DivineBreasts Potpourri

Whist anxiously awaiting the arrival of Alexandra Moore – the stunning 36H Italian beauty who’s soon scheduled to make her first guest appearance on DivineBreasts – I thought a potpourri of some of the truly divine breasts already gracing the site might pass the time nicely. :~)

First in our big tits line-up shall be Sarah36G (whom Openeyes believed might be the true identity of Cassidy 32H in one of my previous blogs). Following 36G Sarah is cute little blonde bombshell Micky (whom I’d blogged shortly after she joined the DivineBreasts family mid-September of last year). After Micky, we have a brief but veritable who’s who within the wonderful world of huge breasts, including the incomparable Alicia “36JJ” Loren, Ann Vanderbilt 38J, Joanna 36FF & Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G!

Here they all are, filling the void left in our anticipation of Alexandra’s arrival, from their hallowed home at DivineBreasts.com

Sarah36G from DivineBreasts.com    Sarah36G from DivineBreasts.com    Sarah36G from DivineBreasts.com

Micky from DivineBreasts.com    Micky from DivineBreasts.com    Micky from DivineBreasts.com

Alicia Loren 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia Loren 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia Loren 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com

Ann Vanderbilt 38J from DivineBreasts.com    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from DivineBreasts.com    Ann Vanderbilt 38J from DivineBreasts.com

Joanna 36FF from DivineBreasts.com    Joanna 36FF from DivineBreasts.com    Joanna 36FF from DivineBreasts.com

Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G from DivineBreasts.com    Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G from DivineBreasts.com    Busty Merilyn Sakova 32G from DivineBreasts.com

…in contrast to the huge breasts we know and love above, today’s videos feature a new big tits model who just joined DivineBreasts a mere ten days ago! Her name is Ida and she’s got precisely the sort of perfectly pendulous pair that I’d love to have jiggling in my face. Here are a couple of teaser video clips – the first of which deftly demonstrates the dangling phenomenon of which I speak – courtesy of DivineBreasts.com:

Ida videos from DivineBreasts.com    Ida videos from DivineBreasts.com




11 thoughts on “DivineBreasts Potpourri”

  1. Hi there, Ida in my eyes is the sexiest woman i have ever seen. She makes me go weak in the knees, by the way i love this site. Keep up the great work. thanks , Steve

  2. I love the girls at Divine Breasts, this guy knows the right camera angles and action a guy with a fetish like me likes, good work Divine B.


  3. Have to comment since Openeyes’ comment was mentioned – Both instinct and close photographic examination lead me to the conclusion that Cassidy is not Sarah36G.

    The breasts tell the tale alone…they have none of the same identifying marks as far as moles (Cassidy does, Sarah doesn’t), veins (different patterns), size (can’t tell whose are bigger without a side-by-side comparison – score taught me that, but Sarah’s look bigger) and droopage (Cassidy’s nipples sit higher up). Also check aureaolae size relative to the breast – Sarah’s are bigger. And I know photo coolors can be manipulated and ambient light changes things somewhat, but Sarah seems to have a bit yellower tone to her skin, some kind of european with a touch of dark tone in there…while Cassidy is pure white, of more northern descent.

    But also it makes no sense to be masked on one site and revealed on another, in a totally different guise. Cassidy is on the same boat as Maxi, she doesn’t want her face seen.

    Sadly she is getting acceptance like this. I urge everyone to keep pestering THA for her to unmask as Serenity, Athena, and Hayden did before her. I argue that to focus entirely on the huge breasts and remove the face so completely (the pixelization is more disturbing thatn an extreme blur) is not only not hot but dehumanizing. It promotes these women as purely faceless, interchangeable objects, as opposed to beautiful people who share a quality we all appreciate.

  4. Gotta leave a quick 2 word note on Ann Vanderbilt….Holy Sh….!! I love the “slim but stacked” women!! Her juggs a just colassal….and I love red hair!! Think I’ll go relax….and fantasize about losing my cock between her enormous boobs!!

  5. I cannot get enough of looking at Ann Vanderbilt! Now those are my kind of tits! Plus I love that sensous looks of hers.

  6. Joanna is perhaps the most perfect big breast beauty I have ever seen.

    I would love to meet her. Does anyone know how to contact her.

  7. WOW! wonderful breasts! I prefer real long, flat and saggy breasts!
    that really turns me on! where can I find those? Preferably older women, over 50!

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