Denise Milani

Since the beginning of April, I’ve received dozens of e-mails from various visitors to MyBoobSite asking when Denise Milani would be appearing here. Trouble was, although I was aware of, as my mate johnny h. put it, the “big boobed slim and stacked phenomenon that has come out of nowhere, and is suddenly all over the net,” I didn’t have any photos to blog.

Jazzman came to my rescue with an almost evangelical e-mail which included a most thoughtful little “care package” of content from her site (and, if I haven’t said so already, thanks Jazzman!). In his e-mail, he applauded my humble efforts as a boob-blogger – as well as my recent turn-around on the topic of Asian tits – before offering the following caveat…

“I must say we differ in opinion from time to time, which is great. I’m a big breast, petite fan like you wouldn’t believe — not so much on the big girls…with obvious exceptions: Claudia-Marie (which I recently discovered separately), Samantha38G (holy hard-on, Batman!), and even lately, Maria Moore (who grew on me over time). When it comes down to it, I love the Anyas, Princessas, Cassandras, Faiths, etc.”

…it was then that he got to the real mammary meat of the matter – the raison d’être of his e-mail, if you will…

“An even more important point is that I don’t like some of the really big girls because I don’t think a lot of the are beautiful. The face, the eyes, the smile, the dimples in their cheeks, the brightness of their teeth. That gets me. Because of that, if you are unfamiliar with her, I’d suggest a VERY LONG look at Denise Milani. Denise is a non-nude (the saddest thing ever) model who I humbly declare as the most perfect woman alive.”

…so, thanks to the pics he’d so thoughtfully included as an attachment, I did. And I must agree that Denise is indeed a most stunning woman. However, I must admit I was mildly disappointed at the lack of breast-flesh being revealed. My friend Tomasz, who’s not a fan of hardcore and prefers the classic softcore or fine art nudes, offered the same opinion in stronger terms, saying, “Denise Milani is the first ever adult big boob model who wants money for … not showing her boobs!”

We can always be hopeful, though. After all, “non-nude” is precisely how Maria Swan started out over at – offering her new-found fans at most a teasing glimpse of cleavage or glorious G-cup “big boobs from behind” shot when topless (not unlike the last photo of Denise in the pics below). Over time, Maria lost her inhibitions and now appears totally tits-out with delightful regularity on the site! Who knows? Perhaps Ms. Milani will, as her popularity progresses, eventually relent and actually show us her boobs!

As much as I don’t really understand it, there definitely does seem to be a market for non-nude sites. For example, I know that Belgian big boob queen Cindy Milley does quite well for herself, despite not revealing her nipples. Likewise with little Pixie from Pixie’s Pillows (with the exception that you can occasionally catch an eyeful of areola from between her spread fingers). Thus, there have to be big breast lovers who specifically find this sort of thing a turn-on. Eh, I don’t know…

…but I do know that, after having received so many e-mails from fans singing her praises, it would be a disservice not to include Denise amongst the models on MyBoobSite. And so, thanks again to the thoughtful contribution of Jazzman (and thanks, too, to her webmaster for granting me permission to post pics), here’s budding big boobs supermodel Denise Milani in a selection of photos from her official website –

Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from

Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from

Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from

Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from    Denise Milani from


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  1. Awesome rack on her, but, I gotta say, I cringed when I saw denise_milani_03.jpg. That is one tiny waist, and it looks like she’s sucking it in for that shot. Let it all hang out girl.

  2. Looks fake. If they’re real, she needs different clothing, as boobs don’t look like that without outside help. Not my favorite.

  3. Urk, I dont get the hype at all. I dont find her face anything particular, to me she looks just like any glam model with her collagen injected lips and what not. Also that sucking in her stomach picture was a complete turnoff.

  4. Reese,
    Do you have any information as to if Denise Milani’s amazing rack is real or implants? Perhaps that’s why she wont show them? I’ve been wondering this for some time and glad that she’s finally on your blog, but still no insight. Hopefully you can dig up something through your contacts.

  5. I get the impression Ms. Milani is going for a “real” modeling career (i.e. fashion/glamour) and will probably hold off on nude work until something happens on that front. Then again, maybe she’s just playing on the non-nude mystique to build a fan base.

    Either way, she’s a vision of beauty if ever there was one.

  6. Yeah, she’s hot, but her tits are fake. And I’m already tired of her pics. Hey Denise, wake me up when you decide to get naked.

  7. She’s stunning. Absolutely, positively stunning! But come one… she aint showin that body off for nothin! Take it off and stop being such a tease! ;)

    It’s like all those Japanese “idol” chicks. I read all these guys on various sites (BEA for example) goin ga-ga over these women. Yeah, some of them are stunning, but if all they are gonna do is pose in bras and bthing suit tops, then it gets old fast… REALLY FAST!

    It’s her body and her choice to make. But if she thinks a legit modeling career is on the horizon, and that’s why she doesn’t even go topless, then she’s in for a rude awakening! No way are we gonna be seein this chick in a Harper’s Bazaar magazine any time soon. Not with that rack! The modeling world likes their models to have chests the size of a 21 year old boy!

  8. I too have wondered for a while if they are real or fake, i’ve seen alot of her videos and a ton of her pics and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. In some of the beach/bikini stuff she’s done when she’s running around on the sand, they look pretty damn real- especially the way they jiggle and bounce, but it’s still hard to tell. I’d love to know the answer for sure.

    Either way, though, lets not lose sight of the fact that they’re friggin huge and absolutely spectacular whatever they’re made of.

  9. I’m with The Dude on this one. She’s very attractive but stinks of “common stripper”. I think she’ll keep her clothes on because the second she removes them it will become stuningly obvious that she has been surgically enhanced — perhaps even a bad boob job. Once her clothes and the mystery are gone she’ll be only too common. Small breasts are better than phony breasts!

  10. Very attractive woman but I have to agree with my mate BigBoobFan. Her waist is way to thin. She looks somewhat anorexic.

    If she wants to be a “real” model I wish her the best of luck. Keep your cloths on if you want to be taken seriously. If you want to make a crap load of money…take it off baby, and shake what your mama (or the surgeon) gave yuh.


  11. Reese,

    I’m going to have to wade in on the debate- even though I think it has already been said. She doesn’t show her nipples for a reason or the outer edge of her breasts quite simply because to do so would reveal the truth. But, yes I must agree she does look fantastic but big boob lovers like the guys here can sniff out a pair of sillicone enhanced breasts a mile away. Her body is unbelievably sexy and perfect. But, it is women like her who give the slim ‘n’ stacked lovers a hard time because it only re-enforces the myth that they cannot exist unless they are surgically enhanced. We know this isn’t the truth because of the natural wonders of the slim ‘n’ stacked world such as Faith, Anya and Princessa et al.

    This woman is great looking there is no doubt about it but she isn’t stupid she will not show whole breast because it would hurt her marketablility. What I suggest is that as a rule women who do not show their full breasts should not have the privilege of gracing our blogg. If they want the publicity and endorsement of this blogg she should give up the goods so as we can verify her authenticity. Why should she be any different, I remember Princessa had to go for a sonorgram. Personally I think you should take her of the blogg until she is willing to give a little. She would still have the endorsement of those that like fake breast, there is still a market for them. But Reese, we have had our own wars in the breast lover niche between, S ‘n’ S and BBW but we would all agree that fake is not apart of the deal we don’t want it in here. Please consider this seriously!!!!

    That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.


    p.s. I hope they’re real….. what a shame if they’re not!

  12. It’s pretty clear if you look at her shots that her breasts are enhanced, which kills a lot of it for me.

  13. She reminds me of Monika Zemanova, who was (also) enhanced, and almost too glamorous for her own good. I don’t think she belongs on this site, given its parameters, but I wouldn’t say anything negative about her. She’s pretty! She’s a tease! It’s a free country!

    Maybe she’s waiting to be picked up by Playboy?

  14. Sam

    I understand you point, but maybe Reese should NOT filter out candidates.

    The beauty of this site is that all different types of lovely ladies are posted. What I might appreciate might not be the same thing you appreciate. But at least we get to view and discuss the topic.

    I like the fact that a chick that decided NOT to show her goods received so much attention. It got all of us posting. Don’t you see the fun in that?


    Please keep the buffet of lovelies coming. Just don’t post anything below a ‘D’ cup. :)


  15. I personally don’t care if boobs are real or fake as long as they are large. But like others have siad, this girl isn’t worth a second look until she at least takes her top off.

  16. “Don’t believe the hype”

    -Public Enemy

    She’s very cute–like one of one hundred cute, sexy bartenders one sees in a lifetime but one wonders how natural she really is. The plastic look and tease get old after awhile…she starts just looking like a doll and not a real woman.

  17. “Don’t believe the hype”

    -Public Enemy

    She’s very cute–like one of one hundred cute, sexy bartenders one sees in a lifetime but one wonders how natural she really is. The plastic look and tease get old after awhile…she just starts looking like a doll and not a real woman.

  18. After having spent a very enjoyable half-hour or so comparing videos of various natural and enhanced models (with particularly CLOSE scrutiny of Anya and Maria Swan, I might add), I think the rule for telling silicone from real goes like this:

    Let’s say that breasts have three looks: obviously fake, obviously natural, and unclear.

    A natural model will SOMETIMES look ‘obviously enhanced’, particularly when she has a top on or when the lighting creates transient shadows (hence the rumors that Maria S was fake); but there will always be positions where it is obvious that she is natural, especially when she is lying on her back and allowing her breasts to spread out, pancake-style.

    By contrast, an enhanced model NEVER looks unambiguously natural. The most reliable giveaway is when she is lying on her back nude or in a loose top, and not gathering her breasts in her arms; if her breasts still retain some degree of sphericity in that position, you can be pretty well certain that she has silicone.

    Ms. Milani take a great photo; but she rarely lies on her back, and when she does her breasts never show any real flattening.

  19. I don’t think on face value though, that she is natural. People who work on the pinupfiles site that post on forums do however claim she is, but, of course they would say that.

    Oh yes and like most people I am completely disinterested until she shows her breasts.

  20. If you look at really old pics of her when she worked in a bar / restaurant (can’t remember the website), you can tell they’re fake. Her breasts have grown immensely in a short time. I’ve seen her in pics and vids. Yes her breasts have a nice jiggle but they are fake. Most evident when she leans forward or back. In my experiece with implants / anti-aging you don’t normally see someone as thin as her with such large breasts. Fat generally distributes all over the body. So if your breasts are large b/c of fat, then you should see it in other places. She is so thin everywhere that I doubt her breasts would just grow in isolation. That only disproprotionatley happens in pregnancy. Even Anya and Jana have a little fat. Of course the fact that she does not go nude reinforces the likelihood that they are fake. Glad that this forum has finally generated intelligent commentary on her. YAhoo! Answers kept saying that her breasts were real. She still looks great.

  21. I think she is fake, but she has an amazing body, great smile, and great hair. She’s gorgeous. I think she’s holding out for the call from Hef. She’s definitely “Playboy” material. She’s a 10. Now it’s time to take it off.

  22. Mason,

    I agree with you but, only on one level. Yes, this is a blogg and yes the purposes of which is to blogg and, bloggs would be redundant if not boring if we didn’t talk or chat. But, I still think that my point holds true. Maybe because I think that we are being abused in a way. She is getting something valuable from us for nothing. On the other hand she has generated copious amounts of character usage. But, sometimes Mason people respect you more for being true to yourself in certain situations rarther than being ideologically promiscuous so as to maximise your appeal or worse just to give us something to talk about. Myboobsite is a brand that is growing in quality and stature I’d rather that than ‘stack’em high and sell low’ philosophy.

    But, I’ll give way to you on this point because I’m glad Reese brought her to our attention, she is beautiful!!! So much for my principled stance!!

  23. I think that we will know soon if her boobs are fake. She says she will post a video nude and ONLY bubbles. This will help hopefully to shed some light on this hot topic. And yes, she is wonderful…

  24. I have been a fan of Denise for over a year now. I just think she is gorgeous. She is a beautiful, fit woman who has a sparkle to her- if you have ever seen the full versions of her videos on her site, you would know what I mean. She is coy, sexy, and has a body to DIE for. Weather she has fake tits or not really is not a big deal to me- I mean it is not like her (possible) fake tits are attached to a truly hideous person! I mean LOOK at her, she is fucking BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait for her to pull that top off. And guys it is only a matter of TIME before she does. Hell, we have videos of Faith having full on SEX out there (thank god!) so when you look like Denise and your big “selling point” is your amazing body (READ: TITS) then she will have to show them eventually. PLEASE!!!

  25. Her job is to look good for the camera and she does that very well. Unless you’re planning on taking her home and hooking her up to some milkers, who really cares if they’re real or not, or if she goes fully topless? Sheesh.

  26. Vadd, KWS, Johnny H,

    Guys you’ve obviously missed the point!

    That’s like going to a butcher asking for meat and then the butcher saying, “well we don’t have any real meat but we have meat substitute that looks like meat.” I have never heard of a steak eater being satisfied with a tofu substitute turning up when he went to Aberdeen Angus steak house solely for the purpose of buying a steak. Madness!!!!

    The fact is, If I was prepared to spend the money I would get implants myself then stay in bed all day with a mirror and admire myself. Guys the real essence of the big breast thing is the fact that they are rare and that like other rare things in NATURE they are wonders of nature. She is beautiful, but we all know that as soon as we know that they are fake she will be just another ordinary good looking model who has had implants and the interest will fall away like a sky diver without a parachute. She will be one of thousands! Another drop in the ocean, another model trying to make it big. All credit to her, I wish her luck in her endeavors as a model but not a wonder of the big breast niche market.

    I appreciate her for the fact that she is a beautiful girl. But that’s it. How does that make her stand out from the crowd?

  27. We are in agreement that those boobs are fake right? Not my personal favorite, but quite a looker.


  28. To me Ms Milani is largely overestimated. Her face is nothing original, no characteristic features, very common look, like thousands of other girls in Europe and the US. She’s got a face, that if You looked at her only once, You would never memorize it – a real beautiful face is the one, that You need just one glimpse at to never forget it. Her legs aren’t great too because they’re too short and her knees or actually knee joints are too large seen from the front – yes, look carefully – what makes them not enough shapely. That’s why she generally poses head-to-hips/butt and there are so few pictures of her head-to-toe standing. However, she’s got her strenghts. Her bust-to-waist ratio is phenomenal, she has no fat belly but nice trained abdominals instead and her butt is small and apple-shaped. As for her boobs, what can be said, apart from that they’re big ? Nothing. She claims to have them real, but, hey, she may say whatever she likes. She surely knows that real boobs are appreciated and sought after and real boobs model fame is marketable.
    She is a could-be great model, but she is not. There are different suppositions in the comments here why she doesn’t pose nude, but I think we don’t need to search too far for explanations. The top editorial/magazine modelling is no reason at all, since even celebrities pose topless and implied nude for Playboy, GQ, Max, Maxim, FHM, etc. The non-nude mystery and curiosity marketing strategy is a reason, but then she would lose more than she would earn by it – it’s clear that there are more nude than non-nude fans. I think we don’t need to search that far for reasons. She’s just prudish and narrow-minded and that’s all. Moreover she’s got the eat-the-cake-yet-keep-the-cake attitude. She wants the profits of the job but doesn’t want to bear the expenses of it. She takes money from You but doesn’t give You in change what You pay for. Dire Straits’ immortal hit says it all: “Money for nothin'”. What’s the reason to pay 15 $ to watch endless bikini and lingerie picture sets of the same woman in the same poses all over when at the same price You may watch other great girls fucking, masturbating or at least full nude ?

  29. Jes,

    Blah, blah, blah blogg, blogg, blogg that’s the point mate! If you just wanted to look a pictures then maybe………

    In the nicest possible way!!!

  30. Oh, I forgot to ask. Reese, could you possibly check into getting clearance to post some pics/clips of Laura Lion? She is another super -hot buxom brunette, polish gal too I think. I’m pretty sure she is au natural and definitely not shy about taking her gear off. You probably are already aware of her but I thought I’d mention it.

  31. Sam:

    No, I totally get the point. I like big tits. Even MORE so, I like big tits on HOT girls. Denise fits that description MORE than enough. I think thats the thing- unlike a lot of people here, I think Denise is WAY above any of the “hot” girls that are around. So fake or not, she is amazing. I don’t just like big tits- i like big tits on girls who are AMAZINGLY hot.

    But you DO make good points, it just does not bide for me is all!

  32. Dear Vadd,

    Believe it or not you and I are in exactly the same sub-species of big breast lover. Except that I love them as natural as the day they were born. Please guys accept no imitations! Anything but, isn’t!!!! Simple…..

    I’ll say one thing though.. This must be a record: she has generated over 44 responses. She definitely has something about her!

    Oh, Reese you must be loving this you haven’t posted someone new! You rascal you….

  33. Sam,
    By the way, I really PREFER natural tits to fake ones (and I guess at this point we are all assuming that Denise has un-natural tits?). There is nothing better than a pair of huge, full, natural tits.

    That SAID, if a woman… a really HOT woman (like Denise) decides to get some work done on her tits i would HOPE she would go big… really big. I mean if you are going to do it, why not do it right!? :P

  34. Vadd,

    I know what you’re saying and I suppose I do agree. But, I think you can put it this way: when you’ve got a glass of milk and someone spits in it, even though you can’t see the spittal and the milk still looks like milk, and the glass has even frosted over, you just know that it isn’t the same. It isn’t that pure glass of milk anymore. No matter how thirsty you are or how much you play mind tricks on yourself in order to drink it.

    Again, I say, she is a ten in any other arena and, yes I would bring her home to mum but, here in the shrine of Natural Big breasts, she is just a mere 2 because she isn’t the right kind of sacrifice. There is no point trying to pay £5 when the price is £20 to get in. Denise as beautiful as she is, is a £5 note in a £20 till. And, she doesn’t even have the extra to make up the difference.

    I think the only reason I’m banging on about her so much is because I fancy the socks of this woman and it is killing me because I don’t like fake tits and I feel that I might be going over to the darkisde. All because she is so damn perfect. Her skin, her face, her body and her beautiful dark hair and eyes. I am hypnotised by her and its killing me. I never thought I could find a girl with false breasts attractive. I can’t believe it. Me, the slim’n’stacked natural wonder of the world purist. I am having a real crisis……

  35. Mr. Unnatural,

    Laura Lion definitely has “enhanced” breasts now. She seemed to be all-natural when I first saw her on the Score site but not anymore.

  36. I, for one, don’t care if her tits are fake or real. I’ve posted about this subject here before so Reese knows my feelings on this subject. :)

    Denise “does it” for me, and I hope she continues modeling and keeping her site updated with fresh content. I’ve been a member of her site for a few months now and I’m not at all sorry that I’ve joined! I am always amazed by the contrast between her tiny flat stomach and GINORMOUS knockers. I also like her long hair and that she changes her hairstyle frequently.

    Am I disappointed that she hasn’t gone topless or done a BJ scene yet? Yes! But I’m hoping she will someday. :) In the meantime, I’m enjoying the tease.

    My sole complaint about her site is this: her video editor is over-zealous. The editing cuts are made too frequently (usually just a few seconds apart), often shifting back and forth in time between different posing sequences. The editor also uses the “time slowdown effect” too much.

    Let’s be honest with each other: the purpose of downloading porn videos is to become absorbed in fantasy and jerk off to the featured model… NOT to gawk at the video editor’s command of the many cutting and transition effects available in his editing program.

  37. Mick,

    Hey fella its ok! You’re not like everyone else here; you’re different. But, that’s ok. Now sit down and relax- take a load off. Now, what shall we talk about today? But, first have the voices stopped!

  38. For so called “professionals” you guys got it all wrong. He breasts are real. Go to her site – look at the videos. The video of her in the pool and the one of her by the windmills is evidence enough. The side shots clearly show the sag that can only be made with real breasts. Every damn fake tit I’ve ever seen of this size, sticks straight out and has a balloon type of appearance. Come on, get it together. In one of the galleries where she is modeling bras, you can see her nipple through the cloth – fairly good size and on the darker side. She is all real.

  39. Sam

    It’s not what you think. I wasn’t singling you out.

    But, how many times can people post the exact same comments about EVERY girl Reese posts? Real or Fake, Clothed or Naked, Botched or Beautiful… I’m sure there are plenty of forums at theBreastFiles for that kind of debate.

    Maybe its just me, but I see this blog as an “appreciation site” more than anything else. Too many people complain, yet very few offer congratulations on a job well done, or constructive criticism leading to a better product for the next effort given by these beautiful women.

    I’m just tired of reading, over and over, of what the same people don’t like in every model. It seems to me that the models themselves (such as Samantha38G & Maria Moore) look forward to reading these blogs to give us what we want. Not to watch us whine.

    Also, I agree with many of the people here that Denise Milani is not all that special. I’ve seen her on the net before, but never thought she rated this site. But,she is so prolific lately. It’s like she’s looking to boost her hits for the popularity rating (a VERY common marketing gimmick). Once she’s raised enough capital, she may go into producing, and we’ll never see her in front of a camera again (see also Jenna Jamison).

    (And I believe the problem with the first three picks isn’t Denise’s body. But, the obvious over-airbrushing of her mid-section to make her T&A show that much more prominent. Bad lighting, poor photog, lousy editing.)

    And Sam…I happen to agree with much of what you’ve posted in the blog. But much like you’re saying to me, I would have posted it elsewhere.

  40. Jez,

    I can take constructive crit… So thanks and you’re 100% right I should be more constructive and keep the whining down to what can used. But, to be honest, Reese has this baby down cold I’m not sure we can say anything that will improve things round here. The man is a genius. As for the girls; I wouldn’t like to say too much as we come to see the girls, they don’t come to see us. They are doing there bit just fine. But, I still take you point in the spirit in which it was given.

    Cheers …

  41. Sam,
    Was that sarcasm by You ? If yes, then look You again and again and again at Denise and then maybe You’ll finally realize how far from perfection she is.

  42. No, thomas that was actually very genuine!!!! I’m sorry the format doesn’t convey that. Tom, I thought your analysis was a little bit expert I felt stupid after you’d spoken. Your perpective was different and refreshing and cold, the conversation needed that…..

    At the time I thought you were backing me up but with cold hard industry eyes!!!!

  43. Sorry Sam,
    I’m not a native English speaker – Reese knows that :-) – so I may misunderstand at times actual native English speakers’ texts. Back to the point – Denise. I wish I had “industry eyes”. I’m just a normal guy doing everything but shooting models. Although I admit I have something of a detective nature :-) and it’s my dream to make a website or a magazine with great girls and great photography. If You know somebody interested in investing in Europe, let me know. :-)

  44. I absolutely love Denise! She is so sexy, slim, and man is she stacked. Those huge boobs of hers are to die for! They are 100% real! Trust me! I’ve seen pictures of her all over the net, and they are real! I just wish she’d let those mammaries free! I have little respect for a big-boobed model who doesn’t show her hooters! Come on Denise! Reveal them for the world to see!

  45. Morons… “it’s pretty clear they’re fake” etc. It’s pretty clear most of you saying that have never seen boobs in real life. Those are real and beautiful, idiots.

  46. Bobolinks,

    If you think they’re real then you obviously do not have the decerning ability of the very opinion you extol…… So, please could we have a little less of the name calling, this is an adult forum on more than one level…..

    Thank you!

  47. Ok experts out there

    Take one of her videos and put into Windows Movie Maker.

    Use the Greyscale and watch closely.

    You will see thru her clothing in vids such as “Garden”, “Poolside” , and Vegas to mention a few.

    Her breasts are big and sag a bit BECAUSE they are genuine, They jiggle as in the trampoline vid etc. Get out of the house and go to the beach to compare if you doubt it or go to your closest optonitrist to get your eyes checked.She is as natural as natural gets ! end of discussion.

  48. I deem her artificially augmented. The shot of her back that shows the outer breasts from behind says it all. Those puppies are riding high. A natural breast would have succumbed to the forces of gravity and would curve out more toward the bottom rather than at the middle of the breast like hers. It’s also apparent that she usually chooses tops that support her breasts from the lower outer edge. This hides the telltale balloon-like profile of a large, augmented breast. She’s just another pretty face with a nice boob job.

  49. J.D. SAYS :artificially augmented ?

    look at her latest “Waves ” Video series and please tell me their augmented. They squish completely when they are pressed onto the sand on the beach. When tey are being squeezed they don’t hold firm like a plastic toy…well maybe a toy. You obviously have not seen her videos to make a snap judgement like yours.

  50. Denise is definitely ‘real’ and for me I can’t understand why the fact that she’s also clearly gorgeous seems to unsettle so many people. Is it a fear that she is ‘out of reach’ because she looks so good ? Also, what is the problem with her having a small waist and a fantastic figure ! Aren’t girls supposed to have shapes and figures ? Other people have criticised her for not being super bright, without any evidence, based purely upon the usual myth that looks and brains can’t possibly go together. Why not just relax and enjoy the view ? Denise is a special looking model, there’s no doubt about that and if she never shows her breasts it won’t alter that fact. She shows as as much of herself as she is happy with and that’s her right, which should be respected.


    The pictures on the right were taken a long time ago, but you can clearly see they are WAY smaller than the way her breasts look in her newer pictures. Its especially evident if you look at the entire set with Jamie Hammer in that pink top. Her breasts were probably about a C naturally, and then she got them enhanced with a great boob job. Women with bigger breasts who get boob jobs obviously look more natural than flat chested women who get them. If you think those are the same size you are retarded. They are HUGE in those sets and decently sized in the older ones.

    Here is another set of links provided by someone else who said they were “taken off the website mere hours after they were added. From a photo set called Black and White. Not sure if anyone else noticed but I grabbed them. Looks suspect to me :( “”

    Shes laying on her back in those and they look a lot like implants.

  52. Ok guys. Why won’t she let us see her breasts? Is it because they would be exposed as fakes? Or is she just a little prudish? Or does she plan on doing it if she starts losing business?

  53. i think she’s just beautiful, i mean who cares if her boos are real or not, the rest of her body is still amazing, plus has a beautiful smile that makes her look like the sweetest girl ever

  54. While I’d agree, she doesn’t look 100% natural in some of her pics, I’ve seen every pic and every video she’s ever released. Even in her topless stuff (covering key parts) and see-through garments, you never see scaring in the videos or any overt implant-stretches. It’s hard to say she’s fake with the likes of Anya and Maria Swan about. They are just marvels of nature. She has no scar under the breast, in the arm pit or navel. Only place left to check is at the nipple.
    Photo editing is usually easy to see. There aren’t any obvious signs on the breasts here:

  55. I think she is real…and I also think its just a matter of time before we see it all…kinda like fuko love…the demand is just too high and I know she is not goin to pass that up for too much longer…the question is can I wait for that long?

  56. great debate :) I have been folowing Denise for the last year or so and to be honest I don’t care if they are real or not but the arguments for and against are very interesting :) From photo to photo depending on the pose they do seem to vary in size but that side by side comparison shot are pretty good evidence I think.. But I still love her :)

  57. zrzengoth say > denise milani izz da best ´n´ absolutely unique in dizz galaxy of supabooobzzbeautyzz _ and she doesn´t neeed 2 pose nude 2 show all da whole world wot a supasophizticated beauty she izz _ guezz she´zz a ladyzz lady from planet lezboz _ gonna luv´her 4ever _ long live denise milani _ subatomaric paraloadin vz brainpeeelin ___-:)

  58. I think she’s gorgeous, and i really don’t care whether they’re real or fake, but she shouldn’t be saying she’s all natural. She’s lying to get guys to come to her site and buy in to see if it’s true, only to find out she never takes her top off.

    When she poses for playboy (fingers crossed here) the truth will be revealed.

  59. Man her racks r grt and all that but lookin at her waist makes me wanna barf. I don’t like girls who that and it looks like shes anorexic. Makes me wonder too that her body is so thin and her boobs are that big. If she would just let it be like it is she is gorgeous but I aint truned on cuz…..

    she aint friggin nude. no point in havin big boobs if ur not gonna show em off.

    w/e ill wait until she does a playboy shoot or somethin

  60. For one, her boobs are real in fact. (i know hard to believe) :P but she is still sooooooooooooooo god damn HOT! i still want to fuck her so hard and jizzbomb her boobs.

  61. Anyone who thinks they are real is stupid. All the evidence they will find is from the SBB site before she had the implants done. You cant find any “real” looking pic on her website, because they are obviusly much bigger now. See my post from a few months ago showing a few pics that are rare before she had implants.

  62. Although her face is my type (meaning i love the way she looks) i can put my self in Objective mode and realise she’s not that special.
    Her boobs were big before the implants, many people who ask now get recycled information from the time people asked about her old real boob (big but not so exaggerated as now).
    Boobs that big cannot have that perfect shape (I would argue that gravity imperfection make ’em perfect) without gravity affecting them
    As a fan of hers, i can tell you that she does not use special clothing, she has done a LOT of pictorials with many different tops and shirts, and trust me they always look the same, they are Fake (dosen’t matter to me though).
    As a man who has plenty of money (and thus subscribes to the model’s member area I support) i Refuse to join her website, all the pics i get are pirated.
    If she wants my support, show those titties, all her fans come from the softcore porn sector, she should show some respect for her fans, the kind of pictures she’s done don’t allow her to argue that it’s for her self-respect.

  63. Well I HOPE for her she IS surgically enhanced. Cause she looks totally and utterly fake! If she is natural and manages to look that fake, that would be beyond fake. I am sure shes enhanced though.
    Whatever the case,she´s not interesting to me. nothing worth having to imagine her naked for:)

  64. I thought she was real at first, but I saw her last night on a bikini contest from a couple of years back on some cable show with KROQ’s Poorman. He has a bikin show, she was on there and she was not large at all, just right in fact. After seeing that, I knew she wasn’t real. Too bad she has gone overboard upstairs, she also has one of the cutest faces I have ever seen. Beautiful girl either way…..

  65. I thinks she is outstanding. She has sexy eyes and a great smile. anyone can take there clothes off but for her to make a living without doing that in this time is great. Her husband is luck to have her

  66. groove busted her
    the old and new pics are showing very diffrent siz e breasts thus it is ettled
    she got implants so topless is meaninhless now
    nice run though

  67. If mutilated female breasts are what gets a man’s blood flowing, fine, but don’t consider yourself to be a “heterosexual”. The word heterosexual implies that one is attracted to the opposite sex, that being the natural physical body of the opposite sex, not to plastic bags filled with silicone which have been surgically implanted under the skin. One who is sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex with bodies that have been mutilated by surgical implantation is a “plastisexual”, one who gets turned on by fake body parts. Any man whose penis engorges from looking at, or touching, fake body parts, is a plastisexual, not a heterosexiual.

    Not that there’s anything wrong that. Maybe you just watched too many cartoons when you were younger, and started to get turned on by the “fake” female characters. Hey, whatever floats your boat! Just don’t go around calling yourself a heterosexual man, because you are not.

    A recent study found that 69% of men prefer natural breasts, which just leaves me asking, “What brand of crack are the other 31% smoking?” Granted, maybe some of those 31% are either gay, or asexual, but somewhere within that 31%, there are guys who actually think of themselves as “straight”, when obviously they are not. Sad, really sad.

    Bottom line is, mother nature has spent the past several million years perfecting the female body in order to make it maximally attractive to the heterosexual male. The breast is one of the most important links in that chain. The shape, the jiggle, and the feel cannot be replicated by any surgical means currently available.

    Ladies, it’s your body. Do whatever you want with it. Have horns surgically implanted in your skull if that’s what you want to do with your body. It’s none of my business. But, if you want to know the opinion of this male, and the 69% of males who dislike breast implants, just don’t do that to yourself, please! We don’t like implants, and we never will. Implants are a joke to most men. They are never shaped right, they don’t jiggle right, they don’t fall out of a bra the way only a natural breast can fall, and they are, quite frankly, a joke. Don’t become just another pathetic bimbo with fake boobs, unless you just have no respect for yourself whatsoever, and have no interest in attracting men, real men, real heterosexual men, to be specific.

    Of course, if you wish to attract the sort of “man” who is so twisted and perverted that he gets turned on by fake body parts, by all means have the surgery done! You will indeed attract that very sort of “man”, and the two of you will be perfect for one another.

  68. Gotta say looked at all her pics and found these pics
    She is a naturally big breasted woman who probably lost some weight and got them enhanced with silicone FOR SURE…she has so much breast tissue that the implant is hidden under neath the tissue so not only u cannot see the implant but it moves naturally. They are not real AT ALL and anyone who knows large breast should be able to tell how fake they are.
    After all that said, she is beautiful!

  69. If I can’t tell if they are real or not, then it doesn’t matter to me. I have heard from a few sources that she is natural and haven’t seen any proof otherwise. If she was fake, then she would probably be doing nude. It seems more like people trying to make up reasons why she doesn’t do nude. Maybe she doesn’t want to. Maybe it has nothing to do with her boobs being real or fake.

    If I go into someone’s house and don’t see any mirrors, I could conclude he’s a vampire…. OR… maybe he just doesn’t like mirrors.

  70. I for 1 always go for big natural tittas women and anything less is bs and fakes are jsut imitations of nature…i think any1 who thinks that fake or not its all da same should really get their heads checked since fakes NEVER will ever live up to the same looks, feel, movement, texture not to mention REAL sexual appeal to big nat. tit lovers all over the world. I despise n look down upon ppls who get surgery and I think that the whole plasitic surgery field is way overhyped and past its real intended use which is that for emergercy life threatening cases and or birth defects that one cannot live to be alive without surgery. anything else its used for is an ABUSE of its original invention of said techniques. I would never go for fakes n if i ever found out my gf had i would freak n drop her. Ppls who go for such surgery do NOT fix the real problem…not`s really mind problem cuz they got low self esteem, self image, influenced by pressure n media n society ideals. Can go both ways but I for one can not see how sml much less flat chested gals can appeal to most guys. These natural voluptuous REAL women are to me the finest that nature and genetics can provide and nothing can even come close to it. Sorry Big is big no matter fake or not is just plain stupid. Ever heard of naturally born female voluptuous beauty? You guys who donét ,ind fakes should try out the natural hotties and you will see why fakes no matter how great a job the surgeon did for that over priced Barbie doll stuff will know then what TRUE hotness is all about. I can see the flamers come on now with their arguments…lol won`t change facts.

  71. U wanna screw plastic saline imitation of beauty go right ahead…while the other guys can see through all that man made $ stuff and know that naturals are always best. Just leave the natural voluptuous born beautiful WOMEN to the sane realistic non-myopic men. In the future people will be able to get plastic brains n what will REAL human mean then? Mother nature knows best and so she has a nice face n body shape but what is real and what is natural? Many men according to studies show that they prefer natural over fakes and i am sure there is a movement of ppls that are anti-plastic and the whole corrupttion of plastic surgery and how if u got $ u can get `enhanced`. Sorry if you ain`t got it then live with it. To me having fakes like her with her mindset shows she likes to deceive men and women as to her so called beaty and assets. Fake bod, doesn`t come b4 fake mind. lo
    End of story.l

  72. helo! The babes are here! This is my sexiest site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  73. Jesus fucking Christ I just cummed all over my laptop screen because of Denise Milani! I swear she has a certain feature her tits mainly that make my dick static and so i have to use oil to soften my sick before jerking off. If i had a chance with her i would marry her and fuck her all the time until the day i die! Simple as and all you white hillbillys you can go and suck your moma’s crusty toes and wrinkly tits because theis bitch is mine ass holes!

  74. ok people, none of you are ever going to touch or see her tits in person and you won’t see any in ur lives cuz 80% of u are 40 year old gross disgusting guys who have never had a gf or anything, what u r arguing about is the point of having silicone tits in general and not just on denise, i believe they are real, here are my arguments:

    1. You say she won’t pose nude, well as i bet someone might have said before, maybe she’s self conscious or doesn’t want to reveal herself to hundreds of thousands of weird creeps, and also, some of, or maybe every woman i know is self conscious, even the hottest ones, plus, she has a right to privacy, even if everyone in the world sign a petition for her to take her top off, she doesn’t have to

    2. as for her breast size changes, i will acknowledge that there might be a good chance she has a sack of silicone in there, but, and u guys may have never learned this before, girls boobs change in size and shape, i think they like get larger when they pms, and when they’re pregnant, there are chances that maybe she was pms-ing a lot during more recent photoshoots ergo, nicer photos

    3. she does have an amazing figure, maybe you guys should try and get a girl so you can see it for your self instead of by looking at a computer screen for 5 hours

  75. After watching her videos where she is NOT wearing a bra underneath I would say she is natural or at least 88 % natural. Fake breasts do not sway left and right as in her “Las Vegas” or Bear Mountain ” video.

    For those who still have doubts watch them before making that final decision.

  76. As for those who say DM is a fake because you cannot have boobs that big and a waist that small. A friend of mine was exactly like that. SHe actually had a boob reduction as she was so slender and she had a lot of backache from her big chest and very slight physique.

    And for those who think boobs don’t get bigger later in life Tyra Banks had to change her modelling career as she got much curvier in her twenties.
    My friends boobs also got bigger again after her very expensive surgery to reduce them.

    So it’s certainly possible to look like DM and be real, this doesn’tmean she is though.

  77. Just my two cents on the argument but for those who say that a small framed/slim girl can’t have large breasts, check two girls out at Sports By Brooks. One’s listed as LYNDSEY and the other is Wendy 4. Some of the tiniest waists I’ve ever seen with large real breasts stacked on top. I would have to say that Wendy is even more amazing then Denise Milani. And if your gonna say that Wendy isn’t real either, check out the stretch marks in the bikini shot.

  78. I dunno what it is!! ..I don’t think my mother fed me properly or sumthing when I was a bambino.. but.. big tits drive me nuts!

  79. Until she goes nude, noone cares. Lucy Pinder is so much hotter anyway in every part of her body. Denise has a fairly average face while Lucy is simply beautiful. Plus Denise is obviously fake.

  80. I love Denise Milani. Badly she is not my Girlfriend :). I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  81. I love Denise.
    She is …
    I realy love him.
    وای خدای من بهترین زنی که ایتالیایی تبار باشه به نظر مب دنیسه صورت جذاب با خنده هایی که هوش از سر آدم می بره باید کمر باریک و سینه های بزرگ و باسن زیباش رو هم اضافه کرد
    من که تمام دنیای اینترنت رو برای پیدا کردن عکس هاش می گردم

  82. Although I’m by and large a fan of Ms. Milani, it’s fairly obvious that her breasts have been enlarged by surgery. My motto is “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. I think she will not remove her top because she put it out there that she’s ‘all natural’ which would immediately be debunked by all us crazy boob scrutinizers were she to bare it all. Only when traffic to her site starts to die down will she consider removing her top. By then it won’t matter. She’ll pull a Cindy Margolis and pose for PB when she’s forty and the window of fame and fortune is closing. I like Ms. Milani, but i don’t like being told one thing when I know it’s another.

  83. After seeing almost all the pictures and videos of Denise Milani, i still don’t know whether she’s real or fake. Not because i don’t want to believe in her saying she’s “REAL”, maybe because i still have doubts up to now. I, we, didn’t see the whole thing right?, and as they say “TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE”. And for those who agreed with her being “REAL” let me ask you all, are those evidence you’ve seen enough?. Anything is possible in our age because of our technology now do you agree?, as for Denise who says “LESS IS MORE”, i think her breast are large wayback then she had them implanted that’s why it looked like that way(her breast). There’s a picture of her before when she’s smaller, and if i’m not mistaken, it’s on sportbybrooks check it out…=denise1&os=91, it’s just one of her many, see?, there’s a big difference comparing it to her present pics. On her previous pics, her breast will not appear as big as those on her pics today even if it’s uplifted by bra and even if she had small waist before, it will not appear as obvious as what she looks like now am i right?. She’s not showing the whole thing maybe because if we found out that it’s fake, it will be the start of her downfall, like some celebrities who always say theirs are real but when proven fake, people start getting disappointed on them, so the fame fades, maybe Denise doesn’t want to end up that way. another thing, i’ve red some comments and i think i agree with the one saying if she have them bigger she must also gain weight even a little because fat is distributed all over the body not just on a particular area. But on Denise case, she became slimmer, not just her waist. And also, a woman develops their breast only during puberty and pregnancy, but Denise after 5 yrs. as one said, it booms!, even if you say her breast growth rate is faster, it’s still exaggerated, there is a scientific explanation. She’s rich now right?, and we all know “MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND”, what if she pays the people who says she’s real?, you know “GOSSIPS”, even some websites. And lastly, with all of these, the technologies, gossip, money and whatsoever, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether things are real or fake, and let me ask you again CAN U EASILY DETERMINE THE TRUTH?…..stubborn?, maybe i am, but in all i just wanna share my thoughts, and people must learn to this especially Denise, i’m not saying i don’t like you, i like you more if proven enough you’re real, i think everyone does.

    “sexiness is more than just a physical appearance, it is also being real, the way you carry yourself”

    “its better to be hated by what you are than to be loved by what you are not”

  84. Doesn’t matter if boobs are natural or not, she just turns me on, is so hot and I guess everybody would like just to f***k her in different ways and forget about if those sweet melons are fake or not.

  85. to think that her asset fake or not will make you less retarded just stop think that way for a moment she’s hot and beautiful that’s all

  86. Denise Miliani
    I would love to be with Denise just once in my lifetime and feel her warm moist skin and big breast and naked body lying naked against my hot and warm body just to feel her next to me naked would be bring me great satisfaction and a giant fantasy would be fore filled.
    Contact me Denise anytime at [mod edit: no personal contact details, please!]

  87. hello im jonh, photograph porn from scoreland, in may, denise milani play in the new volet of TITS AND TUGS, the ultimate hj and tittyfucking film! with too wendy combattente and leanne crow!!!

  88. ‘No nudity. No interest’. Really? Then how did Denise get to have the most successful single model site on the internet?

  89. Well, to be honest, there are plenty of other skinny brunettes with big breasts – like Alice Goodwin – who have revealed their breasts.

    Until Denise follows suit, I’m not terribly interested.

  90. She doesn’t show her nipples because of the aweful hack job they did when they stuffed those two basketballs in her – You didn’t think she was natural did you?

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