…but Imogen’s getting smaller?!

Right after riding the high of discovering that Maria Moore’s breasts were growing ever bigger, I found myself disturbingly brought down to Earth with yet another startling revelation: It appears that my all-time favourite model from BustyBrits.com – Imogen – is getting smaller! :~(

The last time I’d blogged Imogen, her lovely 38GG pair were plump and full as ever. However, when I happened upon the following gallery, she looked to be more of an F-cup than a double-G! What’s up with that?! And not only that, but it seems that Imogen & Alexis have acquired a new male friend to spice up their hitherto cozy home life…

Imogen & Alexis of BustyBrits.com    Imogen & Alexis of BustyBrits.com

…but no matter, that just means I can spend more time with 19-year-old Blue, who’s rapidly becoming another favourite from the Busty Brits line-up. Although she’s just a 34FF – a bit toward the low end of the boobs scale for me – Blue’s youthful innocence and perfectly voluptuous body have really grabbed my attention as of late…

Blue of BustyBrits.com    Blue of BustyBrits.com

Blue of BustyBrits.com    Blue of BustyBrits.com

Blue of BustyBrits.com    Blue of BustyBrits.com

Blue of BustyBrits.com    Blue of BustyBrits.com

…and, while I’m on the subject, here are three more recently-released galleries from Busty Brits. Hmmm, perhaps when I’m done with Blue, I’ll move on to Saffron, with her long, ginger hair and milky white breasts:

Saffron of BustyBrits.com    Saffron of BustyBrits.com

Rebekah Dee of BustyBrits.com    Rebekah Dee of BustyBrits.com

Michelle of BustyBrits.com    Michelle of BustyBrits.com


8 thoughts on “…but Imogen’s getting smaller?!”

  1. About Blue … nice 19 y.o. girl !!
    She looks so nice, she has a voluptuous body, nice boobs, and a horny ass… Reese you have my Ok, with this kindergarden girl … I hope to watch more pics of her… in the future
    I big fan of your blog

    PD about teens, I use to watch this http://www.christinamodel.com NICE PAIR OF BOOBS with BIG AREOLAS …

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
    to all that enjoy this blog !!!!!!!!!
    and specially for you friend Reese ….
    many greetings from Buenos Airessss……..

  3. Safron – i have a few vids with her but never knoew her name til now – so thank you – from the things i’ve seen – she seems to swing both ways – she is absolutely beautiful… i have to dig out some of her for my blog… cheers and thanks for sharing… Happy new year!

  4. I just had to post a comment about “blue” from Busty Britts.
    Being an frequent score-mag website subscriber, note that she also goes by the name “Gemma” I believe.
    What a beautiful face!
    Thanks for your site–it’s a real enjoyment.

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