Cut to the cleavage…

“Cleave” is a rather funny word, don’t you think? On one hand, it means “to split with or as if with a sharp instrument”. On the other, it’s “to adhere, cling, or stick fast”. Kind of dubious, if you ask me. However, add a simple “-age” suffix to the end, and you’ve removed all shadows of doubt and turned it into something wonderful. As if two big breasts alone aren’t wondrous enough, just squeeze them together and you get the glorious added bonus of cleavage! How is it that a simple space between can hold such intensely provocative power?

Although I personally can’t get enough of cleavage – especially the long, cavernous variety that seems to extend from the neck down to the navel – I think I may have just discovered my saturation point. I was revisiting the BigBoobDreams website, which I’d mentioned only once briefly in passing during my “Mammary Intercourse” blog, as I’d received an announcement that they’d just released a bunch of new free photo & video galleries. And, suddenly, I came face-to-face with more cleavage than you could bury a cock in!

The photographer for this site should probably seek profession help (or get his equipment checked out), as, in most of the photos, he appears as if he’s about to dive between his models’ big boobs (either that, or his lens is somehow magnetically attracted to tits). I dare say he’s more obsessive than I am! Sure, there are the perfunctory full body shots and more that you’d expect to find on any porn site, but this has to be the most breast-centric collection I’ve ever come across…









…oh, and they’ve got videos, too:






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  1. hallo suche eine frau alter spielt keine rolle die milchbrüste hat oder einen sehr weichen hängebusen dabei spielt die grösse keine rolle er sollte sehr weich und schön lang runterhängen

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