Brook gets a Little Breast Massage

Brook Little (or Brookie G, as she seems to be called here) is getting a massage from Paige. I do not know anything about Paige, except she is the lucky girl getting to give Brook a good, oily seeing to, here on

If someone was playing with my tits so attentively, I would possibly (OK, probably) end up having to give them a good snogging, like Brook and Paige, inevitably, end up doing after this event. Actually, I suppose that the sucking and kissing could be the event, rather than the massage, couldn’t it? Forgive me, I am a woman. I don’t get the two girls thing.

Busty Brook Little lesbian breast massage photos from

It’s not that it’s not horny to watch, of course it is, but I don’t find it any more horny than seeing any other combination of people having sex or a bit of a snog and a fumble. In much the same way as if someone is doing the right thing to/with me, it really does not matter what gender they are. I’ll take a BJ off anyone that is willing to do it. :D

Yes, I know I have protested my sexuality as hetero- quite recently, but I guess I am saying that I am just greedy and will have anyone pay attention to me, I just don’t quite know what to do and don’t really have the intention to learn, if presented with a quim in the face. Selfish? Hell, yeah.

Thankfully, these girls seem quite at home exploring boobs in such a way. They do not need to go any further, it seems.

I’d take a massage like this off Paige (or anyone else willing to offer) any day.

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6 thoughts on “Brook gets a Little Breast Massage”

  1. Careful Vix, if you say you would like anyone to offer you a sensual massage several of the readership here (male and female) are likely to try and take you up on that, myself included…

    Anyway more to the point, this is a great pick for a post. Two beautiful ladies just enjoying each others bodies. Fun to watch because with two ladies there is often more variety than just a lady and a bloke.

  2. And can you generalize as to the difference between receiving BJs from women vs. men?
    Do guys usually do it differently?

  3. i mean this turns me on beyond words this is exactly what I want! I love all the tit sucking its wat always gets me to wet myself more then anything else

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