First off, thanks so much to my many well-wishers whilst I was laid up in bed with this bug. It’s been a strange time, and I’m not entirely sure how much of it was real or imagined (except for those bits supported by photo evidence, of course), but I now appear to be well on the road to recovery. So, despite my still-wobbly state, I figured now was as good a time as any to get back to my blogging.

Now, perhaps it’s the delirium, perhaps it’s her unique cup size (you must admit that I-cup bras are rather rare, except perhaps in Continental Europe), but I appear to have become totally besotten (is that a word?) with Autumn-Jade in the course of my infirmity. I’m amazed that I’ve only blogged her once before here, as the undulating, almost-hypnotic quality of her floppy tits is truly a sight to behold (if you’ve not yet had the pleasure, be sure to check out the video clip I’d posted in that first blog). 34I natural wonders, they are.

So I set off in search of yet more Autumn-Jade to feed my fancy, starting as I often do with the massive Scoreland archive (they’re the folks who host her website), and was thrilled to find literally thousands of photos amongst her collection. Here are just a few of my favourites…

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

…and, as for the videos, what do you say we dispense with the pleasantries and get straight to the fucking? Is a shame, really, because there’s quite a bit more to this 27 minute movie than the copious copulation contained in these few clips – including some exceptional masturbation scenes with her contraband dildo – and I must say that Autumn-Jade does make for a rather cute little soldier. However, in my present, over-medicated condition, I seemed to gravitate moreso toward the best blowjob, titfuck and jiggly-boobs shag-scenes available. I hope you don’t mind:

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I

Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I    Autumn-Jade 34I



28 thoughts on “Autumn-Jade”

  1. I remember Autumn Jade from several years ago, when she posed anon, I think they just called her Autumn. Beautiful face and tanned body and those yummy tits – floppies she uses to her advantage like you said. Only one place for improvement, I think, and that’s her areolas could be a bit bigger. Like in the pic with her in pigtails, they just look a bit too small for those nice, big boobs. SHe’s not as bad as some of the black chicks such as Jenny Hill or Amazon Queen (Udder Valley Ranch), who both have these massive tits with dark areolas not even as big as Autumn’s. I’m just of the opinion that big boobs deserve big nips and areolas, and bigger is better. Of course then there’s the other extreme – Juggmaster’s Amazon, who has areolas as big as her face! But then they’re in proportion to her huge bazooms, which are almost as big as soccer balls! Another one who I think needs larger areolas is Maxi of Top Heavy Amateurs. But probably the best (or worst) example of areolas that are too small is Norma Stitiz, who has these Guiness Book of Records boobs, but her areolas, though a bit larger than average, are still way, way too small for such massive melons.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery – but then sometimes a fever delirium can be oddly enjoyable.. Heh.

  2. I luv the way that Autumn can hold BOTH her big tits in her TEETH with no hands. She has very stretchy skin and when she was skinny ( mid 90’s ) her fucking tits could be wrapped around and twisted practically in knots..fucking awesome…too bad she gained weight. Still what a sexy fuckhole with a sweet puffy cunt too.

  3. I’ve only recently discovered your website. You are now my new hero…I stumbled across your amazing, outstanding–and I mean outstanding in its most literal sense–during those wee whanking hours between barclosings and sleep, after a number of adult beverages, after a couple of bungled attempts to foist myself upon and into the lives of two or maybe it was three buxom beauties…after a couple of visits to your splendid cypber space, I just have to write–click out some comments regarding Autumn Jade. As a breast man, nay, a breast connoisseur I of course am always in search of the perfect ample pair…yet, Autumn has and is among my favorites…I suppose I have watched all the video footage available–thankful for that pause button on my DVD’s remote…that slow forward option, the zoom capability…I’ve leered and longed after her from every angle. I am especially fond of her on all fours, with her pendulous pretties…those Hindenburg hooters, swinging and swaying, galloping about as she takes it from behind, getting her rump rammed…dreaming it was me enjoying that favored angle, gripping hips and hammering it home, reaching around and hefting up a handful or two of hanging hooter, or maybe watching her service her man, him seated on a couch, her plopping her titans onto his lap, massaging the male member, hugging it with hanger-bangers, ahh, me dreaming it was me…As for Autumn Jade, recently, I came into some money that has allowed me to indulge my breast fetish in ways I never before imagined…after spending several weeks investigating my investment options, I put about four-fifths of the money away where I would not have whimsical access to the funds…the rest however, I placed in some moderate to high risk investment vehicles…and the interest from it has become my play money…now, I am in the third month of an arrangement with Autumn Jade lookalike. Now, I know…no one is going to believe me…and frankly the woman…let’s call her Jenna, is not quite as pretty in the face as Autumn and a little thicker in the hips and more bodaciously bottomed, and she is in her eary forties…but the breasts….ahhh, my goodness, they are for real and truly they are beauties to behold…and to hold, I am indeed having a breast bumping, booby banging, tittiy tuggling time of it…if anyone is interested, I would like to share in another installment how this came about…perhaps there is a lesson to learn, or at least a little titilation for the breast loving blog community.

  4. Yes, Anon, we need to get a life.
    But, in the meantime, I’ll enjoy jacking myself silly while fantasizing about Autumn-Jade and those hefty funbags.

  5. I have lusted after Autumn for years and personally I find her much sexier when she’s got a little more meat on her bones. When she’s real thin I always thought she looked drugged up and sickly. Extra points for that Southern accent!

    P.S. Kick ass site. A must for tit hounds!

  6. Autumn Jade is officially my favourite porn model ever
    I especially liked her early photoshoots, when she was a tiny little waif like chick with huge pendulous hangers
    the 2000 Score All Naturals issue with her on the cover got me hooked
    she’s also very funny in her videos, and appears to be a very sexy lay

  7. I know men love porn and I can’t even stop my husband from looking at it either, but do you think viewing extreme porn (women down on their knees sucking, women spanked and bondaged, forced bisexual, etc) makes men degrade women more in real life? Or do you think men are smart enough to distinguish reality from porn?

  8. hey! we know autumn…she is a close buddy of me and my wife and lives in same town. we have fucked her many times! she is a sweet girl…loves my wife licking her pussy and my cock in her ass and my cum on her big titties! watched her and my wife take on a couple black guys last week….very hot!

  9. There is nothing to improve here — this is my ultimate fantasy chick. Her pics and videos have resulted in the personal loss of more body fluids than I can begin to imagine.

  10. STEVE NASH- I know this post is three years old, and I hope you’re still around, but I read your post … I have always fantasized about Autumn in interracial hardcore — Apparently she has retired from the porn business. Do you still know her? What is she doing these days? And please … I need more details of this encounter with the black dudes!!!

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