Brandi, you’re a fine girl…

Don’t you just hate that song? I do. I guess the Looking Glass were one of those “one hit wonders”. And that’s a good thing, in my opinion. Sincerest apologies for reminding you of that, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I encountered this next voluptuous vixen:

Brandi was first spotted by a local photographer at a strip club in Peach County, Georgia, and wound up doing her first session at his home that night (yeah, right – “session” – *wink wink, nudge nudge*). Eventually, she jetted off to to London for a shoot with the studio photographers at XL Girls. Boasting measurements of 40G-28-38, standing 5’11” (probably more like 6’4″ in those heels!) and weighing in at 176lbs, Brandi’s a stunning blonde of truly Amazon proportions.

Oh, that reminds me: You know how, when you’re looking at porn, all the girls seem so much larger than life? How you imagine them towering over you when, in reality, all you’re looking at is a fraction-of-life-sized photo? No? Hmm, it’s just me then, isn’t it? Nevermind.

Best get back to Brandi, then…

Brandi 40G    Brandi 40G

Brandi 40G    Brandi 40G


20 thoughts on “Brandi, you’re a fine girl…”

  1. Brandi is a very beautiful sexy lady who has a great body. great Boobs, and a beautful face.

    I would bonk any time she wanted,


  2. why are there no australian girls in any busty blog or site,i live here in australia and i have seen a few busty girls but they dont get shown to the world,why not?

  3. I used to run and paid royalties to use Brandi as my “top model”
    She’s definitely hot….I never met her though…just liked the way she looks.
    I think she’s very sexy and beautiful.

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