Faith Exposed on FaithExposed (.com)!!!

MYBOOBSITE NEWS FLASH: – the long-awaited website featuring hardcore XXX photos & videos of our gorgeous G-cup goddess, busty British blonde Faith Nelson from the ever-popular InBedWithFaith site – is finally on-line!! First promised in mid-July – scarcely a month after the infamous Faith blowjob video was released and promising to reveal what it’s really like to be in bed with Faith – the site suffered several setbacks before actually going live. But that’s all in the past now, and we can at long last enjoy our 32G Faith fucking & sucking like never before!

I must admit that the unveiling of FaithExposed brought the slightest trace of a tear to my eye, having blogged Faith so many times since I first happened upon this stunning “stick with tits” so early in the annals of MyBoobSite. To see her venture down into the dark, wet tunnel of hardcore porn truly warmed the very cockles of my heart (not to mention other choice anatomical regions), and I do wish our Faith the best of luck in her sexy new venture.

Although Faith’s boyfriend Prince features prominently in the photos & videos on the site, it’s all shot in first-person POV perspective, allowing us to imagine ourselves in Prince’s place, having a busty blonde bombshell of a girlfriend with such a ravenous, insatiable sexual appetite. Sensual succubus Faith Nelson is all that, and she certainly proves it on FaithExposed! Indeed, it was well worth the wait (and see? I told you you’d hear it here first!)…



…but nothing compares to watching the formerly-innocent Faith having sex – pussy getting penetrated by a penis for the very first time (as far as we’ve seen, at least). Although she’s a big fan of blowjobs (as proven by our cock-hungry vixen in the first hardcore video she ever released), Faith seems far more enamoured by a good old-fashioned fuck. To that end, here are a few preview video clips from



26 thoughts on “Faith Exposed on FaithExposed (.com)!!!”

  1. Allright, I’m normally not such a big fan of hardcore porn (I like to watching pics of (semi)nude women), but I’ll make an exception for Faith.
    She’s just too hot to be true.

  2. Awesome. I hope she doesn’t go at it soley with her boyfriend thoug. It’s great to see some models do the harder stuff but the sex is always the same when they do the same guy. I had the same problem with the delightful Kelly Madison. Sometimes it’s hottest when the girl is with someone she doesn’t know that well and it’s a bit more awkward.

    The site sure seems a lot harder than I ever anticipated though.

  3. Wonder if we’ll get to see her with a better hung guy… It always amuses me how the busty women typically get stuck with the really tiny men.

  4. At last! She seems so much hotter and more real just letting herself go and sucking cock. Too bad the site’s separate from the softcore pix. There’s hardly any content right now!

    Let her just suck her BF’s dick. One-couple sites are fine if the couple’s good. Dawnsplace, Wifeysworld, RobertaCanyon, even the old Kara Davis all have good S.O.’s ready to fuck and blow big loads on their honeys for us to see.

    One question: where does she get the cum in this first video? Tits? Face?

  5. What can I say :) Way to go Faith!
    I’m really glad she made the final step :)
    She’s a real cute blond britain, love to do her myself hehe.

    As always great find Reese :) Thx!

  6. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa
    es lo mejor q me a sucedido desde q conosco la internet.
    En el mes de junio del 2005,la vi por primera ves ,me enamore
    ayer por la tarde es como si hubiera estado con ella.

  7. Fucking Fantastic! Christmas has come early, i have been waiting so long to see this…. you are my hero for posting this reese! Faith is now officially perfect.

  8. Diosssssssssssssssssssss pero es la mejor tia que he visto creo yo que pasada quiero un clon ya jajaj pongan mas d esta tia graciasss

  9. Fantastic! Faith was born to be a porn star. You can’t look at her and think of anything but sex. With tits like that and that great body and face she just had to go into the sex business. Lucky girl, she can make a living just showing us her awesome assets and watching her fuck and suck is an added bonus.

  10. Loved the naughty blogs, but it almost spoils it for me as I always fantasized what she would look like with cock inside her.

    She is still a hot minx!!!!…GOOD GIRL!

  11. I really preferred ,faith: the soft core angel. not that I dont like the idea of seeing faith touch her self, it’s just if I wanted to see a hot blond blow some guy I would go to one of the other billion sites. I liked faith because of the fact she didn’t do hard core not despite it. I think im kind of turned off to her now.

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