Mammary intercourse…

Back when I made my first post on the joys of tit-wanking, I had no idea of how many slang terms there were for the activity: Tit-fuck is the most popular, of course, but then there’s also Hawaiian muscle fuck, diddy ride, meat tie, banana georgie, hot dog, Bombay roll, a Russian, 81, motorboating & minnowing. The Norwegian brystpule sounds almost like an Olympic event (and well it should be!), and the German for busen-sex is tittenfick. But I have to admit, whenever I think about a massive pair of juggs wrapped tightly around my cock, words fail me…



(this anonymous tit-wank brought to you courtesy of Big Boob Dreams)



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24 Responses to “Mammary intercourse…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Also, “dutchfuck”.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I just call it heavenly.Funny but penetration of a vagina comes 2nd to fucking a lubed titty tunnel.

  3. dick Says:

    wow – reminds me of my kinderkarten teacher – big tit sally

  4. rich Says:

  5. Bob Says:

    When the gal does all the work, it is also called…… “a tuck and a rub”

  6. =D Says:

    thats why u want to be that dude.

  7. daddi Says:

    email me some pics and dirty chat =]

  8. will Says:

    i find if you put on a condon on a tit wank is better

  9. HorsePleasure Says:

    Condoms? I prefer oiled flesh directly against my rigid bone.

  10. Nathalie Says:

    email me some pics coz i love my pussy getting wet and my nipples getting hard and this is what does it for me

  11. steven Says:

    i just had a wank

  12. jebin Says:

    i love tits

  13. butt fuk Says:

    email me some pics please

  14. tommy Says:

    sexyness fuck me!!

  15. Jamma Says:

    I jst jizzed all over my keyboard.

    Was worth it! :P

  16. watchenfuck Says:

    could u also titty-fuck to where the titty goes into the anus? That would feel fucking AWESOME!!!!!

  17. rhys Says:

    u have some seriously sexy tits
    wank wank wank

  18. danthesexman Says:

    ilove sex

  19. danthesexman Says:

    wanking delicious, uh, uh ,uh! nice wank

  20. danthesexman Says:

    tit fucks r nice

  21. jesse Says:

    who is this?! wanna download her…

  22. Clarke Says:

    love to cover them thick cum

  23. Mel Says:

    im a 34G and i love hot sticky cum all over my tits.. makes my pussy wet and ready for a good hard fuck :)

  24. poo Says:

    I would love to be him!

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