Dreaming of Ashley 32HH at DreamOfAshley.com

This definitely seems to be the week for new arrivals on the big tits scene! However, I have to relinquish credit to my mate Tory for alerting me to this one: Tory wrote, “Just stumbled upon a great new site I thought you’d be interested in, from the InBedWithFaith stable with 32HH Ashley“.

Following Tory’s lead, I clicked on the link to DreamOfAshley and found a gorgeous little blonde teen with massive breasts (for a girl her age)! I don’t deny her the HH-cup stats, either, as Ashley’s relatively small frame (albeit a wee bit chubby compared to proposed benchmark Faith – in fact, I’d liken her more to Holly from OSPS) and small band-size belies breasts that, although resembling a mere F-cup on more voluptuous women, are most certainly much larger by chest / bosom ratio (which is why I feel there should be a definitive volumetric standard to supplant the long standing and less perceptually accurate cup-size conundrum).

Intrigued by this busty blonde 18-year-old newcomer, I followed up to see if perchance there might be any photos of the youthful yet alluring Ashley that I could feature in my blog (we both live in the UK, after all, although Ashley claims to be a student who lives with her parents). In return, I received a copious collection of admittedly sexy pics but, despite the profusion of provocative poses, I have yet to see her nipples! Mind you, I’ve not signed up for the site – yet – so that may make a difference.

Back in school, we would’ve referred to girls like 32HH Ashley as being a “little prick tease” (if indeed she is so modest) – those who are decidedly well-endowed and have everything of “what boys want”, and yet reveal just enough to provoke erectile arousal and nothing more. She is impenetrably cute, though (and I say “impenetrably” because, if she won’t even show me her nipples, there’s no way I expect to get anywhere near her more sensitive bits!). That said, based upon Ashley’s ability to cover the entirety of her areolas with two fingers, they must be rather small – but who am I, as a truly genuine big breast lover, to complain?!

Areolae big or small, nipples protruding or pert, it’s the squeezably soft mass of succulent breast-flesh that I’m after…and Ashley has that in spades. Her innate beauty, youth and pleasingly plump form are nought more than a bonus as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be watching this one, over time, in the hope of seeing her blossom into one of our next up-and-coming British big boobs ambassadors. Besides, sliding a sly hand surreptitiously beneath Ashley’s bulging t-shirt (ahhh, “Perfect Peaks” indeed!) and fondling her tits could potentially be far more sneakily satisfying than a full-on naked grope of those glorious globes (remember, she is only eighteen).

Here’s 32HH Ashley from DreamOfAshley.com:

Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH from DreamOfAshley.com

Postscript, one hour later: My sincerest apologies to lovely Ashley for calling her a prick tease and besmirching the size of her areolas – not to mention falsely accusing her of undue modesty. It’s my own fault, as I merely hadn’t dug deep enough into the site to see what I really wanted – topless photos! Having done so now, I stand corrected by the following galleries (and, even though it’s not terribly revealing, find myself inexplicably drawn to this photo):

Ashley 32HH galleries from DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley 32HH galleries from DreamOfAshley.com




39 thoughts on “Dreaming of Ashley 32HH at DreamOfAshley.com”

  1. All the new girls, that a saw in this week, the most beatiful is Ashley, for sure. Big and soft boobs. She came to stay betewen the big and beatiful girls in this blog.

    PS: Wanessa Lilio from Boobs Garden is very gorgeos too.

  2. you r soo beatiful and very very big booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob. but where is yours sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, thsnks

  3. Ashley always been one of my favorites. Maybe its her cute face, maybe its her nice ass or maybe its her gigantic well shaped breasts? Either way she is hot. If she just was a bit bigger LOL :D




  5. Hi Ashley,

    I e-mailed you is because I need a strong lady like you able to make decisions and lead the crowd not to be part of it. You look like that, but remember, need to be able to open your heart because without love it’s very difficult to achieve happiness – if not impossible.

    My intension is to be your friend, I don’t meant to be rude in any way at all, though we’ve not seen each other before. I know that you’ll surely possess what a man wants in a woman.

    I’m the type of guy that doesn’t wait for things to happen…I make them happen. A cruise to Heaven sounds great, are you ready?

    I consider myself a thinker and an intellectual and love to be engaged in discussion about anything. However, don’t misconstrue, I’m not at all ‘standoffish’ and I’m quite down to earth and just a mellow kind of guy at heart…….trust me.

    I’m a very conscious person about a lot of things. Hopefully I can get to share them with you. You should be an interesting and intriguing person. Tell me a little more about yourself when you have a chance. You can e-mail me @ fs1henry@yahoo.com



  6. i dont know what i can say??
    vere prety & so so so hot
    whin i see tis pic of ashley me coke be hard & hope to fuck evre inch in her body
    plz if you can send email to me

  7. Great news for all ashley fans. Incaseany of you didn’t know she has gone over to scoreland. She makes a magazine appearence in Voluptuous magazine april 2009 edition and her first dvd ashleys first time should be out in april too. Now Also there is a site a new site coming out ashley sage ellison.com but god knows when that will be soon though. Her dream of site is still worth it though until new stuff comes out!

  8. Ashley..oh Ashley, your lips, your eyes, your big boobs, your skin are always make me crazy……….
    i like u My Ashley.

  9. I love u . I love ur boobs. I want my boob to as that your. So that my husband kiss my tits during sex. I love sex. Thax for masturbing me…love u..

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