Classy Cleavage at PinUpGlam

Being a bit of a party animal (which bit, I do not know) back in the early-’80s, my friends & I would frequently organise elaborate parties at our university, each one based around some suitably absurd theme and making extensive use of props, lighting and stage effects to set the mood. All that was required to attend is that you dress as an imaginary character of your own conception and spend the evening convincing others of your existence. Inevitably, these would all turn out looking something like the party in the park scene from the musical “Hair” (now I’m really beginning to show my age, aren’t I?).

However, it was the music, more than anything, that steered and governed the roller coaster of mood shifts throughout the night and we quickly came to realise that he who controlled the playlist controlled the party. We could take partygoers to a frenzied peak with fast-paced psychedelic hardcore and the take them down again, lulling everyone into a false sense of security with something serene before hitting them square-on with a wildly experimental track. Indeed, we got no end of enjoyment out controlling the crowd’s collective subconcious with such subversive sonic mood manipulation.

Blogging, I’ve found, is a bit like having control of the playlist (though, granted, not nearly as intense). It doesn’t really matter what I say – that can be totally irrelevant (as aptly evidenced in my rambling introduction) – it’s the photos & videos (a sort of “mammary music“, if you will) that sets the mood. So, sauntering sprightly from one end of the big tits porn spectrum to the other, having spent the past day and a half perusing the prurient hardcore offerings at Faith’s new site, I thought I’d shift things into a more retro, relaxed and easy-going gear using the softer, gentler side of porn.

Today’s “track” selections come courtesy of, known for it’s tasteful treatment of tits and the women who tout them (and, more recently, for providing proof positive of the veracity of Jana Defi’s G-cups). If you ever find yourself waxing nostalgic to the days when topless pin-up models graced garage wall calendars everywhere, then this is the site to visit. Using modern-day mammary-laden marvels like Jana Defi, Anya Zenkova, Brandy Robbins, Maggie Green, Lorna Morgan and more, PinUpGlam strives to imbue their models with a glamorous, classy retro look in ridiculously high-resolution photos (in fact, if you zoom this full-size photo example 1:1, you can even detect the slightly furry bits of Anya’s lumbar region!).

Thus, before I wander off with the wife for a weekend of partying (and, no, I’m not in control of the playlist this time), let me leave you to party on with a small sampling of the big-breasted girls of

Jana Defi 32G from    Jana Defi 32G from    Jana Defi 32G from

Anya Zenkova 32G from    Anya Zenkova 32G from    Anya Zenkova 32G from

Brandy Robbins 30G from    Brandy Robbins 30G from    Brandy Robbins 30G from

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…and, as for that “experimental track” that we’d be wont to include after a series of serene selections, how about a few of PinUpGlam’s experiments in black & white photography, shot with *gasp* good, old-fashioned 35mm monochrome film in an analog camera, for that ultra-retro appearance? While I still get the slight impression that Brandy Robbins might be some sort of wet-dream inspired cyber-boob creation (especially in that 3rd “deer caught in the headlights” photo below), she does provide a rather nice contrast to fluffy ex-redhead Earth-mother Maggie Green, who seems to be getting just a little bit more voluptuous every time I see her (and, as such, precariously approaching my personal preconception of the ideal woman).

And so, as my blog day draws to a close and I prepare to wend my way into the weekend, I leave you with a black & white Brandy and a monochrome Maggie, vintage-style vixens in the neoclassical tradition of

Brandy Robbins 30G from    Brandy Robbins 30G from    Brandy Robbins 30G from

Maggie Green 36F from    Maggie Green 36F from    Maggie Green 36F from


17 thoughts on “Classy Cleavage at PinUpGlam”

  1. the picture of Anya before any of the pictures come up is absolutely, f**king amazing. wat a beauty. i can only dream of a girl like her…

  2. Really great post Reese! I love reading your “ramblings”.
    The full size sample of Anya is really nice, awsome picture quality, kudos to Pinupglam. And besides that I really like Anya, she’s got one of the best set of boobs I know of. Normally I’m not really into the stick with tits type, but I’d gladly make an exception for her.

    I’m not really fond of Maggie and Brandy though. Brandy for a rather obvious reason. I mean, she’s pretty, very pretty actually, but her boobs don’t really look natural and I don’t mind fake boobs, not at all, but they must at least look natural to me and she doesn’t really pull that off. As for Maggie, she’s a very good looking lady as well, but for some reason, can’t really explain it, she doesn’t do it for me.

  3. That hi-res pic of Anya/Merilyn is awesome; it shows off something that we seldom notice: her pretty grey-blue eyes. And of course her boobs! But I disagree with dimension – when I see her, instead of Anya, I think of anorexia — she’s just too skinny.

    I worked with B/W film for many years, and all I have to say is I’m glad that’s all behind me. Color is by far more beautiful, especially when it’s the human figure. If you’re going to do monochrome of the human figure, do it with sepia tones.

    I’ve been getting a kick out of reading the BE stories on I thought some of the contest winners, such as _Chocoholic_ were excellent: her boobs just keep on getting bigger and bigger! But then that’s what BE stories are all about. But _The_Changeling_ was far too weird for me. Lotsa great stories there and at

  4. Man they all look great… *sigh* this world just isn’t fair. I love Brandy and Jana especially. Jana’s butt looks great.

  5. # Zhooibaal Says:
    October 6th, 2006 at 11:29 pm

    As for Maggie, she’s a very good looking lady as well, but for some reason, can’t really explain it, she doesn’t do it for me.

    Speaking for myself, it’s the fact that she’s got a thick waist and narrow hips, so she’s more or less “straight” all the way down. No good!

  6. I jacked off about a dozen times already while looking at those boobs…those bodacious ta-tas…those jugs…those honkers…those hooters…those garbanzas…those TITS! God bless you for posting them here! Now excuse me while I jack off again!

  7. Interesting shots. Man I love Brandy Robbins, even if they are fake. They don’t look G cup sized to me though. I’m not complaining but what is she 8 ft. tall or something? They just don’t look that big. Always nice to see Merilyn, Maria Swan and Maggie too.

  8. These pictures are great. I’ve jacked off several time while sitting at my desk at work. I’ve then rubbed my nuts across the computer screen for added pleasure.

  9. Brandy you are a stunning woman. I would love to give your gorgeous body a slow massage from head to toe. With love. xoxoxoxoxo Len. South Africa.

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