Chessie Moore is back!

I’ve been rather fond of Chessie Moore and her 44H boobs as long as I can remember. For me, she was sort of a dream-girl, the consummate big boobed slut queen, getting into anything and everything. However, ’round about the turn of the millennium, she seemed to totally disappear from the scene, leaving me merely with my fond mammary memories. Thus, I was thrilled to pieces when I recently learned that she’d still been shooting photos & videos over the past few years and was in the process of launching an all-new website:!

Somewhat shockingly, I first encountered Chessie (or someone that looked remarkably like her, at least) in an underground bestiality video wherein she was engaging in all manner of sexual antics with a rather large and well-endowed dog (no, I don’t have a copy of the video and, no, I’d never post anything like that here on MyBoobSite)! After I’d found more, albeit softer-core Chessie photos on the ‘net, I was sure it had been her in the video I’d seen. When confronted directly with the question of her participation in said video, Chessie had the following to say about it…

“Yep it’s me, you can usually tell by the tattoo on my shoulder. I did the tapes for a Euorpean company, but since then that same material has been pirated like mad. If it offends you then don’t let anyone to force you to look at it. Also if my 4 legged co-stars could talk I’m sure they’d let you know they had a great time. BTW this material is legal in alot of countries and not considered any more shocking than any other form of porn. Here in the good ole USA there’s alot of sex acts that are still illegal, even if they are considered everyday routines to some. So to stay within the law since my ISP’s are both US companies I don’t post any illegal material on them.”

…so there you have it, straight from the horses mouth (as it were)! ;~P But, despite the fact that dogs still like her, our Chessie gets into a lot more than just sex with animals. Since losing her virginity at the tender age of 13, she’s truly done it all (even though she cites the missionary position as being her favourite). She’s quite outspoken when it comes to describing the joys of a good titfuck, loving the stimulation to her breasts and nipples as well as the visual stimulus of seeing a cock swell and spurt up-close and personal (which could be why she likes blowjobs so much as well!). Never the greedy girl, Chessie’s always more than happy to share a cock with a good friend, and has even been known to go veggie from time to time! Oh, and did I mention that dogs like her?

But, before I break into a spontaneous and possibly ill-advised rendition of “Puppy Love“, I’d like to address a more serious topic; the veracity of Mrs. Moore’s H-cup endowments. When faced with the query of whether or not they’re really hers, Chessie typically replies, “You better believe it! I bought and paid for them myself!” Having been relatively boobless and lopsided as a young lass, Chessie opted for breast enlargement surgery. It was something that she wanted to do for herself, and I say more power to her (she certainly seems to enjoy them, too)!

Now, if you’ve been following MyBoobSite from the beginning, you’ll know that I have nothing against surgically enhanced breasts. In fact, there have been some instances in my “practical experience” when I’ve preferred fake ones over a real, all-natural set, and others when I’ve truly been unable to tell the difference…even by feel! Apologies to you tits purists, but I won’t discriminate against anyone who’s had a helping hand in achieving a truly impressive rack, as long as it’s their own decision and something they’re doing for themselves.

Anyway, back to Chessie Moore (and I solemnly promise not to mention her canine companions again in this blog): I’m just so happy that she’s decided to go ahead with a new website! The site launches this week with plenty of new and vintage photos…and the videos are soon to follow (keep checking the links on her updates page to see the latest additions). I, for one, implicitly trust Chessie to take matters well in hand, providing the sort of content that Chess-o-philes like myself have been longing for, and can’t wait to see what surprises she’s got in store for us next! In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find on

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from

Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from    Chessie Moore 44H from



37 thoughts on “Chessie Moore is back!”

  1. Since I’ve been a great fan of Chessie Moore for years I must note that she hasn’t really been gone — actually her other site ( was always up and active…! Just as Chessie herself…! ;-)

    But despite being a big fan I just find the pricing of her websites way too steep…!! US$ 22.95 a month for the new site or even US$ 25,95 for her “old” members club is just waaaay out of the ballpark in my opinion…!?

  2. Chessie seems to be a very sexy lady, but… those tattoos on her breasts are quite awful. Big tits should be protected by law, and not have stuff like that. I’m not a friend of fake tits, either.

    Sorry for being so critical this time!! Usually the ladies on your blog are super fantastic!

  3. We all have to draw the line at some point, and I draw the line at bestiality. C’mon! There are too many horny guys out there, so fuck that animal shit!

    And to add insult to injury, it had to be an infamous silicone boobed slut! There are plenty of H cup naturals out there, so c’mon, Reese! We want real tits, not fake ones! How about featuring another natural wonder from

  4. I agree with dreyfuzz. I checked out her website because I was initially very excited about this post (I remember getting off to Chessie’s amateur videos years ago), but the big colorful tattoo on her right breast totally ruined it for me. I like fake tits but tattoos on them “ruin the real estate” as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Nor are fake tits! Sorry Reese but, fake, is no good! Some more Cherry Brady would be good, Dianne Poppos, Casey Cleavage are but a few.

  6. The tatoo on the tit is bad enough, but sucking and fucking a dog (I’ve seen the video and some pics) is where I draw the line. I just can’t get turned on by a woman who’s had a dog dick in her. Maybe it’s just me ;) I agree with the others, I prefer that you concentrate on natural girls.

  7. Chessie is Great. Large Tits and Sexy. I remember her when i was a young lass. And for all the negative people commenting here. If you don’t like it dont big girls or big tits Don’t look or comment

  8. Those of you who may not know, Chessie is one of the best entertainers out there. I’m so glad some one is finally paying her the respect she’s earned over the years. chessie not only acts out the wishes of her fans, but she will travel to meet with any and all who want a ride on her big ass!!! She by far is the best gangbang performer (check out BLK gangbang 5) and does anal like no other woman can! Even if her site is a little pricey, (and I do belong to both) trust me, it’s well worth it for what she does.

  9. Dudes chessie has huge mounds we call tits. Let us be tit lovers and accept tits in all ways. No not small tits you assclowns but huge ones. FAKE OR REAL. Reese. You the bomb dog. Keep up the good work!

  10. kurth i will tell u one thing u dont know women and i am sure u had a gf and she left u cuz ur a dump when it comes to women look at chessie morre ewa sonnet samantha anderson look u look only dont u ever think of cumming when u see those picture cuz ur a descraced of fans and i dont wanna never be like u thats all

  11. I read some comments on here that were very critical of Chessie Moore. I honestly don’t know how any person could look at Chessie Moore and find anything to criticize. She is simply a wonder of nature! I have seen her over a long period of time, and she looks better today than she did 20 years ago! To my mind, she is the ultimate sex goddess. There isn’t a single woman in the adult film business who even comes close. If you look at Chessie Moore and are distracted by the tattoos, then all I can say is that I feel very sorry for you!

  12. Chessie we are still in Columbia mo and we still love you Fred and i yes of old un think of you often and youre s sexy now as youve ever been not just your body which we love but its you just downright sexy from head to toe your unihibited and soooooo hot young girls have no idea how to be sexy just to throw it out there you know what a man wants and there are thousands of us that think your still top shelf so keep on keeping on Fred and i love you and thank you for years of topshelf videos and wet dreams youre my favorite bar none today and yesterday you are just flat the best big fans in missouri thanks Chris and Fred

  13. I couldn’t agree with bosshog more! I’ve been watching Chessie in adult films for years now, and I find her an amazing turn-on!

    She has an incredibly dirty mind, and I love to watch her suck cock!

    Wouldn’t mind losing my cock between those humongous juggs, either!!

  14. I am a woman who just loves sex either from a man or another woman. Chessie is a definite clit throb. I love her tattoos, as I have one there myself! I would love to lick that beautiful hairy pussy and those lovely tits would make it hard to know where to go first!

  15. 20 yeears i still YOVE YOU
    pozdrowienia z Polski – Kraków

    myślę, że widziałem wszystkie TWOJE filmy –
    mam 43 lata 197 cm/ 100kg- KOCHAM

  16. Chessie!
    Chessie Baby is me your purple pimp.Ok is like this.I’ve seen you in some horny moves with big black dicks.My question is ,when are we going to see you in a movie with the the Prince of porn,the legendendary Long Dong Silver.I’d love to see you do one of your famous strip tease’s for his pleasure(and our’s).I’d love to see him spank your white horny ass with his cum filled cock.You can be a plantation proprieatress waiting for her black lover to return from the civil war to fuck your brains out.How about you in a scenario with Tony ”Mr.18 inches”.You can be a sexy nurse and Tony trouser snack can be a horny sailor just back from sea and suffering from blue balls.Only when you pull the cover down you discover a big black cum filled cock that fills all your horny holes.I’d love to see you lick his ass and tongue worship his cock.Please reply to request.

  17. laws o mighty
    chessie you is one sexy momma.i loves it when you takes all the hung black dicks and keeps it for yo bad self.onliest hungest black dick still swinging out there that hasn’t stretched yo pink snatch open is the gargantuan swinging snake hisself ”long dong silver”.when you gon wrap your lips on that trouser snake.i hears hes making a cumback.ya’ll better gets your pimp to hook you up wit da dong .caints you make a film wit him wheres he fills ya’ll ho-ny holes with his backed up man juice.spank yo ho-ny ass wit his cum filled cock.

  18. I adore Chessie Moore! Dogs are not my thing (I have seen some shots), but she has given me great pleasure over the years. I just wish I could find more of her stuff. The hair, the shoulder tattoo, the sensational boobs and what a c**t, if only she shaved more (or should that be Moore).

    Any way, as fantasies go she is high on my list. If, even at this late stage, she ever visits Australia – I would be more than happy to escort her (yeah, I know – in your dreams).

    Well, I am off to have some.


  19. esta buenasa la chessie more quisiera toda la noche con en lacama tener sexo con ella besar su senos ricos

  20. I thought she was pretty hot, then I noticed she fucked dogs, uck. Worse than that she fucks Black guys……….WTF is this world coming to????

  21. chessie… I love your boob. That tatto are so cool….
    Not many big boob have a tattoo like you…and I’m so crazy about bigboob with tattooo….
    I thinks you should pierce your nipple too….

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