The virtue of selfishness…

In 1776, Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith wrote, “By pursuing his own interest [every individual] frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.” I was reminded of this quote when I checked my e-mail this morning to find a letter of thanks from a buxom female reader of my weblog. In it, she praised the profusion natural busty women found herein, observing that it is indeed a rarity for big breasts to exist exclusive of a full-figured body to match.

I wholeheartedly concur and, as I’d written earlier, feel that real women don’t receive nearly enough exposure in the popular media. That’s one of the reasons I started My Boob Site. But, far from being a humanitarian gesture on my part, the motives were quite self-serving: I figured that, by promoting the desire of naturally-curvaceous women, it might encourage more of these generously-proportioned goddesses to reveal more of themselves. So, c’mon ladies, stop trying to cover up and minimize your shapeliness…and start realizing that there are a lot of curve-coveters out there who, like myself, love you just the way you are!

My dear reader closed by saying, “Keep on spreading the word of us voluptious beauties!” In deference to her request (and as if I’d ever shut up anyway), let me present the deliciously-Rubenesque Maria Moore from Top Heavy Amateurs:

Maria Moore    Maria Moore

Maria Moore    Maria Moore


26 thoughts on “The virtue of selfishness…”

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  2. I think that Maria Moore is incredible, I do not know about you, but she is the perfect example of voluptuos with beauty, she is the perfect medium build. Does she have a website of her own? Does she have a fan email address? I do not want to sound obsessed, but if I could find a clone of her in my area I would getr with her in a second. I am definitely a fan

  3. Mairia Moore is not only fantastically voluptuous and gorgeous but she is also very sexually hot, giving wonderful performances in her videos. Really a treasure.

    Also, while I am here I might as well add…
    What a great site that you have. Well done. I stumbled into while searching for more pictures of Busty Merilyn – WOW! Haven’t finished searching around it yet.


  4. B-Daid & Bob~

    Thanks for your comments, and I totally agree with you on Maria Moore – she’s an incredibly sexy woman and an ideal example of voluptuous beauty! While Maria doesn’t appear to have a site of her own, I keep finding her cropping up on others (and will post more as I find them). I actually did find a “clone” of Maria advertising as a single bi-female looking for couples on a swingers’ site here in the UK, but her photo ad disappeared after about a week. :~(

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. ii would be grateful if you post hardcore clips for Samantha Slopes. I do not no if she is that famous, but her floppy voluptuous tits throw me down into a hectic whirlpool of sexual pleasure. I would like to see her in hardcore action, but i cannot find any clips.

  6. This woman is absolutely gorgeous…i have no words to describe her tits’s. The best thing about them is the large nipples almost covering her whole breast. Imagine them lactating…now that is a fantasy

  7. maria you are soo hott! im currently deployed with the army and serving my country.i look at your picture all the time and just fanatsize on hooking up with you,your my dreamgirl and i hope to see you in person if i make it back.. in one piece. i wish i had some vids of you cant find none on the web..hope to see you soon ..ssg d

  8. She’s hot as hell! I’d love to play with her and have her lap up my clit with those big tits in my face.

    – Bekka

  9. Hello,
    My Dear Maria Moore. You are the best lady that i have ever seen.
    Can I have your email.

    Bests to you, My Dear lady.

  10. Maria Moore is a magnificent woman full of pep,energy,charm,good humour but the greatest woman ,the godess of godesses ;no one should forget it is the Empress Milena Velba who has got the most beautiful face and the most statuesque tits in the world.

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