Erotica 2006 with Linsey Dawn McKenzie

This is turning out to be a rather intense week at MyBoobSite’s headquarters. In addition to working diligently upon a few other exciting breast-centric ventures we’ve got in the works, Vix & I are preparing to attend Erotica 2006 this weekend in London, a conference which bills itself as “the world’s largest lifestyle show for freethinking adults who are comfortable with their sexuality”. Whilst we’ll be busy chatting up models and engaging in a bit of shameless self-promotion of our own, if you happen to be there and happen to see us wandering the hallowed halls of Erotica, please stop and say “hello” (granted, the only time you guys get to see Vix & I together is when we’re fucking, so we thought we’d provide a non-action pic to help you identify the two of us should you be in attendance).

Regarding Erotica, I was chatting with my mate Cel (of about it the other day to ask if he was going to attend. During our conversation, Cel mentioned that the post-op Linsey Dawn McKenzie would be there promoting her new and “improved” lithesome figure after her breast reduction. This concerned me a bit, as I’m uncertain how I’ll react to seeing one of my former big boobs icons having been reduced – quite literally – to someone who wouldn’t even qualify to be featured here on MyBoobSite due to wilfully relinquishing her “F-cup & Up” status! Hmmm. Perhaps its best if I avoid her booth altogether. To be perfectly honest, I’d much rather be in LA this weekend for Glamourcon 40, as Jana Defi will be there! I suppose London is a lot closer, though. *sigh*

Alas, my only solace in the woefully-depressing LDM debacle can be found in the copious collection of the now-vintage Linsey Dawn photos & videos to be found on the Score family of sites, from when she was a glorious, all-natural 38HHH instead of her present 32DD proportions. Back then, she could do lipstick lesbian shoots alongside the likes of 34I Autumn-Jade with impunity. But, sadly, those days are gone. Thus, in an effort to hold fast to our fond memories, here are a few photos of former HHH-cup Linsey Dawn McKenzie from

Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from

Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from

Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from

Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie from


…although I wholly support a woman’s decision to do whatever she wishes with her own body, I can’t help but feel a little let down in Lindsey’s case. She’d plied the British public with her breasts in the popular media from the tender age of 16, and then suddenly decides to take them away from us. I suppose only genuine big breast lovers like ourselves would truly understand. Never before would we have had the opportunity to witness the natural development of such an extraordinary pair of huge boobs as her years progressed. Our chronicle, however, ends at the age of 27 when Linsey Dawn opted for the reduction.

But who am I to question the reasoning behind her decision? Athough never mentioned to the press, Lindsey may have been suffering physiological complications brought on by her breast size. All I know is that it marked the end of an era, and I’m not looking forward to seeing her at Erotica 2006 this weekend. However, as the de facto hooter historian here, I feel it my duty to expose future generations to the wonder that was Linsey Dawn McKenzie in her 38HHH incarnation. And so, some video clips – including her first-ever foray into the world of hardcore porn – from her heyday as our beloved HHH-cup queen courtesy of

Linsey Dawn McKenzie videos from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie videos from

Linsey Dawn McKenzie hardcore videos from    Linsey Dawn McKenzie videos from



25 thoughts on “Erotica 2006 with Linsey Dawn McKenzie”

  1. Lindsey got a reduction?!


    That’s it, armageddon’s here, I’m finding a falllout shelter.

  2. She looks pretty shit with smaller breasts. All her appeal was basically in her enormous rack. She didn’t have any other really redeeming features.

  3. Johnny, I must disagree completely.
    Although definitly awe-inspiring, size isn’t everything.

    As proof, I recommend perusing the previous blogs for the many comments posted about how showing personality and the idea of enjoying the work effects the way people feel about the pics and movies. Like yesterday’s ‘Wank Along With Merilyn’ blog…

    BTW, Lindsey also has a GOLD MEDAL ASS!!!

  4. And, as I’ve said before…


    Even if she no long rates the minimum for this blog (also the greatest!)

  5. Hey Reese,
    I have no idea if Linsey will be there or not … I was just saying that because I know she was there the past few years, and since I’m not coming it was a way to soften the blow for me. :)
    Anyway, if she’s there or not doesn’t matter … you’ll have plenty of boobs to see anyway. Denise Davies, Michelle Monaghan have been confirmed …

    Boobs away !…


  6. Ya know, when it comes to pics and vids, LDM is sooooo prolific that you could start at the beginning (Hmmm, did the Mad Hatter say that, or was it the Cheshire Cat?), and not tear yourself away from the monitor for _weeks_ before you get to the date where she got the BR. And that still doesn’t include the nude TV stuff that she did for some adult channels. :-)

    So just kick back and enjoy the tens of thousands of shots she’s done in the past. I know I will. And respect her right to do as she wishes with her own boobs and body. Who knows? Maybe after another kid or three, she’ll be up to her old, big size again. Then again, she may retire and we’ll never see her tits or face on new media. One never knows.

    Go to and see her on a shopping cart (love them groceries!). Then click on ENTER and see more of her holding some magazines. Then click on model directory, then click on L and then click on her name. You can see that compared to other models, she is extremely prolific, with dozens of videos and magazines to her credit. If you’re too damn lazy to go thru the above, then go here.

  7. LDM was indeed the ‘Queen.’ Her boobs were not just BIG, they were really FIRM! Much more than, say, Autumn Jade, or even Chloe Vervier. She was also totally slim, which I prefer. Even with smaller tits she has legs and ass to kill for. I think she is about 5’7″ or 8″ right? Also I agree with the post up above: one of the greatest beavers you’ve ever witnessed. But that rack will be missed… Maybe her boobs were too firm to breastfeed her baby! LOL.

    Who’s the next ‘Queen?’ Who can say, but Jenny Hill was another Voluptuous model who was scooped up at the tender age of 18 (legal in America) for topless shots. She’s been doing it ever since and is bigger, wayyy bigger than LDM. If you like black women check her out. She and LDM were the mainstays of Voluptuous magazine actually. No other models have appeared in it as much as those two.

    Also I’m getting wood over this new ‘Miosotis’ seen over at Nadine’s site. Good God she is bigger than Milena Velba! Skinnier too! And Pretty! I want her bad. African tits just unreal…

    But if there is a white girl to take the title from LDM I’d have to say someone like Edem Mor. But even she is not nearly as slim. LDM was the bomb…

  8. By the way someone mentioned Sharday. Not even close. Have you seen the stretch marks? LDM was a smoooooth number. I’m liking Bea Flora more and more these days…. she’s much bigger than Jana/Maria Swan.

  9. I really have to disagree wholeheartedly. I don’t want to dwell but her legs aren’t shapely and she doesn’t have a flattering nose. As a model without boobs she’s nothing spectacular.

    I’ve always thought so but it never stopped me from enjoying her photos. Those small dertractions were never the centre of attention but now with the centre gone where am I supposed to cast my attention now? Her but and legs apparently. Well I’m sorry but this is a boob blog and everyone has a pair of buttocks and legs, you can find those things in overwhelming supply. A pair of HHH are much harder to come by, that’s what makes the model something extraordinary.

    As everyone knows people are always more endearing in person but none the less she’s fundamentally a big boob model and that’s what I strongly believe her appeal was.

  10. [‘Also I’m getting wood over this new ‘Miosotis’ seen over at Nadine’s site. Good God she is bigger than Milena Velba! Skinnier too! And Pretty! I want her bad. African tits just unreal…’]

    I don’t really think she is thinner than Milena Velba. Milena is in really good shape. I think she has had some kind of procedure on her stomach after pregnancy.

  11. Great beauty and sensuality often hinges on one remarkable physical or personal attribute that just pushes the whole person beyond the ordinary–Lindsey had this and now doesn’t.

    Sometimes I wonder if those amazing breasts she had were secretly enlarged when she was younger–which made everything about her so desirable that even her face, which some have been inconsiderate about, seemed really beautiful–and she just got tired of having those implants. Just wondering because you can see where there was a marked difference that suddenly happened overnight to her when she was younger.

    One blogger wrote that after her pregnancy, she was unhappy with how they looked–flatter, and that’s why she did it. Still, one wonders…and she’s just a cute ordinary girl now because that part effected the entire whole. This happens to everyone physically but it was too premature for Lindsey. Maybe she got tired of the racket too and overcompensated.

  12. Linsey will forever be the best big boob model that has ever appeared in any publication of D.V.D. !!! LINSEY FOREVER!!!!!

  13. Hello Linsey I would just like to say I fell in love with your boobs when I first saw them after your 18th birthday in the Australian picture mag and I still think they look great thank you for sharing naked body with the world. It is a site I live for thank you.

  14. The greatest all natural legend that Linsey brought to big boob fans everywhere is now sadly over. In my book there was never a more perfectly put together woman. Yes, once the 8th wonder of the breast world, she is now just cute with an average set of tits. What really is shocking is that she had her massively wide and smooth areolas reduced to quarter sized nipples. I mean her smaller dd cups would still look so much hotter if she at least kept them suckers fairly wide. Other models that had reductions left the areolas alone, and they still looked decent. (I guess only big areola lovers would understand this!) What a drag. Fairwell Linsey, and thanks for being my ultimate fantasy for 10 years. You will be greatly missed.

  15. I once saw a very (5 – 10 sec) short video clip of linsey in a night club where she walked in nude and the clip had a name like Whohaa or something like that. Please help me find it cheers !! Håkan

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