Alicia 36JJ, HH-cup Sapphire and an I-cup guest…

Thank God for Mick! I’m speaking, of course, of the site visitor who commented on yesterday’s Chessie Moore blog saying, “I like fake tits…” Alas, he was the only one who, like myself, doesn’t care what’s inside of them, as long as they’re big! Thank you Mick, and I agree with you (and everyone else) on the tattoo as well. Then again, given a pair of breasts like Chessie’s, I think I could overlook that small anomaly. And, to be honest, I’d never have even given her a second glance if she was still built like this (shallow big breast loving git that I am).

The overwhelming majority of you said “NO” to fake boobs. I’m sorry, but I just can’t agree with you there. I am an equal lover of flesh and silicone (or saline implants, if you’re in the U.S.). In fact, as boobs get older, the artificially-enhanced models make for a far better titfuck. Take a woman in her mid-30s, say, and I’d much rather be sliding my cock between the cleavage of fine pair of man-made F-cups than a set of G-cup naturals (and I’m speaking from personal experience here). Eh, maybe it’s just me.

But, today, I shall defer to my readership and feature only pure and natural wonders of the boob world. These particular specimens come to us courtesy of DivineBreasts, brought to you by the cup sizes HH-, I- & JJ-. Now, I didn’t realise this until I’d signed up for the site, but membership also gets you access to the video archive at Massive Melons, with hundreds of streaming videos from big breasted models like Diane Poppos, Anya (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova), Sarah Mercury, Louise Leeds & Darlene Lupone, just to name a few. Hmmm, I shall have to blog a few of these one day.

Back to the topic at hand (or hands, as it would take more than one to man-handle these monster mammaries), our first all-natural buxom beauty – and my favourite from the site – is the adorable Alicia 36JJ. She’s also the most prolific model there, providing weekly photo & video updates for her ever-growing base of fans. In this particular series, Alicia is wearing what has to be the sexiest top I’ve ever seen on a woman of her generous proportions. The wide mesh is just perfect for letting her pert nipples poke through whilst affording an unfettered view of her colossal cleavage (it’s also a rather amusing photo set, as Alicia appears to get decidedly drunker as the session progresses!). Oh, I do so wish more well-endowed women would see fit to dress like this…

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from


…our next divinely-crafted wonder of nature is HH-cup Sapphire, who just joined the Divine Breasts family a fortnight ago. Although some of you had whinged about the extra weight she’s put on since her Score days, I feel the bonus boobage is well worth it! Sapphire’s looking far more comfortable now than in her first shoot for the site, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of this HH-cup honey as time goes on…

Sapphire HH-cup from    Sapphire HH-cup from    Sapphire HH-cup from

Sapphire HH-cup from    Sapphire HH-cup from    Sapphire HH-cup from


…and, finally, there’s a special guest that arrived on the Divine Breasts scene just four days ago. You’ll have to log onto the site to see her face and find out who she is, but I’ve at least got permission to post her boobs below. Whether or not she stays is entirely up to the members, of whom the webmaster has requested feedback as to her fate. Personally, I’m going to vote “Yes”, as I feel you can never have to many I-cups…

I-cup guest at DivineBreasts    I-cup guest at DivineBreasts    I-cup guest at DivineBreasts

I-cup guest at DivineBreasts    I-cup guest at DivineBreasts    I-cup guest at DivineBreasts


…and what better way to close today’s entry than with a few video clips? I’ve chosen the lovely Alicia, of course, as I simply can’t get enough of those jumbo 36JJ juggs. In this particular video, we we get to watch Alicia as she oils up her JJ-cups with lotion before sliding her hands effortlessly against her now-frictionless tit-flesh. Being a young lass, her tits are still firm enough for a good fucking…but, for now, I guess we’ll just have to live vicariously through her slippery, slender fingers. Thus, in conclusion, witness the well-oiled natural wonder that is Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts:





51 thoughts on “Alicia 36JJ, HH-cup Sapphire and an I-cup guest…”

  1. “Thank God for Mick! I’m speaking, of course, of the site visitor who commented on yesterday’s Chessie Moore blog saying, “I like fake tits…” Alas, he was the only one who, like myself, doesn’t care what’s inside of them, as long as they’re big!”

    Even though my comment was the very first it seems that stating that I’ve alsways been a big fan of Chessie Moore it wasn’t obvious enough that I, too, don’t care if they’re real or not as long as they’re large and sexy…?!? ;-)

    Anyway, here’s just another comment then to support your efforts here as well as to let you (and all others) know that it really doesn’t matter if they are fake or not and that it is pretty inappropriate to try and demand what kind of girls you should feature on your very own blog…!

  2. Thanks, great pics again, especially those of Alicia. Indeed that top is ultra hot! I have a question: on the pictures & clips on DivineBreasts, is it “tits only” or does Alicia show her ass and pussy too?


    Well, I just love large breasts, and many times fake ones just look sexier from a certain size up… ;)

  4. While Alicia may be the best model on DB, Saphire is definitley in top3-she’s gorgeous. Any vids of her would be awsome. Stay cool, and keep up the good ‘work’.


  5. You’re welcome! :)

    Fake tits and real tits turn me on in different ways. A lovely woman with big, real tits is wonderful turn-on in her own right. Real tits jiggle like nothing else and feel GREAT!

    Fake tits have a different kind of appeal. Somehow, on a deep psychological level, I have this fantasy that the woman is really saying “I -WANT- to look this way because I want to be lusted over.”

    On an intellectual level I realize there are many reasons why women might get breast implants, ranging from boosting confidence to recovering from breast cancer/removal, none of which have much to do with inducing lust. But knowing that doesn’t stop the fantasy from popping into my head. :)

    And at certain bust sizes, all the intellectual reasons DO go away and it is all about lust in my book!

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Keep up the good work on the site!

  6. Reese said, “Although some of you had whinged about the extra weight she’s put on since her Score days…”

    Whinged??? Reese, you’ve been on that little island too long!

  7. Well, once again Tito the Tit Lover must chime in because Alicia is gracing us with her busomy plentitudes. Seeing Alicia brings such udder delight to the Tito, that he himself wants to invite Alicia to a karaoke bar so he can serenade her with the song “You raise me up”, by Josh Groban. :) And that is both physically and literally by the way, I mean that is one lucky man that has this lady around his arm.

    Thank you Reese.

    Speaking of Reeses, bad pun intended here, but when you post pics of Alicia’s peanutbutter cups I go cuckoo for coco puffs, er…Tito means coco busts, since Alicia’s sweater puppets are larger than pumpkin-sized coconuts.

    Tito the Tit Lover

  8. Thank’s again Reese for these new images of Alicia who is so wonderfull.
    I would like to know more about Alicia…Does she have a husband or a boyfriend, in which city we can meet this dream, how many children she has…

    All three of those girls are so yummy! Who would like to win a lotto where the prize was these three instead of cash? ME!!
    In relation to fake tits, it depends, I find some natural ones unattractive as well as some enhanced ones, I do preffere natural in the giggle department, but at the end of the day if a great set of improved breasts are in my hands I am still just as happy!!!
    So Reese I say bring on all the boobs you can find, cos so far you have brought alot of eye candy, Alicia, Faith, Anya, Maria Swan, Eden, Pam Parker, Joanna (one of the most lust worthy, I thrive on her) and the list goes on and on.
    A quick question has anyone found any more pics of the girls featured in the Biggest British Boobs articals that was bloged here a while back, or some more stories and pics of similar claims? I love seeing girls fighting over the right to be known as having the biggest tits :)

  10. dreyfuzz: Most of the photos & videos on DivineBreasts focus mainly on the tits, and the only model who’s “baring all” at the moment there is Anya (although Joanna seems to be getting more adventuresome, and Alicia has done some fully nude shoots with strategically-placed hands). The same holds true for ass shots, as evidence by these of Alicia…

    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

    …but bear in mind that this is Alicia’s first go at modelling; and, like so many others, I expect that she’ll be revealing more as time goes on (fingers crossed!).

    mangaphreak: Couldn’t agree with you more! :D

    One Among Many: Good news! Sapphire just did her first video for DB, and it’s available on the site as of today!

    Bob: Now that’s a bit of an exaggeration. :? Most of Alicia’s videos on the site average about 5 minutes in length, and are broken up into 10MB chunks for easier download.

    Mick: You know, I hadn’t considered that! My wife, who was previously a B-cup, thoroughly enjoys the attention she gets from her surgically-enhanced F-cup endowments. She had no sound medical reason for having the op – it’s just something that she’d wanted to do for herself from the age of 15. Now that she’s got them, I dare say she enjoys them even more than I do! You can often find her wearing the most revealing clothes she can find, sneaking glances at her own cleavage and even bobbling her boobs about in bed for personal entertainment. She makes the most of their “lust inducing” qualities as well, flashing blokes in public from time to time and even offering them a feel (if they’re brave enough)…only then revealing, to their disbelief, that her tits were an “add-on”! :lol:

    ssendam yrammam: Blimey! :shock: Spot on, mate…although I’d like to point out that I used “ass” rather than “arse” in my first reply in this comment. :P Now stop whinging and look at the tits! ;)

    Tito the Tit Lover: “You Raise Me Up” – Good one! Shall have to remember that next time I’m at a karaoke bar with a particularly stimulating companion.

    kurth: I think you may find yourself in the minority, there. I find Sapphire’s tits rather arousing, especially in poses like this.

    Mickshnal: I definitely agree with you on Joanna. My mate Cel (of flies her over to France for photo shoots and says she’s even sexier in person. Will have to devote another blog to JoJo soon, as he’s done some great photo & video shoots with her. As for the “Biggest Boobs in Britain“, the four girls who were part of that have since disappeared into the aethyrs. However, there’s a certain worldwide effort in the works at the moment and you’ll definitely hear about it on MyBoobSite first! ;)

  11. Reese, massive fan of your site, truly brilliant work. However you’ve often mentioned Taylor Stevens, and even said she was one of your favourites. So why no coverage? It has been too long I say, Taylor Stevens needs to revisit your blog, with some of her fine videos!

    p.s. There seem to be hardly any large pictures of her, any chance of showing any Reese?

  12. I don’t know why they have the guest models. Most of them aren’t as attractive as Alicia. The redhead certainly doesn’t come up trumps in my opinion.

  13. Viva Alicia! Can’t have too much of her. As for Taylor Stevens, she deserves coverage on

    As for Sapphire, her boobs are very large, but they’d be more appealing if her areolas and nipples were larger. And she needs to get into a swimsuit bottom like in the Score pics, and show more skin. From the videos that I’ve I’ve watched, I give her a C or C minus for acting. Maybe that will improve over time.

    The new guest model, Davina, has some tig bitties, with reasonably sized areolas and nipples, but they are very pale (and so is she – very light blue eyed). And as I said here a few days ago, I think she’d be comaprable to Alicia if she’d become pregnant.

    It’s nice to see all the opposing comments. Keep it up!

  14. I’d like to reply to those who love sillycone sisters. There is nothing wrong with women who have of breast augmentation, in most cases, because in most cases the women are under-endowed and adding a few inches makes them more like normal. But you will seldom see models who have those formerly B cup, now D cup breasts. What you will almost always see are the models who have the huge 3000cc implants that look like two soccer balls on their chests. I used to marvel at the 6 inch areolas of Topsy Curvy, who used to be about the only model who had areolas that were in proportion to her huge implanted breasts. Most other models, Crystal Storm is one that comes to mind, have these huge implants that look so unrealistic, and their areolas are far too small for those gigantic gazongas.

    Now there is Keisha Evans, who has decently sized areolas for her 3000cc implants. But she didn’t stop there! She had her implants overfilled, and they’re each now up to 6000cc!! Yeah, that’s 6 liters! That’s over a gallon and a half per balloon-sized breast! Can you comprehend how heavy those are? Over 13 pounds per boob, totalling 26.5 pounds!!

    And here’s the incredible info. She is asking for donations to help her pay for an even bigger set of implants! I emailed and asked how she was going to be able to handle over 30 pounds for 7000cc implants, or 35 pounds of weight for a pair of 8000cc chest-crushing implants. It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t yet received back a reply; I doubt if I will get one.

    I found a hilarious picture on her website. She couldn’t find her remote. She had slept on it and it left its impression on her boob! All these red buttons were impressed into her skin! LOL!

    By the way, Reese never has said how many cc’s his wife’s implants are. About the largest standard (not custom) ones are 800cc which can be overfilled to 900cc. And the pics of a woman with those look very nice. Most women get them in under 500cc size and they look really nice, too. It’s when it comes to very large breasts, we find only two kinds: the all natural breasts, which I prefer, and the huge, silicone or saline implants, which just don’t look and move like natural ones. And I think that’s what the guys dislike. Other guys that have women who have the more normal sized ones, like Reese, don’t have such objections.

  15. VF~

    My wife’s implants are a mere 320cc each. When she first got them, they rode fairly high up – as new implants tend do – and only required a DD-cup bra to support them (here’s Vix as a 36DD, two weeks after her surgery).

    Within a year, they had naturally dropped a bit and the tissue had softened up significantly, and she had expanded to an E-cup (here’s Vix as a 36E, one year later).

    It’s been a little over three years now since Vix underwent breast augmentation, and her boobs have a very natural jiggle, feel and consistency – they even flop down towards her sides when she lies on her back! She’d put on a little weight over the past two years, much to my profound pleasure, prompting her to be remeasured at Gossard’s as an F-cup (here’s Vix as a 36F, three years post-op).

    I love ’em, and so does Vix (as has anyone else who’s enjoyed a good fondle)! ;~)

    ~Reese! :~)

  16. Just stumbled across this website, WOW! great work Reese!

    Alicia is just lovely, lovely, lovely. She’s got fantastic knockers and a curvy body to die for.

    Real? Fake? I prefer real but i like fake ones too.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Bob wrote:

    “Alicia’s website sucks. The videos are like 10 seconds long and she covers everything up except her tits. “

    Try to be alittle more patient, guys.

    Most of these Wonderful women had to overcome a lot of teasing in their youth to get here, today.

    My wife’s a big woman, and she’s always conscious of her skin (marks), stomach, and backside. MOST WOMEN ARE!!!

    And… it’s hard for them to receive the blasting some of you guys give when you don’t like what you see.

    So please, try to be positive…
    …’cause I wouldn’t want these ladies to stop altogether.

  18. Reese, thank you for the answer. Yes, let’s all hope Alicia will be more revealing in the future. Nothing wrong with the situation right now either, it’s just that she’s got a very beautiful face and incredible tits, so it would be nice to know if even the rest of her is up to the same level. ;)

    Alex, this could be Alicia’s own blogpage. Or is it? Things are so easy to fake nowadays…

  19. Wow! Alicia is totally mindblowing. I’d love to shoot my cum all over those enormous breasts and watch her lick it off.

    I noticed some dudes on ebay are selling DVD’s of clips of Alicia 36JJ. No idea of the quality but I reckon they’ve taken them from the Divine Breasts website.

  20. Jes wrote:

    “So please, try to be positive…
    …’cause I wouldn’t want these ladies to stop altogether.”


    Indeed. I’ve recently learned that there are several models who appear on MyBoobSite that have become regular readers, especially of the comments on the entries within which they appear. That’s why I try to moderate out anything that’s overtly mean-spirited.

    Many of these girls put alot of themselves into what they do, and are extremely conscious of feedback from their fans. So, if you’ve got something good to say about a model, go for it! If you’ve got some constructive criticism regarding their websites or photo / video shoots, that’s fine too. But, if you’re just going to put them down because they’re not your particular cup of tea, don’t even bother.

    Thanks, Jes, for echoing my sentiments and providing a much-needed reminder…

    ~Reese! :~)

  21. Peter~

    Could you please pass along any links to eBay auctions featuring Alicia 36JJ DVDs? I’d like to send them on to her to find out if it’s someone pirating her content. These girls, their photographers and webmasters work hard to make a living out of what they do, and anyone profiting from their hard work without giving something in return is just stealing out of their pockets. After all, we want models like Alicia to be able to make a living and stay in business, or we’ll stop getting all of the wonderful big boob photos & videos we’ve come to know and love…

    ~Reese! :~)

  22. Thank god for Alicia :D This girl is really amazing. Damn fine knockers

    Yuo think you can also get some new pictures of Kerry please?

  23. Is it just me or has anyone noticed that Alicia looks a lot like boob “goddess” Isis, seen on Juggmaster and formerly She’s got a similar sweet look about her face. I really dote on Isis seeing as I got to meet her. Alicia is like Super Isis! Hot Damn!

  24. Hey look at these balls of love…I would like a day with that girl, she would look like a plasteres radio when Im done. All sticky…u guys know where I can get some good quality, big titty porn from???


  25. Nice to see a site dedicated to the fuller figured natural lady – Alicia is very attractive and it’s nice to see a woman not showing all straight away. Reminds me of Nicole Peters in that respect who’s managed to retain some degree of innocence in her modelling.

    (This’ll now turn into a “commentator’s nightmare” type post where someone else’ll post a link to Nicole humping the sausage from on high, but you get my drift!)

  26. hola amigos..Alicia es lo mas rico que he visto en cuanto a pechos grandes,,alguien sabe si tiene algun correo donde le pueda escribir? jejeje

    gracias a todos!

  27. Who are the models currently at Divine Breasts?

    It would be nice if they had a model listing along with
    an identifying picture and cup size.

  28. I adore Sapphire she looks really sexy in this shot. She really has charm.I would love to see her in some hard BDSM scenes. There is lots one could do to her magnificent set of tits.

  29. Quelles beautés! J aimerai bien rencontrer une fille comme alicia ou sapphire…. Faire l’amour avec elle,doit etre une formidable expérience…

    Baiser des seins comme les leurs ,un rêve…..

  30. Hi Reese,
    I have this feeling about Alicia…(Yes I know so do a couple of million other guys) LOL ……Seriously though I have this sneaking feeling that she has something to hide, like Nadine Jansen had scars on her thighs, I think Alicia has maybe stretch marks?? Hey don’t think I’m complaining, I’d take her if she were an amputee!!! I would just love to see her in all her glory like god intended warts and all……She is the most beautiful girl in the world bar none….But still would like to see her ass and pussy..

    Please see what you can do Reese please….Jim

  31. I think I can understand both arguements….

    Over the last twenty years, I’ve fucked real tits AND fake tits, and to me, it really comes down to the overall size.

    I’ve tittyfucked a girl with FAKE 44FF’s….and it was awesome!!

    I’ve also tittyfucked a girl with REAL 40HH’s….and it was awesome!!

    One thing is fore sure….I didn’t complain about how one titjob felt BETTER than the OTHER one!!

    And another thing….my DICK didn’t know the difference….so why should I complain?

    If you’re lucky enough to get to get your cock off between, fat, fuckable tits, just thank your lucky stars, and freakin’ enjoy it, already!!!!

  32. Hi,

    I did not post here before,but would like tothis sexy movie

    Video is not the highest quality but the girl is smoking hot

    Hope my first post here is liked, even though it’s somewhat offtopic :)


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