn-on to those with a bra fetish, but I prefer to see beautiful breasts like Maria’s naked. And so, in an effort to please all of the people all of the time, here’s a bit of both with 38JJ Maria Moore in and then out of her undersized bra at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at    Maria Moore 38JJ at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)

…I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce a new model who’s recently joined the DivineBreasts harem: I-cup Alanah! I used to think that I-cups were an extreme rarity, that is until I’d discovered the measurements of one of my favourite Score girls, Autumn-Jade. Since then, I’ve had the good fortune of finding other I-cuppers to grace these pages, including Victoria from RubMyBoob and DB’s own anonymous I-cup guest. Call it an obsession with odd bra sizes, but when I saw that newcomer Alana shared this unique cup-size as well, I felt obligated to add her to today’s blog. So here she is in her very first appearance at

Alana with her I-cup breasts at    Alana with her I-cup breasts at    Alana with her I-cup breasts at

Alana with her I-cup breasts at    Alana with her I-cup breasts at    Alana with her I-cup breasts at



14 thoughts on “Bra sizing issues, Maria Moore & I-cup Alana”

  1. Ah, thank God noramality. Maria Looks great in these shots. Not sure about that gypsy bra Though. She is a big girl!

  2. Reese – I find it interesting that your friend only wanted a reduction after learning she was a 32G as opposed to a 34DD. It’s not as if her boobs suddenly changed due to this discovery. They’re the same as before. I guess the “psychology” of having a *GASP* G sized cup was too much for her and she felt she had gone over some line that everyone deemed acceptable. What a shame. People seem to be very fixated on numbers, and as we’ve all seen with bras, it’s not just the cup size. At the end of the, if they look good and feel good, it’s all good. Don’t sweat the numbers ladies, but do get a properly fitted bra and be comfortable with your assets! A confidant woman is so very sexy.

  3. Its so true…….it seems to be a traumatic thing when a woman goes past a D cup… she is some kind of freak etc……..My wife went to one of those bra fittings they have that support breast cancer research. The woman who measured her up actually suggested a reduction. My point is women get mixed messages all the time….be a size 0 etc……..just be happy with yourself, and know there are men who appreciate you just as you are…..even if your not a size 0 or wear a bra larger than a D,, in fact some of of revel in that.

  4. I’m with Jack and bigboobfan, a curvy girl is a sexy girl, the opposite doesn’t bear thinking about, I mean whoever thinks size zero is attractive must have been kept on a leesh and chased cats for a number of years, I mean they look like cutlery! And as much as I hate breast reductions (I for one think they should be illegal) women have them usually to relieve themselves of back pain or not liking how they look. Ladies, if you’re curvy and like to stay that way then good for you, guys like curves, the websites, DVDs and magazine companies should be evidence of that and if you’re not convinced then god help you.

    Oh and Maria moore looks lovely as usual keep up the good work!!!

  5. Maria looks great, as always, but that’s an ugly bra. I would’ve liked it if they would’ve put her in a nicer bra that was too small for her because I love it when breasts are spilling out of clothing.

    And I usually prefer her with blond highlights in her hair, but she looks terrific in these pics.

  6. I gotta say, I’m not a fan of the “quadra boob” effect Reese mentioned. I like a crisp clean white bra that shows off those beautiful assets. And yes, Maria is looking gorgeous as always! Keep them boobs coming!

  7. Unfortunately, most female do not watch porn. And if they do it is of the super skinny gals with fake boobs. Fashion mags and mainstream media still does not celebrate curves, but it is starting to. Every woman should live up to be her best, not some girl of the week on the front pages of the gossip mags.
    Double bubble is a fashion no-no. But that is the fun of porn, to make a no-no a good thing. Also cute sexy bras in larger cups sizes are hard to find. Good thing I love to shop.


  8. All

    I have to agree with Sam. Maria is right on point with her lovely pictures. I am a bit frightened of the Alana. Reese might I recommend posting some more flattering pictures of her. Maybe it’s the lighting..


  9. Beautiful pics of ms Moore once again, we love it.
    Wearing a undersized bra is so sexy, its like the boobs are speaking for themselves “Please let us come out” :)
    Specially with tits like Marias when one is “out” and one is “in” you can see how much tit the bra is keeping.
    Ofcourse I love the quadra tit, this effect is also visible when girls wearing a t-shirt, sexy.
    And U also have the “triple cleavage” effect wich looks hot. Thats when a girl with heavy hangers put her juggs in a tiny bra You will have an extra horisontal cleavage on each side (just below/ side of the arm pit).

    Back to ms Moore.
    When letting her tits out the nipples are pointing south. Oh that looks so horny. I Imagine myself on my back with ms Moore (or Jenny Hill) sitting on my face. From that pos I have direct look to her beautiful hangers with the nipples almost touching my face…..Thank God for gravity.


    Harald “the titloving viking”

  10. I think Sam’s term “Double Bubble” is what Reese calls “Quadra-Boob”. Heh heh – double bubble sounds quite funny actually.

    I gotta agree with Harald – the one boob in, one boob out shot of Maria is amazing. It shows you just how much those bra’s have to work. :)

  11. After many years of intensive breasts research, I’ve came to the conslusion that different brands of bras have different size ratings. For example: cup G for one brand may be rated cup DD another brand of the same size.

  12. I always looked at “quad boobs” as something suggesting towards “breast expansion”. The idea that the boobs used to fit that bra when it was initially put on, but are now increasing in size to potentially burst the bra. I guess it’s a case of each to their own though in that repect. Personally, I like images like those shown here with the “quad boobs”, and wouldn’t mind seeing a few more of them *hint hint*.

    But your right on the whole changing bra size thing. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine when she got refitted for a bra and found she’d somehow gone from a 34DD to a 36F, despite the 34DD fitting her fine. Different places use different sizes though.

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