Comfort boobs…

I feel miserable. I was just chatting with a webmaster friend of mine yesterday, gloating over the fact that I hadn’t caught the bug that’s working its way through our family, and today it hits me full force: Chills, sniffles, headache, body ache, dizziness, the works. Serves me right for boasting my apparent immunity. :~P

To make matters worse, Vix & I have about a dozen people dropping by tomorrow night for a perve party, among these being a gorgeous ginger G-cup gal whom I’ve wanted to bed for some time, but never got farther than a fondle. I just hope that I’m able to pull myself together before then, but I’ll certainly alert everyone to my potentially contagious condition. Although our swinging community plays it safe and sound where sex is concerned, parties like these can still be a hot-bed of virii, simply transmitted by other, asexual means. Thus, there’s probably no fun for me this weekend. :~(

The way I’m feeling, I just want to climb back into bed, hide beneath the covers and stop this insipid shivering. But, seeing as I’ll be tied up – one way or another – I though I’d at least leave you all with something for the weekend. So, I’ve made some clips from Eden Mor’s latest DVD release – Boobs Paradise II – within which we are treated to, among other things, our lovely HH-cup honey wanking herself to an awesome orgasm (hmm, I seem to be feeling a tad warmer already!)…

Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Turquoise Dress    Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Turquoise Dress    Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Turquoise Dress

Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Eden's Orgasm    Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Eden's Orgasm    Eden Mor 80HH (34HH) - Eden's Orgasm

…so enjoy your weekends whilst I curl up back into bed to fever dreams of Eden and her huge 80HH boobs soothing my ills. ;~)


29 thoughts on “Comfort boobs…”

  1. RUN – get “Airborne” as fast as possible. It will help you recover so you can “give it your all” to that ginger!

    Can we ask for pics? no? yeh, I guess that’s not always allowed at swingers’ events. oh well. We’ll just wish you luck and good swingin’.

  2. Just as long as it’s not the H5N1 strain..
    I paid $13 in advance for my flu shot, then I caught the flu. I asked the nurse if I should get the flu shot, and she said, “Now that you’ve caught the flu, you’re already immunized.” And the money was non-refundable.

    Man, like we’ve said here before, it must be the water. They can sure come up with some fine looking babes with nice, big tits in Poland. Maybe not the biggest, but they jut straight out, just inviting to be suckled. I think I’m falling in love.. I found a link to this blonde goddess Sonia on

    BTW We can never get too much of Eden! Thx.

  3. Muuuuuuuuuuuito gostosos os clipes da Eden Mor, para mim que sou fã dela gostei muito, pena que eram videos pequenos, mas mesmo assim valeu a pena.

  4. want to sleep on center of both boobs ans suck and suck and suck and suck……………………………………….

  5. She always seems inhibited. As if the idea of being “erotic” is something someone put her up to. A shame, cause she certainly has the body to carry it off.

  6. I love you EDEN MOR, you are a amazing woman.
    I will be the man most happy in the earth ; If I will
    know you and I can be a night with you.

    I will never forget you……….. kiss, kiss, kiss,kiss……..

  7. hello and merry xmas to every one – hope yous had a good xmas – doing the rounds and back from parents 12lbs heavier a`hhh , all the best for 2012 –
    michael buely

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