Cum On Dors Feline

Just a quickie and, sure, it would have been far better if her name had been Eileen rather than Dors (then again, that’s already been done), but I’ve just received word that the lovely Dors Feline has posted a new series of photos getting naked in bed and being felt up (mmm, reminds me of the sexy nude groping vids I’d posted at the end of this blog) then mysteriously getting cum on her tits courtesy of

Cum on Dors Feline felt up in bed and gets cum on her tits at

…but, looking through the gallery photos in pointedly perverse detail, I feel I may well have solved the massive mammary mystery of how this remarkably well-endowed woman got cum in her cleavage with nary a cock in sight. For me, the obvious answer lies within this disturbing photo in which a mysterious man is pointing two penis fingers at Dors (honestly, tell me I’m not the only one who sees little dickheads on the ends of his erect digits), so perhaps the cum could’ve come from his oddly phallic fingertips whilst he was fondling her massive breasts earlier on in the series!

No? Okay, then, let’s turn the big tits tables, as it would be rude to leave lovely Ms Feline lingering nude in bed with jizzed up juggs all weekend (after all, felines are notoriously tidy creatures anyway). So moving along from cum on her tits to cum off her tits in the blink of a big breast loving eye, here’s the ever beautiful 34K busty voluptuous Dors Feline naked in the shower with warm water cascading through her captivating K-cup cleavage transforming her enormous orbs into glistening globes of radiant light in these big boobs showering photos from

Cum off Dors Feline nude in the shower at


8 thoughts on “Cum On Dors Feline”

  1. I am a Dors convert! Seeing Dors’ magnificent K-cups covered in cum was a wondrous appetiser (as well as some of her intense facial expressions as his fingers were exploring her delicious folds), but watching her stupendous tits glistening in the shower, the warm water running from her globes in soapy rivulets, sent me into wanking oblivion. Dors has such beautiful, pendulous tits, with those lovely pink nipples and wondrous pale pink areolae shading into her almost translucent breasts, the blue veins clearly tracing through them. If that was not enough in itself, it is Dors’ overall curvaceousness that makes her so dreamy: her lovely round belly, her generous hips and thighs, and a mound that looks so wonderfully soft and squeezable. And to top it all off, Dors’ pics always look like she has just invited us into her home, to come and spend some time with her in all her rubenesque glory. I’d be more than happy to accept that offer!

  2. Dors is great, i love her artwork on her body & she has a really cute face! I was reading her twitter the other day and she has the personality too, a rare breed!

  3. Finally. Videos please as soon as you get them. Now, all I want is to see Rachel Aldana’s tits getting cummed on and I think we’ll all be good for a few days. Thanks bro.

  4. I am so speachless. She is georgeous, cute and extactly my taste, what i like. She makes me honestly obsessed about her body. The size, the blue veins, the shape . . . simply perfect boobs. Don’t worry Dors, i mean it in the most respectable way possible.

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