Devyn loves me, this I know…

Special thanks to 38DDD Devyn Devine of for sending me the following photo! I do so love it when busty models express their undying affection for me, even moreso when they do so “tits out”! :~D And, no, I don’t care that she borrowed the sign from her friend Samantha 38G (with whom Devyn shares a rather intimate relationship), I know that her sentiments are genuine… ;~) …and, of course, Devyn, the feeling is mutual:

Awww, Sam loves me!! :~D    The Devine Ms. Devyn


8 thoughts on “Devyn loves me, this I know…”

  1. Well, let the “she’s too fat” comments begin! But as for ME- she is fucking hot. She once again shows that big, curvy women can be really REALLY sexy. Amazing tits, body and – BONUS!- she does hard-core!

  2. Devyn is one big fine piece of ass and… then some. Those lips of hers are just begging to be wrapped around a stiffie. As for her size – she’s just right IMO. She’s got it all in one sweet package – lips, tits and hips. Very nice.

  3. Who says she’s too fat? Maybe a little on the short side, though, as Luv Em Big has observed. Like Reese has observed, big tits often come with big bodies. All the more to Luv!

  4. that pic looks photoshopped…i think i saw a smantha anderson one like it claiming the same thing (that she had made a sign) and the sign said the same thing and the same exact font on it. and…also, if i am not mistaken, the description for this devynn pic when hovered over says “aww sam loves me”. I am a fan of this site and your blogs, but something smells fishy to me.

  5. yeah right~

    Yup, it’s exactly the same sign. Sam & Devyn share the same webmaster. As to the veracity of it, I have no question because of my relationship with the parties in question. However, if you’d like to pursue your own investigative efforts further, please feel free to contact those sites’ webmaster (and please let everyone know what he tells you, just as you’d oh-so-publicly posted your suspicions here)…

    ~Reese! :~)

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