Don’t her boobs get in the way?

First off, Happy New Year from MyBoobSite! :~D You’ll probably notice a few minor changes here for 2006: I’ve made the thumbnails smaller in order to conserve valuable bandwidth (we’re currently serving more than 300GB per month in photos & videos to over 100,000 monthly visitors!) and to make things a bit easier for those using a dial-up connection. I’ve also limited the main blog page to show only the 10 most recent posts (so don’t forget the “click here to see our past big boobs” link at the bottom of the page). Hopefully, these small changes will make it possible to host more big tits than ever before!

But back to the business of boobs: After all of our New Year’s revelries this past weekend, and having slept through nearly the entirety of yesterday, I thought it best if we start the year with something quiet…and so we join a studious Chloe Vevrier, that supreme intellectual of all big boob-dom, enjoying a good book in her private library. In fact, she appears to enjoy it quite a lot, despite her 36GG breasts obscuring half the page! It’s not long before Chloe’s fingers make their way down to her pussy for a wank – something she indulges in with alarming regularity – but at least the shift in position gets her boobs out of the way.

I really envy women, who can get themselves off moreso on words than pictures, as it means they can enjoy porn in public places without fear of someone glancing over their shoulder. I also find it rather unfair that many of them can masturbate merely by rubbing their legs together. So much for sexual equality! :~P Then again, I suppose if I were reading some of the incredibly erotic fantasies Chloe shares on her personal website, it might be a different matter…

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG


23 thoughts on “Don’t her boobs get in the way?”

  1. Damn… very nice pic of Chloe. She certainly is one of the best out there – of them all. I recently stumbled across pics of Nicole Peters. I’d never seen her before – wow she’s amazing! All natural is all good.

  2. Chloe is the supreme goddess of all galaxies. Just keeps getting better with age. Chloe rocks whether she’s got a big bush or not. I would clone Chloe in a heartbeat

  3. Peter, SPOT on – We want it all natural – only legs shaven. Chloe is the only 1 with a russian twat and I love/thank her for it.

  4. This lady is of large magnitude, I wanna put my big long dick in her ass and between her big tits. Oooohhhh and in her mouth, ohhhhhh suck me.

  5. A little late to the party here, but dear god Chloe is astonishingly arousing, and this set is mind-blowing and cock-swelling. Is there any sweeter sight than an hourglass-figured young lady with titanic tits and a pair of studious-looking glasses? Imagine studying anatomy with Professor Chloe…

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