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Yesterday, in addition to blogging Devyn Devine’s porn piss-take video over on MyBBWSite, I spent my time musing over a most curious link that my mate Wankmaster had sent to me back in June. Now, I’d always toyed with the idea of creating a TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Post) site to feature the thousands of photo & video galleries that didn’t appear on my blog. I’d even reserved a domain name for it – – but could never be bothered to do all of the work involved in setting up and maintaining such a site.

Wanky’s software link, however, claimed that I could have my very own TGP site installed in 5 minutes, so I decided to give it a go. And they were right! Another 30 minutes customising and telling it what sites I wanted to appear there, and my TGP was up and running. Not only that, but it automatically selects 85 new photo & video galleries each day and archives the previous day’s entries! Do I sound impressed?! Well I am!! Anyway, click on the banner below and check out MyBoobSite’s brand new TGP,

Colossal Cleavage - a big tits TGP from MyBoobSite big boobs blog

P.S. If you’ve got some free webspace and would like an automated free porn TGP of your very own (they can be quite profitable, mind), here’s a link to the free software that I used to create mine. Just fill in the form to register as an affiliate (remember, it’s totally free), and you’ll be guided through the set of simple steps required to get your TGP site up and running in minutes!

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  1. RE: Colossal Cleavage TGP, here are just a couple examples of what I found (there are probably many more just as bad):

    “Two horny babes with big boobs blows and fucks one cock”

    “She got some large tittys”

    Hey, Reese.. Along with the usual adult content warning, there ought to be a warning somewhere prominent that you’re not responsible for incomprehensible grammar and spelling! About the only thing worse IMHO are those lamers who use texting/IM abbreviations like 4 u instead of for you in regular correspondence, because they’re too fuckin’ lazy to type a few more letters. I read somewhere that this is considered inappropriate, just like it’s ok to wear a skimpy swimsuit to the beach, but not to the supermarket.

    Which reminds me of yesterday when I walked into the Barnes and Noble bookstore. I was right behind two awesome babes who were dressed (or not so dressed) ever so sexy. They both had on skimpy tops (no, they didn’t have big tits) and short skirts, with miles of beautiful, well-tanned skin showing. About the only thing I thought a bit extreme was they both wore four inch high-heeled shoes, which seemed to dressy for the rest of their outfits. Man, those babes were sooo sexy looking it was all I could do to keep my hands off them! Never in my dreams would I expect to see a pair like them in a bookstore!

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